What is Your Review of Voltex, a Device That Claims to Cut Your Electricity Bill by up to 90%?

Vortex had seen a recent rise in fame when the company claimed that this device cuts down your electricity bill by 90%.

But, there are also many people who think that this device is nothing but a scam and the company is just making cash through these false claims. Well, whatever it is, we are going to find out for sure.

No, Voltex does not cut electricity bills by 90%, and it is a scam. In fact, it consumes electricity by getting plugged into your power outlet. There is no scientific evidence that backs up the claim of Voltex, and it does not work to save energy at all. Want to know more about it? Let’s get right into it:

Is Voltex Device Worth It?

No, Voltex Energy Saver is not worth it. It is not very costly, and on the website, a 50% discount is also available on the device for the most part. But, it still is not worth your money because it doesn’t do anything for your electricity bill.

Buying this device would just be equal to wasting your money and electricity because there is no purpose.

Those who fall victim to the false claims of Voltex never really understand that this device can’t do much.

Though Voltex’s website looks very professional, the product itself is a big scam. It is sold under so many different names in the market, and not even one of them works for the purpose of energy saving.

People who buy this device, hoping that it could cut their electricity bill, regret a lot, just like we did.

We saw the advert on the internet and thought to give it a go, but as a matter of fact, our electricity bill was a lot more than usual because we were using electricity recklessly because of the device.

So no, even if you’re getting a good deal on the Voltex device, it still isn’t worth it. It is not going to save you any energy, so it is better not to waste your money on a scam.

What Does Voltex Claim to do?

According to the Voltex website, this device has many more implications than just cutting your electricity bill. Let’s find out what more Voltex is supposed to do according to the company.

  • It is supposed to stabilize the voltage of your house. Also, it is said that the device is responsible for fixing the power factor, which seems a very far-fetched statement too.
  • The company also claims that this device removes all the dangerous spikes in your voltage that are usually caused by the power supply.
  • It is also marketed to be the cleanser of power. Yes, the brand claims Voltex cleans the power and removes the dirty power from wireless devices. It sounds pretty safe, but only if it works, which it doesn’t so there is no point in these claims, per se.
  • It claims to protect your house appliances from sudden electricity surges and increase their lifespan.
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So, according to the brand, Voltex can help you reduce your electricity bills by 90% just by fixing the above 4 problems, which obviously doesn’t sound right.

There literally is no evidence on paper that the company could use to back up its claims.

These claims are simply marketing strategies because even the brand hasn’t conducted much research that could prove that this device does all the things it is supposed to be doing.

So, when the brand itself failed to back the claims up with facts, how could it expect people to trust these claims?

Does Voltex Energy Saving Device Actually Work?

No, the Voltex electricity saver device does not work. Voltex can neither cut down the electricity bill, nor it can increase the lifespan of home appliances. Even though the company makes big claims, the device does not prove any of those claims.

Also, the brand uses really wrong information to try and cover its false claims. As they say, you can just decrease your electricity bill by 90% if you fix your electricity’s power factor, which is very wrong.

In reality, domestic electricity consumers aren’t even charged for power factors because they don’t have the specialized meter that could actually count the power factor. This meter is usually installed in factories and industries because that is where the power factor matters.

Also, even if we’re talking about a factory, we can’t really install Voltex and cut the bill by 90%. It is because if the power factor goes below a certain limit, the factories are fined for it. So, they have to buy specialized equipment to keep the power factor at a certain limit.

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Why would factories want to decrease their power factor when they could be fined for it? And why would households want to correct their power factor when it doesn’t interfere with their electricity bill?

So, it is not going to do much for your electricity bill whether you own an industry or just want to try it out for your house. In fact, the device could increase your bill because of its LED light and being plugged into your power outlet.

Do I Need Voltex for Voltage Stability?

No, you don’t need Voltex for the stability of voltage. It is mainly because voltage stability is done on the grid with the use of special devices. Voltex is not going to help you with stabilizing your voltage.

In fact, if you live in a regular area and your power doesn’t blink very often, you don’t even need a voltage stabilizer. Only those who live in industrial areas might face sudden power surges, but Voltex can’t fix that either. It is better to consult a professional electrician instead of relying on a device that doesn’t work at all.

People often think that they need a power stabilizer for some reason. But for the most part, they don’t need it because it isn’t your responsibility to fix the voltage of your household. It is already achieved on the power grid by using devices that actually work.

Are There Any Real Reviews of Voltex?

No, most reviews on Voltex are on its site, which is false and could easily be fabricated. Whatever reviews are on other online sites, all of them confirm that Voltex doesn’t really work. We tried it ourselves and found out the truth the hard way that this device is not legit at all and doesn’t do anything for the electricity bill.

The site of the brand itself has so many reviews that it has persuaded many people to actually try out the product. But in reality, it doesn’t work at all, which is clear from the reviews of people on real platforms.

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We tried this device and no; it doesn’t do a single thing that it claims. So, it is better not to waste your money on something that is not going to work at all.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Voltex?

Yes, there are a whole lot of disadvantages of Voltex that we experienced and that other users also noticed. So, let’s find them out:

Safety Threat

Plugging something into your power outlet is never a good idea, especially when you don’t know what that thing actually does. Voltex could be a major threat and can mess up with the electric supply of your place because it doesn’t have a legitimate reason to be plugged into your power outlet.


Voltex is a rather expensive device for something that doesn’t do anything at all. People who are working on a commercial scale spend thousands of dollars on such devices, and in return, they do nothing.

Doesn’t Work

Voltex simply doesn’t work, and it is evident from reviews of customers online and after we tried it ourselves. All the brand does is spread false information to back their claims up without any evidence, which is very dangerous.

The brand itself doesn’t have much idea about how energy-saving works, so trusting its claims would simply be absurd.

Return Policy

The return policy of Voltex also is another scam. Once people find out that it doesn’t work, they obviously want a refund, but they have to pay shipping fees, too, and it gets particularly difficult to get a refund from Voltex.


Lastly, Voltex became really popular in the last few months because of so many fake reviews on their site. But before investing in Voltex or any other energy saver, just make sure that you go through the science that backs up their claims.

Most of these energy savers are nothing more than scams that actually do more harm than good for your electric bill. So, make sure that you don’t fall victim to Voltex like we did because this power-saving device is not worth it and doesn’t do much for your energy-saving needs.