Alternatives to for Mental Math Practice: 8 Alternatives You Should Consider

“Tradertest” is an online portal that helps users in mental math practice. You do not need any registration or fee to use this platform.

We have shortlisted a few alternatives to “Tradertest” for you to explore more options.

Let’s dive in!

What is is a popular website that offers online quiz practice tests. It mainly offers competitive tests and quizzes for mathematics.

Students can use these tests and quizzes for online mental math practices. There is no fee for using these materials as the resources provided are completely free.

What does Offer? offers math, numeric, calculus, and other relevant study material that falls under the mathematics subject line.

These educational materials are sorted into tests and quiz formats. The online quiz proceeds when you solve the first question and move on to the next one.

You can take time to solve these quiz questions and proceed as long as you solve the given question. also provides educational books on math and trading. These are also free online books that students can use free.

The website is supported by volunteer contributors and does not charge any fees. There is no signup or payment requirement for new users as well.

Note: Due to limited resources and heavy visitor load, the website may not work properly as mentioned on the website’s homepage.

Alternatives to for Mental Math Practice

So, if you want to practice mental math online and your go-to option does not work, you can check out these alternatives.

Let us briefly introduce these online resources to you for your mental math practice.


“Rank your brain’ is an excellent alternative to It is a free educational website that you can use for online mental math practice.

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“Rank your brain” accepts donations though. If you like the resources offered, you can donate as much as you wish.

Currently, it offers online tests and practices material for:

  • Mental Mathematics practice
  • IQ test training
  • CFA

You can easily sign up with an email address and create your profile in minutes.

“Rank your brain” has divided math tests into different categories. You can choose from easy to advanced math test levels.

As you pass the basic practice test, you move on to the next level.


Kids always enjoy playing online games. Zetamac is an online game that kids can use to learn math while they play games.

Currently, only offers learning games in the basic format. Most of the game quizzes are from the arithmetic section.

You can set choose one or all of the arithmetic basic sections of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and set the time for each question. is free to use as it does not charge any fees. However, it is suitable only for beginners or primary section students only.


Zeta math is another similar online platform that offers math eBooks and tutorials for students. It comes with an online subscription model for online math tutoring and access to math books.

You can check more details about zeta math here.


Math trainer is another excellent online tool for your mental math practice. It offers similar tests to

Math trainer offers a free and premium plan. You can use the free plan to practice online mental math questions.

As you solve the basic math tests, you move on to the next level. However, the premium version offers more insights into your skill level.

The premium version offers:

  • Use All 100 Levels
  • Advanced Questions
  • Last Combo
  • See Skill Levels
  • Progress Chart
  • Rankings
  • Activity Stats
  • Warmup Mode
  • Select Operations
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The mental math calculations are mostly from the arithmetic section. You can join this website as a teacher as well.


If you want a comprehensive online platform to learn math and other subjects, a live worksheet is your go-to option.

This online platform is free for its users. It is a community-driven online platform.

Students can use one of the available math worksheets for practice or make their own. They can also upload their worksheets in .doc or .pdf format.

Then, they can prepare their worksheets and send them to a teacher associated with

They’ll get their answer sheets at their registered email address.

Alternatively, students can use this website for online math test practice.

This website offers a comprehensive range of interactive worksheets on many subjects like English, Biology, Chemistry, Art, Business, Accounting, Physics, Science, and Sports.

It also offers practice worksheets for life sciences, music, physical health, law, history, writing, and phonics.

In short, has plenty to offer to anyone. If you are looking for mental math practice tests, you can find useful math resources here easily.


“Math is fun” is another online community-driven platform for learning math and mental math practice.

This website offers mental math practice in a fun way through games, puzzles, and worksheets.

It offers mental math practice with:

  • Algebra
  • Arithmetic
  • Geometry
  • Numbers
  • Measures
  • dictionary

This website is useful for young students under the age of 12 as mentioned by the owners.


“Learn math online” is another good platform that offers a wide range of online study material including mathematics.

It is another free online portal that offers good practice questions for students. The uploaded lectures are divided into different categories according to student grades.

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Students can practice their study material questions here without paying any fees.

These practice questions can also help students to practice their mental math questions.

Comprehensive online Study Portals

If you are looking for online math resources beyond mental math practice, then you should look for these comprehensive online educational portals.


Khan Academy (KA) is a well-known online education provider for years now. It offers free online resources to students around the world.

If you want to learn mathematics for any student level, you should look no further. KA offers a wide range of math courses including:

  • Math – PreK to 8th grade
  • Math – high school and college
  • Math – Get Ready courses

Apart from math, KA offers other courses including science, economics, art, and computing.

KA is funded by donations and volunteers and it promises to deliver free quality education to students around the globe.


Byjus is another renowned online educational platform that offers a comprehensive range of online courses in different subjects.

Byjus offers online subject courses for mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology among other subjects.

You can access worksheets and practice material by subject type or by topic. Searching for a math topic is easy through a dedicated index and search feature.

Byjus also offers a comprehensive range of online courses for competitive test preparations.

Students from grade 1 to grade 12 can find online math and other subject resources easily.

Final Thoughts

Although remained a popular option for mental maths practice questions, it is not the only option for you.

We have curated a list of free online resources for you. Most of these resources mentioned above offer free online math practice questions, puzzles, and worksheets for students of all grades.