How Much Do You Get Paid For Being In Demonology?

Are you taking an interest in demonology and want to know whether it is a profitable career or not? We all like to go for such roles that pay us a lot with lots of perks and benefits. Plus, if these roles are according to your passion and interest, then it’s a cherry on the top. So, is your passion, demonology, high paying?

Demonology is getting outdated, and there are no professional jobs for demonologists now in 2022. Most of them do volunteer work while a few do freelance work (which does not pay much). So, as a profession, you don’t earn much from it. However, some genius demonologists earn thousands of dollars every month but with something else.

So, keep reading to know if there is a future for demonology and how much possibly you can earn from it.

How Much Do You Get For Being In Demonology?

There is no fixed income I can state in this regard. I can’t also give you a range between which these Paranormal experts or investigators earn. It all depends on what you choose to do.

There are multiple things a demonologist does. But there are almost no paid jobs available for them. It is because most people look for volunteers, and many demonologists also offer themselves for voluntary work. Only a few are paid, that too as a freelancer.

There are also no regular jobs available for them. And there is no guarantee when a Paranormal expert gets to do freelance work and gets paid for it.

But don’t be sad if you are looking to become a Demonologist. You can still earn money as a demonologist. Here’s How!

How Can a Demonologist Make Money?

In modern times, it is now easier for a demonologist to make money if he knows about the online earning world. As mentioned above, there is very little freelance work left for these people. But still, many Paranormal experts are earning handsome income, and that’s because they are using various online platforms.

Wondering What they are?

The platforms a demonologist should use to earn money are:

  • Via YouTube channels
  • Via Blogging
  • By writing a book

YouTube Channels

People take an interest in eerie stuff that includes unnatural things. So, making a channel about it and teaching such stuff there can get you a lot of views and subscribers. You can also share your daily life routine as a Paranormal investigator and share the wildest experiences in the videos.

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If you do this, your channel will be up for monetization in no time, and you will start earning thousands of dollars monthly very shortly.

Make sure you read YouTube’s terms and conditions and guidelines before you start a channel. Some of the things about demonology might be against YouTube’s policies and can get your channel banned.


You can also start writing about unnatural stuff by making a blog website. The reason this stream will be successful is because people love to read horror stories or details about demons.

Thus, it can become a great source of income for you.

When you start writing about such stuff, you will note that the traffic on your blog is increasing day by day. After some time, you can apply for AdSense or any other monetization method and start earning.

Publish a Book

You can write a book about demonology and put it on sale on Amazon. People who have an interest in such things will purchase the book, and you will earn royalty.  You can also try other online platforms as well to double up your sale.

I suggest you go for all of these platforms and earn lots of money. Also, by doing these things, you will become famous as well.

Right now, dozens of Demonologists are doing it. And if you want to be a demonologist and just make sure how much they earn, then you should know that these are the only methods to make tons of cash.

But if you don’t want to explore the online world and just want to work as a simple Demonologist, here’s what you have to do.

What Is The Job Of a Demonologist?

Job as a demonologist is a pretty weird yet exciting one. You get to feel the spirits or talk with the demons to convince them to do what you want. Demons are not just monsters that hide under the bed. A demon can be human, non-human, spirit, ghost, and many other things.

However, most of the demonologists today are just fake and nothing more than actors. Now the problem is, amateurs or those who just want to be cool impersonate the expert demonologists and fool others. So, it is hard to find who is the real one and see him doing his job perfectly. And I definitely don’t recommend you become an imposter, and your job is to fool people.

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Professional demonologists like to call themselves Paranormal investigators now. They deal with the demons like the demonologists have been doing for centuries.

In every century and in every religion, there is always someone dealing with Paranormal stuff. Thus, there are always Paranormal experts in every turn of history.

In the Zoroastrianism faith, which is considered the oldest, there are 3,333 demons. According to it, each of them has a special responsibility assigned. Areshk oversees Envy, while Chesham is responsible for anger. Similarly, the department of grief is overlooked by Akoman. Demonologists back then and today claim to deal with these demons.

Is that it? Nope.

The biggest religion today, Chrihtianitnity, also has demons in its script. Islam, which is the second biggest religion in the world, also has a concept of Demons. According to it, demons encourage people to sin and take them away from God. The job of the demonologist is to have a discussion with these demons, get information about the other world and make them do what he wants. Pretty scary, right?

How Do People Hire Demonologists?

Generally, people find demonologists online. There is no other way left at the moment. Centuries ago, everyone used to know the hideouts of those dealing with demons. Now, going online is the only way to invite a Paranormal investigator.

How To Become a Demonologist?

There are no formal colleges or institutes that specifically teach Demonology. The best thing available is Theology studies that cover the Demonology subject.

Moreover, as Demonologists are now volunteers, there are no specific educational requirements needed from them. Plus, not many believe that demonology is real.

Also, anyone can become a demonologist. You can write online that you are a Paranormal Investigator, and no one would come forward and challenge you to prove it. But people will still expect you to be an expert in this subject and can get them out of the troubles from the demons whenever they need it.

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So, where can you gain knowledge about demons and become an expert?

In the past, You could only learn all about it if you spent time with a Demonology expert. Only from such a person could people get to know about everything to learn Demonology. Even today, this is happening. People search for Paranormal experts to learn this art from them.

But that’s not the only option left now.

Today, there are Youtube channels and blogs available online which tell you some secrets and tips to know about Demonology. People watch their videos and read their articles to learn new things about this subject.

Still, that’s not enough.

You will have to know about different software as well. It seems pretty weird, considering you are learning to fight demons. But it’s true, knowledge about the software is important. Not to track a demon, but to make a report for your client.

As the process of dealing with a demon is complicated, you will need to keep track of the investigations, and what better way to do this is by using any software.

The best software you can use is PLAN- Paranormal Log and Analyst’s Notebook. Why? Because of this, you can do the following:

  • Track any leads
  • Manage pieces of evidence
  • Make a final report
  • Print reports
  • Better administrations

Learning this software will make your job as a Paranormal investigator super easy.

Final Words

So, how much do you get paid for being in demonology?

It is hard to predict the exact number or even the range of how much a demonologist can earn. There are no regular jobs available for them. Moreover, most of them offer volunteer work, while some get freelance work. There is no way to know when you are going to get a client and how much they will pay.

But the best way to earn money as a demonologist is by tapping the online world. Make a Youtube channel, blogs, or write a book and sell it online to make a fortune. Dozens of Demonologists are doing it right now, and you can too!