What is Your Review on the SkillCertPro Practice Exam?

If you’ve been wanting to study for your technical exam or IT certification, we know how difficult it could be at times. It is where SkillCertPro comes into play. It helps you practice for different technical courses from Microsoft, Amazon, Google Cloud Platform, etc.

SkillCertPro is a reliable company that provides study material for different technical courses. The material provided by SkillCertPro is very reliable and comes with detailed answers to each topic. So, if you want to go for the SkillCertPro practice exam, read till the very end.

Is SkillCertPro Legit?

Yes, SkillCertPro is legit, and it offers a wide range of questions and answers according to the course selected. It helps you prepare for the actual exam and provides enough documentation to help you pass.

Most IT certifications require at least an 85% score in the exam, and SkillCertPro makes sure that you pass the exam. We tried taking this course and the material provided indeed was worthwhile. If you think that SkillCertPro is not legit, you might have to rethink.

The reason why most people don’t really use SkillCertPro is that it is a relatively new platform.

Also, not many people have actually used it, so relying on something completely would not be a good idea, but we gave SkillCertPro a go and passed the exam with flying colors.

The platform is made specifically to provide you with enough material so you can study and have passed the exam without the additional hassle of constantly attending classes.

With SkillCertPro, you just study on your own according to the pace that is comfortable for you. It might not be as good as Udemy, but, for what it’s worth, SkillCertPro is not that bad either.

Are There Any Benefits to SkillCertPro Training?

There are quite a lot of benefits to getting a premium training subscription with SkillCertPro. Let’s find them all out:

Low Price

SkillCertPro does not cost you an arm and a leg for professional training, and it prepares you for the toughest of exams with its practice tests. The material you get is also great and all this, at a very reasonable rate as compared to other online platforms.

Mock Exams

It offers mock exams and practice tests every once in a while to help you understand how complex the actual tests are going to be. They also help you determine the structure of questions in real tests.

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Available 24/7

You can access the course material of SkillCertPro anytime you want. You don’t have to book slots or wait for hours just to get access to notes because every person enrolled for the training gets the notes and an option of taking practice tests according to their ease.

Comprehensive Questions

The training provides comprehensive questions that cover past ones and the ones that could possibly appear in the next exams.

There are not a lot of training courses that provide an extensive set of questions and answers, which is why SkillCertPro stands out.

Can I Install SkillCertPro on Android or iOS?

No, despite being a software service, SkillCertPro cannot be downloaded on android, iOS, or Windows. You can only access the platform on SaaS. It means you can use it when online over the internet.

It saves you from the hassle of actually installing software on your computer. You don’t have to sacrifice the storage on your PC either because everything available on the site can be accessed online.

As SkillCertPro is completely online, you might not be able to install it on iPhone or android. It is not necessarily a con because you can access it from your phone whenever you want with a stable internet connection.

But, the other course offering platforms such as Udemy or Simplilearn offer their services across different devices from iPad to iPhones and Android.

We didn’t have any problem accessing the SkillCertPro site at all, as it is pretty convenient to just look it up on the internet and use the software on Saas.

Are SkillCertPro Courses Professional Level?

Yes, SkillCertPro courses are professional level for those who are specifically looking for a one-stop-shop for their testing solutions and study material. Most people need good quality material to study, but they hardly get hold of subpar and basic notes from the internet.

However, SkillCertPro offers material that is not just reliable but is also of a professional level. You can totally count on SkillCertPro to provide you with material that could help you pass your certification test in no time.

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The good thing about SkillCertPro courses is that the answer to each question is then further broken down, and a link for a detailed study is also attached. It gives a choice to those who want to dive deeper into specific topics.

Also, you get 24/7 support from the representatives of SkillCertPro. They helped us a lot whenever we had any problem understanding a particular answer. Though the detailed links attached helped a lot too.

So, it was a great experience other than the fact that it was all on paper, and there were no online classes, video lectures, or activities that get boring sometimes.

What If I Fail the Test After Taking SkillCertPro Course?

You will get a refund of your complete money if you fail even after taking the SkillCertPro course.

The service provider is very confident about the quality of their course, and all the practice sets are designed to help you get the highest marks in the test and not just pass it.

This competitive attitude sets this course offering platform apart from the other ones out there. We passed the test with 85+ percentile, and we didn’t even study the answers in detail.

The answers provided in the course are already pretty simple, so it helped us study without putting extra effort into it.

SkillCertPro claims to return your money if you fail the exam within 60 days of enrolling. It might sound like a big claim, but the company is very confident in the kind of material it offers, and it never really compromises the quality of education.

So, it is important that you put a bit of effort into studying and passing because you’re obviously spending so much money on it.

But even after studying a lot, if you fail the exam, you will be reimbursed for the amount you paid for the SkillCertPro course.

Are There Mock Exams Involved in SkillCertPro Course?

Yes, you will be taking a series of mock exams that will help you understand the pattern of the actual test. The mock exams are designed for people who have no idea of how the test will be conducted.

So, SkillCertPro takes exams every once in a while, which is a lot similar to those of real exams. In fact, past papers for certain exams are also used to help you get a hold of all the important topics and assess the areas where you need to study harder.

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These mock exams also provide you with a guideline of how questions would be designed in real exams.

We were disturbed because we had no clue about the exam pattern, but after taking the mock exam, our confidence boosted quite a lot, and it helped us understand the topics we need to study and the ones we’d already mastered.

The thing that we like about these mock exams the most is that they are completely online. So, you can just give them from the comfort of your home and get the firsthand experience of giving an actual test.

This experience will help you a lot with the actual test and will help you get at least 80 marks. With a little extra effort, you can also get 85+ percent by putting the mock tests and study material to good use.

Do I Get Access to SkillCertPro Notes for a Limited Time?

No, once you purchase the course, you get access to all the study materials for a lifetime. Also, even if you have completed the course, you will still be getting updates, so you always have the right kind of material.

All the questions are updated after a certain time to keep up with the ever-changing policies of IT-related tests. The practice tests are also updated after every two weeks, and you get access to different updates on the study material for free after you buy a course.


We tried the SkillCertPro training course because of its hype, and it indeed is worth trying. It is completely online, and you are provided with live support 24/7. Though live or recorded lectures are not available, you still get access to a premium set of documentation.

If you are planning to appear in a competitive tech-related test, then it is the perfect choice to go for SkillCertPro. Our review would most certainly be that SkillCertPro is worth giving a go, and we would love to try it again to develop technical skills.