11 Best Affordable Alternatives to TWG Tea If You’re Looking to Change Your Tea

Who doesn’t love tea breaks after having tough work hours? The tea breaks could be more soul calming if you choose the right tea brand with healthy benefits and aroma.

Yes, the brand does matter!

People drink tea for different purposes; some of them use it as a source of mind refreshing, soul-soothing, to wake up their body’s engines, or there could be any other reason.

In the end, it’s all about a hot mug of quality tea!

There is no second opinion that TWG Tea Brand is pretty famous worldwide due to its premium quality, marvelous product variety, and unbeatable taste.

TWG Tea lovers cannot start their day without soothing their noses with their aroma and taste buds with its uplifting taste. But, what if you don’t find TWG Tea, or you need to quit it for some reason, perhaps due to its unaffordability.

What will you do in that scenario? Won’t it be difficult for you to make your day?

It is better to find alternatives to provide you with the same mind-refreshing and soul-calming effects.

Thus, we are going to brief you on the 11 best affordable alternatives to TWG Tea.

Ready? Let’s begin with the general history of tea!

History of the Tea

Tea was discovered in China back than 4000 years ago, and it was first used for medicinal purposes; later on, its popularity increased among people, making tea a “normal drink.”

Different Euromonitors had confirmed that tea remained an enjoyable drink for many additives for years, and eventually, it became common practice all around the globe.

The tea-making process is different all over the world; in Thailand, people make tea with condensed milk and additional spices and herbs to make it spicy.

In Asian countries, people love to enjoy tea with hot water, raw or boiled milk, and sugar. Arab people serve green tea mostly.

Despite varying, one thing is common above all that is people enjoy drinking tea.

There are numerous tea brands out there in the market providing different tastes ranging from high to low prices, but TWG is one of the most leading brands.

Are you wondering why?

Why do People Choose the TWG Tea Brand?

TWG Tea Brand is an Asian brand, it was launched in 2008, and its first store was opened in Singapore.

In a short period, TWG Brand became the first luxurious tea brand in the world whose slogan is “drink tea with luxury.”

The world recognizes this brand as the most satisfying and fashion-styled in the tea industry of the world. TWG Tea Stores have been launched all over the world; the company is also providing the parcels facility through shipping.

Probably you might be pondering; what’s the secret behind this much popularity?

It is about the secret recipe which they follow to grab new customers and to satisfy their old customers is that they bring premium quality products.

Moreover, they also worked on customer services, published their signature menu and recipe book, and well-furnished tea stores in the top malls, hotels, and supermarkets of the world because high-class people love such places for their business discussion and some time is to show off.

In their tea outlets, everyone is warmly welcomed to experience the tea. They offer a good ambiance with their legitimate snacks, plates of pasta, and even more to enjoy.

But here is the fact that everyone can’t experience their heavy pocket services and tea all the time as it is costly, but everyone longs to enjoy the same taste, something like TWG.

11 Best Affordable Alternatives to TWG Tea Brand

To sort out your expensive TWG Tea problem, the below are the best pocket-friendly alternatives to TWG.

1: Tielka: Top Rated Organic Tea

As the world is shifting towards organic, tea brands have also come up with purely organic products. Tielka is one of the best and top-rated Australian organic tea brands. Can you believe it is Australia’s most awarded organic tea brand that has gained immense growth and fame?

One sip of Tielka’s organic tea will take you to the Australian sun-soaked natural ambiance.

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They’ve added fine and extraordinary quality products both from their country’s exporters and around the globe. You’ll experience the taste of Tasmanian pepper berries, Victorian-grown lavender, and fragrant Italian bergamot oil in Tielka’s infusions.

Each sip of the tea is blended with thoughtful flavor combinations, offering a refreshing taste to the sophisticated tea lover and a newbie alike. Their collection has herbal, green, and black, white tea with a refined taste.

All the products of Tielka’s are organic, and their tea bags have been made with plant fabrics; indeed, this brand provides all-around goodness.

Most Referred One: Lady Betty Black Tea Loose Leaf Blend

Do you wanna know the secret of Tielka? It has blended with the lady Betty loose leaf. This combination is known as the French Earl Grey as it gives an elegant taste.

The blend idea comes up with the award-winning black tea from the Yunnan province in China, with its sweet orange and delicate cornflowers serving the great flavor.

2: Vahdam: Best Tea Brand

This is the premium tea brand from India with a growing number of subscription members. Vahdam Tea is made from refreshing and all-natural products as they directly get the tea leaves from the farmers, cutting the middleman role.

In this way, you’ll have a premium live product.

By applying all the organic principles during the process, the brand prides itself on supplying the world’s finest and the most likable tea to its customers.

We recommend you try a cup of Vahdam Tea; you can express your love by sending the customized tea gift boxes to the tea lover in your life.

Our Hot Favorite: Earl Grey Citrus Black Tea

Although all the tea blends from the Vahdam are best in taste, you can’t go wrong with any of them. But what if we simply recommend the fruity and fragrant Earl Grey Citrus Black Tea blend.

If you like their classic brand, you can enter into the world of new flavors, such as their Organic Turmeric Wellness detox known for its anti-aging and immunity-boosting benefits.

Vahdam’s Black Earl Grey Citrus tea is the perfect blend of Indian Traditional black tea and premium quality Bergamot oil. This is the delicious call for the morning wake-up and afternoon tired soul to get refreshed.

3: California Tea House: Made With Care

California Tea House is a family-owned tea company where we can find some of the world’s best loose tea leaves and organic herbal tea blends. They first started as the local farmer’s market, but now brands have spread all over the world.

Undoubtedly, through California Tea House, you are going to experience the same taste as the TWG taste. California Tea House still uses mini-drum to create small-patch blends of the tea leaves, so you receive the purest, most refined, and freshest feeling with every cup of tea.

4: Best White Tea: The Republic of Tea

The Republic of Tea has been delivering its outstanding tea blends since 1992, when the brand first started outsourcing its all-best organic herbal teas and flavors. The Republic of Tea uses a smell strategy smell-the-rose philosophy (“sip by sip, rather than gulp by gulp”) pairs perfectly with a hot cup of tea.

It comes in aesthetic packaging, just like the TWG brand, but it’s not the only thing that is appealing.

The Republic Of Tea is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, which involves boosting a model that supports to influence positive social and environmental change, so drinking this tea will make you feel good in many ways.

Our Recommended: Honey Ginseng

This brand has top-notch quality products over more than 300, but their green teas are delicious and exciting. So for the first try, we’ll recommend you to go with the Honey Ginseng; it has such a pleasing and mild effect. You’ll surely love every sip of this green tea.

5: Twining: Best English Green Tea

The English people love tea more than Italians love pasta, more than Americans love Taco Bell, and more than Swiss love Fondue.

It’s in their culture to have tea in every meeting, at breakfast, at noontime with some snacks, and after lunch.

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In early 1707, Thomas Twining opened a Golden Lyon Coffee house and began to share his knowledge about tea. With over 300 years, what would you expect from them? Pretty as they are.

It is quite famous in England and beyond the country. It gives a royal feel, just like the TWG.

Our Favorite: Twining Green Tea

It is just as green tea makes you super healthy inside and out over hundreds of green tea brands out there. We would suggest you try Twining Green Tea.

Their delicate and natural tea bag packaging provides us a chance to enjoy all the natural taste direct from the farms.

That’s what we can have in every fragrant cup of green tea!

6: Yogi Tea: Best Herbal Tea

We’ve options for the people who love to enjoy herbal things. Yogi tea is one for them to enjoy with all the Ayurvedic benefits.

It can be mostly found in Yoga bars to give the body maximum healthy source. But after this, you’ll not be the Yoga person; you have to do proper yoga exercises for this.

For sure, all the ingredients are 100% pure organic free of any kind of added artificial source. The company is also involved in promoting many humanitarian projects all around the world and promotes sustainability.

We would recommend you to go with Sweet Tangerine Yogi Tea for immense rich flavors.

7: Harney and Sons: Most liked Black Tea

It is a family-run business followed by a true passion and determination to have the most classic tea. Harney and Sons took over the legacy developed by the founder, John Harney.

The brand expertly promotes traditional and exotic tea blends every day at New-York based Harney and sons.

Their whole collection consists of over 300 blends, including several matches and a new hemp range. There’s a taste for everyone, just as the TWG brand gives a wide range to its customers.

Harney and Sons also contributed their role in crafting the new tea-growers. As 1% of revenue directly goes for the welfare causes. Much Respect to them.

Our Favorite Tea blend: Hot Cinnamon Spice

Hot Cinnamon Spice flavor is considered one of the bestsellers and the oldest blend of the brand. It was launched by John Harney in 1980. This tea blend is a black tea base, with orange peel, which gives a sweet clove taste, and three types of cinnamon.

The mixture of all these ingredients gives it a sweet and rich flavored combination that is so comforting and healing.

Its earthy brown liquor packaging represents the color of the soil where it grows; the exotic aroma and appearance make it a truly worthy treat to your senses.

Their steadfast commitment to their products and genuine care, blended with a passion, makes it a top-rated black tea.

8: Jade Leaf Matcha: Best Matcha Tea

Whenever we think of Japan, sushi and sake come to our mind mostly, but here one more best thing is exported from the country to the western region, and that is “Matcha Tea.”

The Matcha Tea ceremony has been an important aspect and event of Japanese society for centuries. And now Matcha has become popular in the West just in recent years.

But you don’t need to wait for the traditional Japanese ceremony to enjoy the taste of delicious Matcha tea. You can have it any time. Matcha Tea has very many health benefits despite its taste.

Founders Mark and Will collect their matcha directly from the organic farms in Japan, delivering the most genuine product to your doorsteps. Not only from organic farms but Jade Leaf Matcha also come from the area renowned for its matcha plantations just near Kyoto.

Our Hot Recommended: Jade Leaf Ceremonial Matcha

Ceremonial means that “it’s of the highest quality.”

Jade Leaf Ceremonial Matcha is a 100% USDA-certified organic tea brand (only 1% of Japanese tea brands are fully certified), so it’s a big deal to find the best taste in Japan. It also has an insanely concentrated antioxidant level with the perks of healthy benefits.

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It is straightforward to prepare. Just mix it with a hot cup of water, and it will give you a caffeine kick that might be missing from your life. Don’t wait and have a hot cup of Matcha Tea at any time of the day.

It is the best substitute for TWG Tea, and we’ve rated Jade Leaf Ceremonial Matcha as the best matcha tea, genuinely all thanks to their founder’s passion for giving us such a high comforting taste.

9: Yorkshire Tea: Best British Breakfast

This is the best and top-rated tea product in England. The brand has been satisfying the taste buds of tea-lovers since 1886 from Harrogate, Yorkshire.

There is no secret to producing top-quality products not to compromising on the quality, just as the TWG Tea Brand refuses to think over the premium quality.

An interesting fact is that now the tea leaves are being outsourced from the finest growers in Africa and India, yet the brand is still known as Yorkshire Tea in the market.

The cup of Yorkshire Tea will be soul-refreshing to you at breakfast time especially.

Our Collection: Yorkshire Gold

Yorkshire gold is our favorite one from their collection.

Deep and strong flavor is the signature mark of the Yorkshire Gold with immense flavor. Its leaves are outsourced from Kenya, Assam, and Rwanda.

The simple but the execution of this British product is remarkable. That’s why we have rated Yorkshire Tea as the best British Breakfast tea of all.

10: Dilmah: Best Ceylon Tea

Dilamah was born in the motherland of tea Sri Lanka. Sources said that Dilmah was the first company to offer consumer-owned tea. From start to finish, tea was collected, refined, and packed at the place of origin.

Tea was cultivated in a beautiful place, somewhere in the heartland of rural Sri Lanka. Tea maker and the founder of Dimalh Merrill J Fernando was the one to win the award for Responsible Capitalism in 2016 as he opposed making his brand global; he said that in this way quality of the product could be sacrificed.

Our Very Own: Dilmah Premium Ceylon Tea

This tea is known for the pure 100% Sri Lankan taste; it is produced in the Ratnapura region of the island, quite famous for its topography.

With a cup of Dilmah tea, you’ll have a taste of citrus, chocolate, and Sri Lankan spice. This will give you a fresh, elegant look with depth. Dilmah Ceylon Tea is fragrant and a signature mark of commitment to authenticity. That’s why we’ve rated it as the best Ceylon tea among all.

11: Tea Forte: Best tea sampler

Tea Forte is quite popular as it is exporting products to over 35 countries. However, it is not famous just as the TWG brand; at the time, it was hitting its popularity.

It is exceptional tea that is packaged beautifully—a pleasant treat for the eyes as well as taste buds.

Working directly with farmers, Tea Forte is providing the most delightful flavor combinations, which blend to create both classic and modern tastes.

Our Favorite: Tea Testing Assortment

Tea Forte gives you a chance to taste its top and premium quality products by giving you an opportunity to choose Tea Testing Assortment, in which almost 40 different blends are assorted.

This assortment gift box could be an excellent gift to any tea-lover in your life.

Have the parcel box and enjoy.

Final Words

Wrapping up with the statement, “tea is the drink that refreshes your soul.” You can choose any one brand according to your choice. If you want to go with zero caffeine, then choose any from the herbal category.

However, in this article, we have shed light on TWG alternatives that let you cheer for the same taste at an economical price.

Now, these substitutes will ease your daily tea routine, shed off your price barrier, and make you relish the same taste as the TWG brand offers.

You can pick any of the suggested alternatives according to your need and taste. The ball is in your court!