Where Does Food Lion Chicken Come From? The True Reveal

Food Lion is one of the popular grocery store chains in the whole USA. Believe it or not, it offers more than 26,000 products, and all are of top quality. Out of them, one thing the Food Lion is famous for is the chicken.

The grocery store chain has a variety of chicken options on its shelves which the buyers choose from. But now, people have been raising questions on the internet about where Chicken comes from at Food Lion. If you are here, it means you also want to know. 

All of the Food Lion meat, including chicken, comes from suppliers in the USA. Due to business tactics, the grocery store chain has not revealed the names of its suppliers. However, they have assured us that they are all from the USA and follow safe practices.

If you want to know whether the Food Lion’s claims of being safe are true and what variety of chicken you can get from there, then stick till the end.

Food Lion And Chicken- Revealing Every Truth

It is clear that Food Lion suppliers are from the USA. There was fake news surrounding the company importing chicken from China. It’s not true.

People don’t like meat products in China because the country is alleged to follow unethical practices in raising animals. But the meat at Food Lion is from the animals grown in the USA with good care.

Where Are The Animals Grown For Meat? All-Important Info About Where Does Food Lion Chicken Come From

According to the Food Lion Official website, the meat used for cooking is safe. Why? It is because Food Lion ensures that the animals are grown in their natural habitat where there is green grass or at the shed that is clean.

For Example:

For beef meat, the animals are grown for more than two years before they are slaughtered. For the first 24 months, they are grown openly in green pastures, where they feed on the grass to meet their needs.

Next, they are given a grain-based diet. This includes Corn and distiller’s grain. These animals are also given corn silage to meet their nutritional needs.

This diet is continued for 100 days.

When it comes to chicken, the team of Food Lion experts visits the sheds of the suppliers. They check the process, cleanliness, and the feed given. They have contracts with the suppliers which they are bound to follow.

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 If the team finds that the supplier has not raised the chickens the right way, they don’t buy. But since this does not happen as the suppliers are professional (according to Food Lion), you can expect the practices followed to raise chickens will be 100% safe.


Is Food Lion a Chinese Company? Debunking The Rumors

No, food lion is a USA-based company and a subsidiary of Belgian’s Delhaize Group. It was founded in 1957 when one grocery store was opened named “Food Town.” Right now, there are more than 83,000 employees working at the stores.

The most amazing thing is that it has 33 food bank partners and offers more than 26,000 products.

Food Lion headquarters is located in Salisbury, North Carolina. Right now, this grocery store chain is operating in more than 1100 markets in 10 states. So, now you know Where does Food Lion chicken come from.

The states the food Lion is operating right now are:

  • Kentucky
  • Georgia
  • Delaware
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • South Carolina
  • Maryland

If Food Lion is not in our state, then stay updated. The owners are likely to spread the stores to more cities and states because of the success they are enjoying right now.

Is Food Lion Meat USDA Inspected?

Yes, all of the meat Food Lion sells is 100% USDA Choice. It’s a great thing and is also proof that the meat at the Food Lion is safe.


The reason is that the USDA (US Department Of Agriculture) takes account of every growth and feeding procedure to make sure the product is safe for humans. Thus, if a food product is of USDA choice, then it is definitely safe.

One question I often get is, are there any hormones used to raise the chicken or pork by Food Lion?

No, there are not. It is because the USDA does not approve of raising animals using hormones. It goes for all animals, including Chickens, Turkey, hogs, and other animals.

USDA is super strict in this sense that it also does not let companies put “No hormones added” on the cover unless they add “Federal Regulations prohibit the use of hormones.” Thus, the claims that Food lion meat can cause hormonal imbalance in a person because the animal is itself grown with hormones is baseless and untrue.

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In addition, another objection is further raised on the Food Lion that the Chicken and Pork are raised using Antibiotics. It is false too. Food Lion does not use any sort of chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones to raise their animals.

The animals are first grown in the pastures and then given a specific grain-based diet. When it comes to chickens, the suppliers grow them in the shed and also leave them in the open.

Plus, no medicine of any kind is used to make the meat fatter or juicier. So, the meat you see at the Food Lion is safe to eat.

But wait. There’s more.

All of the meat sold at Food Lion is Gluten-free. Gluten is generally present in the grains. If the animals eat a grain-based diet their whole life, then this meat will contain traces of this protein.

That’s not something a person with a Gluten allergy wants. So, if you are allergic to gluten, feel free to buy the chicken from the Food Lion.

That’s not it either.

Food Lions has more than 50 associates having different backgrounds to ensure the safety of the meat. These associates have expertise in food safety, food science, food quality, pharmaceuticals, and many other disciplines. These associates ensure that the meat you buy from the Food Lion is safe for humans.

As the Food Lion is now famous and the major reason behind this is the meat, it is understandable why the grocery store chain offers different varieties of their meat products. The USA-sourced chicken meat is also available in different varieties. Let’s know about them.

Chicken Variety Offered At Food Lion

You can choose from the following chicken choices at Food Lion:

  • Food Lion Chicken Boneless Breast
  • Nature’s Place
  • Food Lion Breast tenders
  • Boneless skinless Thighs
  • Chicken Drumsticks
  • Bone-in and skin-on Chicken wings
  • Hand-trimmed Chicken Thighs
  • Food Lion Whole Chicken
  • Gold Leaf Chicken Leg
  • Fresh Ground Chicken
  • Chicken Wingettes
  • Boneless breast Italian style
  • Food Lion Chicken Gizzards and Hearts
  • Deli Chicken
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Out of them, Deli Chicken is the most famous one.

But now, more things are happening with Food Lion. The company was in the news recently, and it’s a good one.

Holly Farms- A Treat For Food Lion Lovers

Food Lion has made an agreement with Tyson Foods Inc to introduce Holly Farms in more than 1200 locations. It will replace the store-brand fresh chicken, and you will see the Holly Farm chicken at Food Lion, Bloom, and Bottom Grocery stores.

This meat is also 100% safe, and the suppliers are from the USA too.

Food Lion always thinks about its customers. That’s why in addition to bringing fresh meat to you, they also run an informational blog about what to do with the chicken. 

Let’s now see what the grocery store chain has to say about it.

Chicken And Food Lion Recommendations

Food Lion offers a variety of meat options, and it also recommends what type of cooking method suits the meats the best.

Poultry is a versatile meat that tastes delicious no matter which cooking method you opt for. You can grill, roast, pan-fry, deep-fry, etc., and the taste will be more delish than ever. That is why Food Lion has described delicious recipes in their blogs.

Follow the recommendations of Food Lion in these blogs and enjoy eating tasty chickens.

Many people ask, Can a Food Lion Grind a Roast for Me?

Food Lions does not grind a roast for customers. The store chain wants to maintain as much traceability as possible, and that’s the reason why this decision has been made.

This will also help Food Lions to get rid of any affected meat quickly during the food recall.

Final Words

So, where does Food Lion Chicken come from?

Food Lion chicken is supplied by USA-based suppliers. There were rumors that China supplies meat to this grocery store chain. That’s not true.

The suppliers are from the USA, and their facilities are inspected by the USDA, so the chicken is definitely safe. Moreover, no hormones and antibiotics are used to make the chickens bigger and fatter.

To know how you can cook delicious meals using these chickens, you should read the Food Lion blogs. Follow the recipes and enjoy the tasty chicken treats.