What Is Picuki? How Does It Work?

In today’s world, people love to spend their time on different social media platforms. There are many social media platforms that are loved by people regardless of their ages.

However, Instagram is currently the most popular social media platform with the highest number of active users.

From posting their stories to scrolling through the newsfeed, Instagram knows how to keep its users hooked.

People can share their pictures and videos with anyone or within a group of friends. Also, it has strict policies to ensure only appropriate content is displayed on the platform.

However, some people don’t have an Instagram account but want to take a peek at their friend’s profiles.

So, do they need to create fake accounts? Not anymore.

People who do not have Instagram accounts can still check their friends’ profiles by using Picuki.

Now, you must be wondering what Picuki is? And what else does it offer?

Picuki is a website that helps people stalk other profiles anonymously without having Instagram accounts.

Also, have you ever wanted to save a picture from any of Instagram’s public profiles? If yes, Picuki can make it quite easier for you.

Instead of taking screenshots and having a low-quality picture, you can download it in the quality that the picture is uploaded on the account.

If you are a frequent user of Instagram, you might have heard about Picuki before. However, if you are not familiar with Picuki, you don’t have to worry.

We have brought you a comprehensive guide to help you find out everything you need to know about Picuki.

What is it for? How does it work? Scroll down to find answers to all your Picuki-related questions.

What Is Picuki?

Every day a new app or online tool gets introduced to the world. However, only a few could manage to grab the most people’s attention.

Picuki is definitely one of them. It is an amazing online tool that allows you to enjoy the Instagram feed without being an Instagram user yourself.

From stalking profiles anonymously to downloading pictures in high quality, you can do it all with Picuki.

Furthermore, Picuki has some incredible features to offer to its users. With the help of Picuki, you will be able to modify photos of other users.

Whether you want to change filters, alter the contrast and saturation, or crop the uploaded picture, you have the authority to do it all.

Therefore, Picuki can be described as an Instagram viewer as well as an image editor.

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How to Use Picuki?

Unlike other tools, Picuki is quite easy to use with a simple and intuitive interface. However, if you are still not sure how to use Picuki for different purposes, here is a step by step guide for you:

Viewing photos

People mostly use Picuki to stalk Instagram users anonymously. Often people use it to have a peek at their friends, crushes, or exes’ accounts.

If you want to do the same, here are two methods to view Instagram photos using Picuki:

Method #1: Account Search

  1. Open Picuki’s website to view Instagram photos anonymously.
  2. After entering Picuki’s homepage, you will have to type in the Instagram username of the person you want to stalk.
  3. Picuki will display all the accounts associated with a similar ID or username.
  4. You will have to locate the person you want to stalk. Once you have located them, Picuki will display all their posts.
  5. If you want to download any better-quality images, you can simply click on the Download icon, and the images will be downloaded in full size.

Method #2: Hashtag Search

This method is generally used by people who don’t remember the username. Also, it can be used by people to view Instagram posts related to a certain event or location.

  1. Open Piccuki just like before and tap on the search window.
  2. Put the hashtag you are looking for in the Search bar.
  3. After completing the search, Picuki will display all the posts related to the hashtag.
  4. You can click on any image and download it in the full size.

Editing photos

Another biggest feature of Picuki is that it allows its users to edit other people’s Instagram photos online.

So whether you want to apply filters, add text, alter saturation or exposure, or simply just crop, you can do it all with just a few clicks on Picuki.

After editing the picture online, you can download it in high quality and full size.

Viewing stories

Do you want to watch your friend or ex-partner’s Instagram stories without making them aware of it?

Well, Picuki is a perfect tool for you. You can watch any Instagram user stories without logging in to the application.

Here is what you need to do to watch Instagram stories:

  1. Open Picuki, just like in the methods mentioned above.
  2. Open the profile page of a person you want to watch Instagram stories.
  3. Click on the Stories and then tap on the story icon appearing at the lower right of the page.
  4. The Instagram story of that particular person will be displayed on the screen.
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Does Picuki Legit? And Is It Safe to Use 2022?

Picuki use instagrame’s API to allow user to view and edite others’ instagrame’s uers anynomosely. You can also edit Instagram profiles, stories, followers, posts, tags and locations for an unlimited period of time and completely for free.  It is populary view by many users as of 2022. Picuki’s head office is in Frane, total revenue is round $7 Million in 2021. It is totally Legit.

Does Picuki has App in Play Store and Apple Store?

We do some research and noted that Picuki has App in Play Store. You can try this link. However, we could not find it in Apple Store.

Difference Between Instagram and Picuki

Now, you might be wondering if Picuki allows users to have access to Instagram, then why do you still need Instagram?

Are both these applications the same? Absolutely not.

Instagram is a popular platform that allows people to share pictures with their friends and family as well as be updated about the ongoing situation in different parts of the world through its newsfeed.

The Instagram newsfeed will make you aware of everything. From politics to fashion, you will find almost everything there.

However, on the other hand, Picuki is a tool that helps people view Instagram content through an API. If Instagram stops giving access to the API, the website will stop working.

It is a tool intended for people that wants to stalk other people’s data without making them aware of being stalked.

Besides stalking, people can also view Instagram’s generic content without making an account on it. For your better understanding, here are a few major differences between Instagram and Picuki:

Connecting with people

Instagram allows its users to connect with as many people as they want. Whether they are one of their friends, mutual friends, or a stranger, users can connect with anyone they want on Instagram through text or calls.

However, Picuki does not allow the users to connect with people. The users of Picuki can just silently view the data and leave when they are done.

To connect with people on Instagram, they will need to make their account on the platform.

Downloading images

Instagram does allow its users to save the images in their collections which they only can access when online on the platform.

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However, Picuki, on the other hand, allows its users to save whichever image they like in high quality and full size.

Deleting the content

Instagram allows users to delete their posts and stories or remove profile pictures. Also, if they might find another Instagram user’s data offensive, they can report and block the user.

However, that’s not the case with Picuki. You cannot delete, remove or report anything on Picuki.

Editing the pictures

Instagram users are allowed to change filters and adjust the brightness of their photos. Whereas, Picuki users have a wide range of editing features.

From applying filters to altering the contrast, saturation, and exposure, they can make many adjustments to the images.

What Can You Not do With Picuki?

Do you think Picuki is an alternative to Instagram? Absolutely not. There are tons of features that Instagram provides, but Picuki does not. Here are a few major features that Picuki does not offer:

  • It does not allow users to share pictures and videos.
  • It does not allow users to edit posts that contain more than one picture. 
  • It does not allow users to comment or like other Instagram users’ posts.
  • It does not allow users to tag someone or put a story.
  • It does not allow users to message or call anyone.
  • It does not allow users to access other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Below is the 9 best alternative to Picuki that has similar funtions that you could try.

  1. Dumpor
  2. Smihub
  3. Storiesdown
  4. Instaxyz
  5. Gramhir
  6. IGLookup
  7. Fullinsta
  8. InstaDP
  9. Watchinsta


In recent times, Picuki has undoubtedly gained some popularity among people worldwide. It is a great tool for people wanting to use Instagram anonymously but does not want the hassle of making a fake account.

Also, if you are fond of stalking your old friends, partners, or colleagues, you can do that too anonymously. Picuki will help you stalk whoever you want without disclosing your identity.

However, if you are looking for a platform where you can post your pictures and connect with people, then Picuki is definitely not a good choice for you.

You will have to make an Instagram account for yourself. Overall, it is a great tool for people who wants to download Instagram pictures or reels without an account and stalk anyone they want anonymously.