Is Kroger Gas Top Tier? And Where Does Kroger Get Their Gas?

The fuel is the food of the vehicles that deliver energy to perform; thus, it should be good in quality to maintain vehicles’ performance and operating life.

In this case, the fuel station matters a lot! Kroger is a famous fuel supplier that owns various branches and proudly serves in the U.S. However, many customers wonder whether Kroger gas is top tier.

Is it worth the penny?

Many store chains feature their own oil refiners, but Kroger gets its gas from multiple suppliers. Many of Kroger’s suppliers are in the top tiers, such as Shell, Exxon, and B.P., while some other suppliers are not in the top tiers.

Still, Kroger tries to accept bids only from major and renowned oil companies for gas supply contracts every year. Later, Kroger considers various factors, such as service quality, price, location, etc., to make the final decision.

So, if you long to explore more about Korger, its quality, and contract style, you can move ahead!

Is Kroger Gas Top Tier?

Bernard Kroger founded Kroger in 1882; it is the U.S.’s largest supermarket chain by revenue. Kroger and its subsidiaries are equipped with almost 2,726 stores in the U.S. Like other supermarkets in the US, Kroger also owns and runs various gas stations.

Moreover, Like other supermarket chains in the U.S, Kroger also has a vast customer base. The company changes its gas supplier station regularly (every year).

The quality of Kroger gas varies according to the gas resource because Kroger doesn’t have its own station. After going through a complete selection process, Kroger selects the gas suppliers; it only accepts the gas that meets customer demands in quality and price.

As many of the Kroger station resources are top-tier, the gas quality of Kroger is reliable and excellent quality. Kroger’s gas supply from Shell Station is ethanol-free, but the gas detail can be found on stickers over gas stations, or the customers can ask for the details from Kroger’s customer service department.

The users who are worried that they should prefer Kroger or not should remember that Kroger carefully selects gas suppliers. And most often, it works only with renowned companies famous for gasoline supply. Thus, almost every Kroger branch’s gas stations offer very high-quality gasoline.

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Is Kroger Gas Good For Your Car?

Yes, Kroger gas is typically a safe option for fueling an automobile. Some gasoline, due to its poor quality, can cause harm to a car’s engine. However, Kroger is known for sourcing its gasoline from respectable companies.

Customers should feel confident about Kroger’s gas quality. Still, they can call customer service and interrogate their local Kroger gas station supplier list if they are concerned about the gas quality.

After getting the name of the company, customers can search the company and quality to determine whether their local Kroger gas is suitable for their car or not.

Who Supplies Kroger Gas?

Many Kroger gas stations get their fuel from BP, Shell, and Exxon, referred to as top-tier gasoline companies. It is crucial to note that a Kroger gas station keeps changing with the time; if it is contracting shell gasoline this year, the supplier can be changed for the next year.

Besides Shell, Kroger prefers other famous companies for their gas resource; if you don’t receive those names online, you can simply ask Kroger customer service to ensure their running supplier of the year.

Is Kroger Gas the Same as Shell?

No Kroger and Shell are two different gas stations; Kroger is a top-tier gas station that often provides gas to Kroger, according to their contract. So Kroger gets the gas from Shell, which means Kroger’s gas is also the same in quality. The other way round, Kroger is also a top tier indirectly.

But, it is crucial to remember that Shell and Kroger are two different entities and do not influence each other except by sourcing the fuel from a similar supplier.

Is Kroger Gas Ethanol Free?

If Kroger sources gas supply from Shell, their fuel is Ethanol-free, but previous Kroger customers have explained that Kroger gasoline includes 10% of ethanol, which is offered on state-mandated stickers on the fill-up station.

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However, the ethanol quantity varies in every Kroger gas station depending on the fuel supplier. Customers can look into the stickers for the information and get a clear idea of whether their Kroger includes ethanol or not.

Otherwise, customers can take ethanol content information by physically visiting the gas station or calling their phone number.

Is Kroger Gas Open 24/7?

Working hours of Kroger gas stations vary from location to location. Most Kroger gas stations offer 24/7 services to their customers, but the pumps that do not serve 24/7 normally open at 6 am and shut around 10 pm.

But before taking any step or in the case of any query, customers can take the information from their local Kroger gas supplier.

Is Kroger Gas Expensive?

Fuel price is very high overall; gas stations charge a lot to fill up your vehicles, but Kroger gas station is comparatively cost-effective compared to other companies. Besides offering low prices, Kroger Card members cards are also effective as these cards help the members to qualify for a discount.

As gas prices can shift anytime, Kroger’s current prices are as follows:

  • Diesel: $3.05
  • Regular: $2.73
  • Midgrade: $3.03
  • Premium: $3.49

The above prices are according to the gas stations in Arizona, USA).

When Kroger customers earn $1,000 fuel points, the card-holding customers can qualify for the $1 per gallon deal.

Customers can achieve these points by lifting their Kroger Card every time they buy in-store. Kroger customers are allowed to redeem Kroger points up to 35 gallons.

Where Can You Find Kroger Gas Stations?

Kroger fuel centers are available almost in every store division. However, if customers want to use the services of Kroger gas station, they can find stations at the following sites:

  • Kentucky
  • California
  • Virginia
  • Georgia
  • Texas
  • Indiana
  • Pennsylvania

The customers passing through these states can find Kroger stations in these locations; otherwise, they can call Kroger customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Gas Station Has The Best Quality Gas?

In the United States, Chevron is a gas station considered the best in quality. It includes minimum carbon residues and keeps your engine clean, even running for thousands of miles. Moreover, the branches of these gas stations are accessible.

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Where Does The U.S Obtain Most Of Its Gas?

The five gross petroleum imports of the U.S in 2021 were Saudi Arabia, Russia, Mexico, Canada, and Colombia.

Where Do 76 Gas Stations Come From?

76 gas stations were developed in California and managed by Union Oil of California. It grew in popularity quickly and got recognition throughout the west coast.

Who Bought Out Kroger?

BI-LO pulled out of Kroger, but within three months, it re-entered the Charlotte market.

In 1988, Kroger reported pulling out of the Charlotte market and putting its stores up for sale. Ahold purchased Kroger’s remaining shops in the Charlotte area and transformed them into BI-LO.

Where Can I Redeem My Fuel Points?

You can redeem fuel points at Kroger Family Fuel Centers and participating Shell zones.

Does Kroger Gas Contain Ethanol?

The blend of Kroger gas includes 15% gasoline and 85% ethanol as an opportunity for owners of flexible fuel. It can operate on corn-based mixture and cleaner-burning.

What Company Owns Kroger?

Kroger Co. is the parent company of Kroger but operates grocery stores under the following brands:

  • Kroger
  • Dillons
  • City Market
  • Smith’s
  • King Soopers
  • Ralphs
  • Gerbes

Moreover, MHarris, QFC, Metro Market, Fry’s, Pay Less, Owen’s, Jay C, Baker’s,  Teeter, Pick ‘n Save, and Mariano are also included in this list.

Our Summary

Kroger frequently changes gas stations, so it is not regarded as a top-tier gas licensee. Yet, many Kroger gas stations receive their fuel from Shell, considered a top-tier gas company, because their gas is high-quality. The other way round, many Kroger gas stations are also top-tier!

In addition, Koger gas station offers gas at a lower price as compared to other famous gas stations. If Kroger cardholders have saved $1,000 points, they can be entitled to the $1 discount per gallon.

With the Kroger discount card, customers can redeem up to 35 gallons of gasoline.