Earl Grey Tea Substitution: 5 Alternative and Substitute

Earl Grey Tea is a much-loved blended tea that is being consumed all around the globe due to its light and delicate taste. Its unmatched classic taste and nutritional values make it stand out in the list of other teas and coffees.

For a real Earl Grey addict, it is hard to spend even a day without it; therefore, we are going to mention Earl Grey Tea substitutes that can deliver you a similar taste.

Note: We will brief bergamot substitutes, which is one of the most integral ingredients of Earl Grey Tea; moreover, we will also discuss some other teas which are a bit different from Earl Grey Tea but can be used as an alternative.

So, stay along to get to know them!

Earl Grey Tea: What is it?

Earl Grey Tea is a tea in which the oil of bergamot adds the major flavor. It is one of the most globally recognized flavored teas. The fragrance of rind is added to black tea to make Earl Grey Tea that gives off a unique taste.

This blended tea can be prepared by the Camellia Sinensis’ tea leaves and with the combination of bergamot flavoring. Usually, black teas are the base of Earl Grey tea, but oolong, rooibos, and even green tea can also be used as the base alternatives of Earl Grey Tea.

Usually, flavored teas are from China and so is Earl Grey Tea. Early Chinese masters experimented on teas by making them in different ways and adding different flavors and scents. It is a famous flavorful tea in the world. There’s not just one way of making  Earl Grey Tea; you can make it with different methods and variations but all are simple and straightforward.

●     History of Earl Grey Tea

It is an English tea, but it came from China. This Earl Grey tea is named after Charles Grey, and he is known as the second Earl Grey, who had been the British Prime Minister from 1830 to 1834.

It is said that Lord Grey’s men saved a mandarin Chinese from drowning, and after that, he delivered the tea as a gift. He was given flavored tea with the oil of bergamot.

Alternatives of Earl Grey Tea’s Bergamot

There are some substitutes of bergamot that give the same flavor and play an equal role as bergamot plays in Earl Grey Tea. If bergamot is not available at your place or you are unable to take bergamot due to some reason, then you can use its alternatives for making your world’s famous flavored tea.

The substitutes of bergamot are mentioned below:

1: Lemon Balm: The Best Bet

The lemon balm gives the same flavor and aroma as bergamot. It consists of the same properties as mint because they both belong to the same family. It also contains citrus elements to add flavor to your tea. Lemon balm also adds a sweet flavor to your tea.

As we have discussed that the bergamot is used to cure colic, the same features are if lemon balm. It is also used to calm the nerves, relieve stress, and reduce your body weight.

2: Bergamot Extract: Consider as a Second Choice

This extract comes from citrus foods like oranges etc. It provides the same citrus flavor as bergamot does. Bergamot extract benefits like it help relieve anxiety and reduce the risks of heart disease because it works as a natural statin.

3: Orange Zest and Spearmint: Add a Pinch

With the combination of spearmint and orange zest, you can create a similar taste to Earl Grey Tea. It also provides numerous health benefits. It provides antimicrobial benefits, and these two ingredients can improve the digestive system as well. Orange zest has a good amount of Vitamin B6 and calcium and it helps prevent and manage diabetes and obesity.

4: Lavender: A Less Considering Alternative

Lavender belongs to the same family as bergamot and mint do, and it also consists of similar citrus and floral properties; therefore, it can perfectly work as the replacement of bergamot. Lavender helps to improve your sleep state; in addition, it is also great to balance blood pressure. Apart from these benefits, it also helps in hair growth.

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5: Oregano: A Less Considering Alternative

You can also use it at the place of bergamot because it also belongs to the mint family and delivers the same tastes that You get from the bergamot. Since oregano is a great source of Vitamin K, iron, calcium, and fiber so it stops cell damage and also fights against different infections.

Earl Grey Vs. Some Other Teas

Earl Grey Tea and Lady Grey Tea

As it is mentioned that Earl Grey tea is a black tea that is made up of the oil of bergamot. It is the original recipe of Earl Grey tea, and it was introduced in the 1880s. And it has strong citrus notes, and it can also be utilised with milk or without adding something else. The taste of this tea depends on the company and the tea blender.

Lady Grey tea was introduced in the 1990s, and it is the modern version of Earl Grey tea. It consists of black tea, bergamot oil, orange and lemon peels. It has a light citrus note, and you can enjoy this tea the same as Earl Grey tea with milk or without putting anything else. The taste will be the same as Earl Grey tea has.

You can say that this is an alternative to Earl Grey tea.

Earl Grey Tea and Earl Green Tea

Earl Grey tea and Earl Green tea both are prepared with the same plant that is Camellia Sinensis. The difference takes place during the procedure of both teas.As Grey Green tea is unoxidised tea, while Earl Grey tea is completely oxidised.

Earl Grey tea contains more caffeine compared to Earl Green tea. Earl Green tea contains 30 to 60 mg caffeine per cup, whereas Earl Grey tea contains more than 40 mg depending on the size of the cup.

Green tea has more catechins while black tea has more tannins, both providing many benefits to health. Both teams are energy boosters and promising to take in the morning because they will keep you fresh and active throughout the day.

Earl Grey Tea and English Breakfast Tea

Earl Grey tea and English Breakfast tea both are black teas, but Earl Grey tea is a flavoured tea in addition to the oil of bergamot, while English Breakfast tea is a pure blend of black tea.

The flavours of both teas are different, Earl Grey tea is a soothing and mild flavoured tea, but English Breakfast tea is strong in flavour. English Breakfast tea is mixed with milk, sugar, and honey. When it comes to health benefits, then both of them have the same benefits.

Earl Grey Tea and French Earl Grey Tea

A French Earl Grey tea is a traditional blend that consists of black tea, oil of bergamot, and it is also flavoured by some citrus flavours just as Earl Grey tea is made. But in French Earl Grey tea, rose petals are added, making it different from Earl Grey tea.

Floral notes and fruity notes play an important role in creating French Earl Grey tea flavour. Similarly, both have health benefits, like cleansing and detox properties, to treat pain.

What are the Benefits of Earl Grey Tea?

There are many benefits of  Earl Grey Tea and a few of those will completely surprise you. Despite being a flavored tea, it boosts your energy level, lifts up your mood, fights against depression (very common nowadays), and provides tons of more benefits.

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Some of the benefits of Earl Grey Tea are mentioned Below:

●     Good For Teeth

Earl Grey Tea contains a rich quantity of antioxidants (catechin) that fights against oral infections. This tea also contains Fluoride, which is essential for teeth protection and protects from cavities formation. Earl Grey Tea is indeed an additional way to meet your requirements of Fluoride, and you can take it as your daily dose of Fluoride.

●     Digestion

Earl Grey Tea is also famous for improving the digestive system. It relieves painful indigestions, nausea, colic, and helps to speed up the digestion process. It also reduces constipation issues and provides you the strength to deal with acid reflux and many intestinal problems.

●     Fights against Anxiety and Depression

The addition of bergamot in Earl Grey Tea contains natural aromatherapy qualities; this aromatherapy quality takes only a few seconds to lift up a person’s mood and ease your stress.

It is a natural and effective solution for people suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress because it creates a calming effect on them. A regular cup of Earl Grey Tea reduces anxiety, relaxes the mind, and boosts up the body. Unlike other teas and coffees, it also keeps the body hydrated and makes different water-soluble minerals and essential vitamins ward out of the body.

●     Boost Energy

Earl Grey Tea contains a safe level of caffeine that keeps the body active throughout the day. This energy booster perks you up and enables you to enjoy a big and hectic day full of energy and inspiration.

●     Cancer Prevention

Earl Grey Tea contains antioxidants that help to fight against those free radicals that cause cancer. Taking such tasteful drinks reduces the chance of developing chronic diseases like cancer.

●     Weight Loss

One of the basic reasons for Early Grey Tea consumption is weight loss. Though when it comes to weight loss, there is no alternative to a healthy diet and physical exercise, but Earl Grey Tea elevates the metabolism level and helps to reduce weight.

When you add citrus extracts into the Earl Grey Tea, it not only adds a fantastic flavor to your tea but also increases energy consumption and eventually reduces body weight. So, it is always preferable to add lemon instead of using sugar or cream in Earl Grey tea.

●     Prevention from Heart Disease

Surprisingly, Earl Grey Tea also helps to prevent heart diseases but for this, you are recommended to take tea three times a day. According to a study in 2012, those who drink 3 cups of black tea reduce their cholesterol level.

Due to this regulated cholesterol level, you can protect your heart from blockages or plaque formation; meanwhile, it also improves blood flow.

●     Cold Relief

Earl Grey tea is not just famous for improving the digestive system but also improving the immune system. It helps your body to cure fevers. It is good in cold weather; when you want relief from cold, then take it, and it has a fantastic benefit of relieving.

Difference Between Earl Grey Tea and Black Tea

There are some differences between Earl Grey Tea and Black Tea like Earl Grey Tea consists of orange, some essential peels, or oil of bergamot notes, while black tea contains a classy and traditional flavour.

Black tea contains caffeine 47.4 gm, whereas Earl Grey tea contains more than 40 gm because it depends on the size of the cup.

How to Order Earl Grey Tea at Starbucks?

Starbucks is famous for serving coffees and teas, and it also provides this excellent flavored Earl Grey Tea to its customers. For creating this fantastic flavour, a solid black tea works as its base, and then the essence of bergamot is added to increase the taste manifold.

Citrus fruit and lavender notes are also involved in this procedure, and all these ingredients make this tea more flavourful and mouth-watering.

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Before placing the order at Starbucks, keep these ingredients in mind as it will help you for a smooth experience.

●     Size

Starbucks has different sizes of its drinks, such as short eight fl oz, tall 12 fl oz, grande 16 fl oz and venti 20 fl oz.

●     Add-ins

You would get lots of varieties in add-ins like you can ask for the nonfat milk, 2% milk, whole milk, coconut milk and almond milk etc. you have the option of creams as well, and in that there is a variety of creams like heavy cream, sweet cream etc.

●     Toppings

You can ask to add toppings of your own choice like cinnamon Dolce sprinkles, and in drizzles, you have caramel drizzle and mocha drizzle. There is available cinnamon powder, and in creams, you can ask to add whipped cream.

●     Flavours

There are lots of flavors available, and it’s up to you which one you would choose. They have varieties in syrups like brown sugar syrup, caramel, cinnamon Dolce, vanilla, Roseberry, and other syrups.

●     Sweetness

You can add sugar, honey, Splenda, and stevia in the raw for sweetness. There are also some liquid sweetnesses such as classic syrup, cane sugar, and honey blend, etc.

●     Lemonade

In lemonade, you can ask for extra lemonade, light, and no lemonade, according to your requirement.

●     2 Teabags

You can also ask for increasing the quantity of tea bags to get a strong flavor, but it will cost you more.

●     Cup Options

There are different cup options of the Earl Tea, before placing an order you also need to decide which cup you want: venti, grande or tall one.

How to Make Earl Grey Tea: A Common Method

You can make Earl Grey tea at home, and you require some ingredients which will play an essential role in creating the flavor of this tea.

Ingredients for Making Earl Grey Tea

You need loose tea for the high quality of Earl Grey tea if you want bagged tea so go for tea sachets instead of going for tea bags because tea bags do not contain high quality. Good quality water plays an important role in making this tea, use boiled water for this.

  • Water
  • Black Tea
  • Bergamot Essence
  • Lavender Flowers

Steps to make Hot Earl Grey Tea

●     Boil Water

Firstly, boil the water in an electric kettle that has the feature of temperature settings. Try to boil the water a bit more than required because you will also need it to warm the teapot.

●     Warm-up Teapot

Pour the hot water into the teapot and then swirl it so that all sides of the teapot get warm. After warming up the teapot, throw away the water. You need to boil water separately for warming up the teapot.

●     Put Earl Grey Tea

After warming up the teapot, but Earl Grey tea into the teapot, add hot water. To cook this tea, cover it.

●     Strain Earl Grey Tea Leaves

Now, strain the leaves of Earl Grey tea and pour this hot tea into a teacup. You can also add sugar, milk, and lemon to your tea.

Tip: Lemon many times makes curdles of the milk so you can skip it or add its few drops directly into your cup instead of in the teapot.

Our Summary

Earl Grey Tea is one the most flavorful teas that contain bergamot flavor, black tea leaves, caffeine, and some additional tea extracts and these all ingredients are enough to boost up a big stressed day.

Keeping this integrity in consideration, we have elaborated on the Earl Grey Tea Substitutes that you can use to get the same flavor, aroma, and nutritions.

So, there is never a ‘no’ to Earl Grey Tea!