Does Jarritos Have Caffeine? (FAQs)

Jarritos is a soda for all generations, and let it be Gen-Z or Millennials; everyone loves it. The brand claims to be a completely natural soda made with fruit, but there have been speculations of caffeine addition in the soda lately. Twitter was taken by storm, and people were curious that Jarritos have caffeine?

Jarritos soda comes in different flavors, but none of these flavors have caffeine in them. Jarritos is a soda that doesn’t use artificial sugars or caffeine to enhance its taste. It’s made with 100% natural ingredients. Keep reading to find out more about does Jarritos have caffeine.

How Much Caffeine is Added in Jarritos?

Jarritos is a health-conscious brand; they do not have any caffeine in their soda. Most people assume that they add caffeine to enhance the flavour of their drinks, but that is not the case. They already have some impressive ingredients, so they don’t need caffeine.

Also, using caffeine for soda companies is pretty normal, but Jarritos says that they are highly conscious about consumers’ health and only add ingredients that are natural and not refined at all.

Let it be Jarritos Lime, Mexican, or Tamarind; there is no added sugar in any sort of Jarritos soda, and the brand claims this with pride. Caffeine is not even included in their ingredient list because they steer clear of it.

Recently, the laws about using caffeine in products have also become strict, so you cannot just put it in anything and everything. Also, excessive caffeine has its own repercussions, so it is better to stay away from all the drinks and eating products that contain caffeine.

Does Jarritos Make Coffee Flavoured Soda?

No, Jarritos does not make coffee-flavored soda anymore, but when the brand first launched, it came up with a soda that had a coffee flavour in it. This soda was the first choice of all caffeine enthusiasts.

So, the answer to does Jarritos have caffeine would simply be that it used to have caffeine, but now, it has become a brand that only makes drinks out of fruits.

But, as time went on, the popularity of that soda started going downhill. It became widely unpopular because of the added soda flavour that gave it a kick when it was launched, but eventually, it just became a bitter fizzy drink.

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So, people stopped drinking the coffee flavoured drink by Jarritos, and the brand wanted to be safe from bankruptcy, so it immediately changed its strategy. They discontinued their first product, made with coffee.

The brand started adding fruit flavoured sodas that became a sensation and are widely popular to date. These fruit sodas were explicitly made to taste good and give you a refreshing feeling, marking an end to the coffee legacy of Jarritos.

Why Does Jarritos Soda Not Have Caffeine?

 Caffeine increases heart rate and results in anxiety or dehydration, so Jarritos soda does not include any. This soda is made so you can drink it any time you want, but that is not the case with caffeinated drinks.

You would not be willing to have a drink with caffeine in it at 3 am because that would definitely spoil your sleep. So, Jarritos does not add caffeine to their soda products and is not planning to do that soon.

We already consume our fair share of caffeine every morning, so our sodas do not need more caffeine. Otherwise, our body will have excessive caffeine, and we would start becoming severely dehydrated and depressed.

But, though Jarritos does not have caffeine, it has some other ingredients you might not like, so let’s look at those ingredients.

Would Jarritos Launch a New Coffee Flavoured Soda?

All the Jarritos soda flavours currently are made of fruits, so it is very unlikely that the brand adds any coffee flavour to their soda. They have experimented with making coffee soda, and it did not go well, so they might not be up for taking the risk yet again.

However, it is a possibility that people might actually like the concept of coffee soda now because we are more hooked to coffee now than we ever were. But, Jarritos has presented itself as a very health-conscious brand in the last couple of decades.

So, if they switch to caffeine, it might affect their image. Also, the brand has only made sodas in 9 fruit flavours, and there are so many more fruits that they can try. So, we don’t think they would go for a shift and start making coffee soda.

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With the rise in popularity of caffeinated drinks, the public perception was that famous soda brands would also go with the trend and come up with coffee flavors, but that does not seem like the case.

So, Jarritos is not coming out with a coffee flavoured soda anytime soon; however, you can expect more fruity flavours and drinks from the brand.

Important Ingredients in Jarritos Soda

Jarritos soda has a lot of different ingredients, but we are only going to talk about the most important ones because we need to know what they actually have in their drinks other than caffeine.

●    Carbonated Water

Soda without carbonated water does not have the same kick because all the fizz that we totally love about soda mainly comes from carbonated water. Jarritos also contains a higher percentage of carbonated water, but it does have certain repercussions.

Doctors often say that carbonated water affects your teeth and bones, but there is not much research on this matter. However, some doctors have recently found that carbonated water could be good for digestion and help constipation, so it is a win-win situation.

Though you might feel constant burps and bloating after drinking Jarritos soda, that is also because of this carbonated water. So, if you don’t mind slight bloating, then you can go for it without any hassle.

●    Sugar

Jarritos does not hold back when it comes to sugar because it contains quite a lot of it. Though the sugar used in this soda is not artificial, it is comparatively healthier, but excessive sugar consumption is bad too.

Jarritos either uses authentic granulated sugar or uses the sugar extracted from the cane. The signature sweetness of this soda comes from this sugar. But, it is also important to know that if Jarritos does not add sugar to its soda, you might not like the taste of carbonated water with fruit pulp.

Other soda companies add excessive fructose just to make their drinks taste good, but Jarritos does that with its unique ingredients while adding natural sugar. So, you would not feel like Jarritos soda is sticky as it has a drink-like consistency.

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This great consistency is only achieved by adding real sugar, not sugar syrup. The sugar content in Jarritos is about 65%, so if you like to consume more sugar, it is perfect for you. But, some people want to avoid sugars, and for them, this sugar content could be a little too much.

●    Fruit Extracts

Jarritos either use natural flavouring to give its sodas a fruity taste or use the pulp of those fruits to enhance the taste. The coconut and mango Jarritos have added pulp, making them an absolute favourite.

Though the fruit extracts are simply called natural flavour on the ingredient list, it usually is not written what sort of flavour they are adding. However, the brand claims to use only natural ingredients.

Is Jarritos Soda Actually Healthy?

Jarritos is a brand of soda that claims to be natural and healthy for you. But, Jarritos contains a high percentage of added sugar, making it unsuitable for certain people. Jarritos do not have any nutritional value either.

So, it is not particularly healthy, and the only healthy thing this soda has is its fruit flavouring. In addition, Jarritos also adds artificial colours and different chemical preservatives in its drinks, so avoiding it might be a good option.

But, if you like the drink, it is better to steer clear of sugary stuff all day long as it has a high percentage of sugar. If consumed regularly, this soda can even increase your weight, but it is safe to drink it every once in a while; just don’t make it a habit.


We have given you a very descriptive answer to does Jarritos have caffeine. If you still want to drink the soda, go for it because it is a lot better than the ones available on the market as it is free from sugar syrup and caffeine.

Also, Jarritos is a natural brand, so it makes sure that the ingredients used are mainly natural and safe. The high percentage of sugar in this soda might throw people off a bit, but other than that, Jarritos is a pretty good soda brand.