Epify Hair Removal Cream Review? Is It Legit Or a Scam?

When it comes to removing unwanted hair, even the thought of using painful waxes is horrible. The experience gets worse when you buy low-quality cream that doesn’t remove all the hair and causes bleeding on top of this.

That is why it is super important to get only the best possible hair removal cream.

When you search to know which it is, you see the Epify name a lot. If you are here, then it means you have also heard or seen its name and want to know whether it is legit or not.

Yes, Epify hair removal cream is legit as it does exactly what it says. It is not only painless, but it’s also incredibly simple to use and produces remarkable, long-lasting results. If you want an in-depth review of how it works, what ingredients are there, and are there any side effects of this cream, then keep reading.

Epify Hair Removal Cream Review: Why Is It Legit?

As this product is new in the market, you might think it will be too early to judge its authenticity of this cream. The official website for Epify hair removal cream was created on March 8, 2021.

Well, after hours of research, we get some valid points that prove the legitimacy of the product.

One of the biggest plus points that clearly makes Epify a legit cream is that it is approved by the FDA, which means it does not cause any harm if used correctly.

Moreover, on the official website, they’ve also included a phone number where interested customers can call with questions, which is a nice indicator of this product being legitimate.

But the biggest reason why we called this hair removal cream legit is that it has received 1261 positive reviews and 5-star ratings on Amazon and other websites.

 So, yes, it does work, and that too painlessly (if you apply the right way).

How To Use Epify Hair Removal Cream?

Perform an allergy test 24 hours before using Epify hair removal cream, even if you’ve used different creams before. Hormone levels fluctuate all the time, and this causes your skin to shift as well.

Even if you’ve never had a response to hair removal lotion before, the chemistry of your skin may have changed slightly, causing you to react.

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So, it’s very important to use the Epify hair removal cream the right way. Here’s how.

Test Your Skin

To determine if the cream works on your skin, apply a small amount to a tiny area initially.

If the tested region does not react during the following 24 hours, you can apply the Epify hair removal lotion.

In case of Sunburn or cut, wait until it has healed completely before applying the cream.

Follow The Instructions

Read the cream’s directions carefully and make sure you follow them to the letter.

  1. Apply a thick, uniform coating to the hairy area.
  2. Spread the cream on your skin with a spatula rather than rub it in. If you use your fingers to apply, wash your hands right away.
  3. Leave the Epify cream on for the suggested amount of time. This can take anything from three to ten minutes; however, it rarely goes longer than ten minutes.
  4. If a damp washcloth or spatula is provided, use it to remove the cream. Wipe the cream carefully, not rubbing it. To confirm that all of the product has been gone, rinse the area with warm water.

This cream eliminates unwanted hair from the body efficiently the first time it is used, and it is equally good for every gender.

When you look at Epify Hair Removal Cream Reviews by customers, it is clear that the cream removes hair with no discomfort or burning sensation.

The reason for its effectiveness is the ingredients present in it.

Ingredients Of Epify Hair Removal Cream

Epify cream is created with thoroughly proven, skin-friendly, non-toxic components. Yep. That is why the FDA approved this cream in a blink.

The ingredients in Epify Hair Removal are as follows:


A chemical found in walnuts slowly damages the hair follicle. When the walnuts are still green, this chemical is especially active.

Egg Whites

Egg white contains collagen and vitamins, both of which are considered essential for smoothing fine lines. Egg whites also stick to hair, making it simple to remove hair from follicles!

Lady Her

Lady her is the herb that has been serving mankind with its medical properties since the Middle Ages. Even today, this useful herb is utilized to treat a variety of diseases. It also makes your skin soft.

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Zirinic Herb

Zirinic is a great addition and is also perhaps the oldest treatment for reducing undesirable body hair. It can be used to treat wounds (including gangrene-infected wounds), as well as skin conditions such as rashes, acne, and cuts.

Still hesitant? Well, there is nothing a Pros/Cons list can’t solve.

Pros Of Epify Hair Removal Cream

● Removes all unwanted body hair in the first attempt without being harsh on the skin.

● Super easy to use and takes only half a minute to remove hair.

● Contains ingredients that are both natural and clinically approved

● Suitable for all skin types.

● FDA-approved, which means it does not cause any serious side effects.

● Suitable for both men and women.

Cons Of Epify Hair Removal Cream

  • You may feel some side effects.

What are they? Find out now.

What Are The Side Effects Of Using Epify Hair Removal Cream?

When we look at the ingredients list for Epify hair removal cream, we can see that it contains substances like Calcium Hydroxide, which can cause itchiness if you have sensitive skin.

Other probable Epify hair removal cream adverse effects are:

Using this cream for more than 5 minutes may get a searing or stinging feeling. As a result, when using this cream, it is crucial to keep a track of the time.

 If you have sensitive skin, avoid applying this cream directly on your skin as it may cause redness, as the same chemicals that destroy hair can cause your skin to turn red.

It may cause serious skin burns and even blisters if applied to wounded skin. When you use hair removal lotion, your skin becomes more sun-sensitive and is more likely to burn.

But don’t worry; you can still avoid these side effects. 

How To Prevent The Side Effects Of Epify Hair Removal Cream?

Many of the adverse effects of Epify hair removal cream can be avoided by taking the following precautions:

  • Follow the guidelines or instructions printed on the back of the cream for a patch test (a test where you apply something and wait for 12 hours or even a day to see any reaction). 
  • To decrease exposure to harmful fumes, use hair removal cream in a well-ventilated area.
  • Avoid contact with hair removal cream around the eyes, brows, ears, and nose.
  • If you have sunburned, injured, damaged, or inflamed skin, do not apply this cream.
  • Avoid massaging the cream into your skin.
  • Do not apply the cream for longer than the recommended time. To be safe, apply it for a shorter period of time than recommended, and examine a tiny area every minute to determine if the hair has vanished. Wipe away all of the creams as soon as the hair is removed.
  • If your skin reacts, have a moist towel or a shower handy, so you can remove the cream fast.
  • Wait at least 24 hours before going out in the sun, and even then, wear good sunscreen.
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Which Is Better: Shaving Or Hair Removal Cream?

Hair Removal cream is better than any shaving cream. Here’s why.

We all know that shaving cuts hair from the skin’s surface across the hair shaft, creating a sharp edge. This caused nothing but the roughness of the skin.

But if you remove your hair with Epify hair removal cream, it will reduce the growth of hair and leave your skin soft as compared to shaving.

If you apply this hair removal cream correctly, you can keep your skin hair-free for up to a month. Moreover, if you don’t use a razor correctly, you may experience several cuts on the skin.

Contrarily, there is no risk of having cuts when you use hair removal cream.

Wrapping Up

Epify is a new hair removal cream with a lot of hype and promises. So, we decided to do an Epify Hair Removal Cream Review and what we found was astonishing.

Epify works wonders as it removes all unwanted hair without causing redness or itchiness. As far as its legitimacy is concerned, this cream is approved by FDA and has no severe side effects reported.

Just apply in the right way (as described under the instructions label) and say goodbye to the unwanted hair without feeling any single sensation of pain.