Is KFC Chicken Real? All You Need To Know

Fresh, crispy, juicy, and tender KFC chicken provides an eating experience that we will never forget. We are ethically obligated to shout the KFC mantra “Finger-Licking Good” once we have finished eating the KFC chicken. It is one of the most popular foods in the twenty-first century.

However, the rumor in the town is whether KFC chicken is real or not? Yes, it is selling real chicken. KFC chicken is made entirely from chicken wings, breasts, and thighs. KFC prepares authentic chicken using processed chicken flesh that comes in the KFC kitchen. The breast, thigh, and wings meat are removed and cooked.

Is KFC Chicken Made in a Lab?

No, This and the other rumor “is KFC chicken real”  both are entirely incorrect. KFC’s chickens are all bred on a farm. The concept of this inquiry, I believe, stems from the flavor and texture of KFC chicken.

So let me tell you something! The preparation formula and seasoning mixes make KFC chicken special, and we are still a long way from having lab-made chickens.

However, it is noted that KFC has partnered with 3D Bioprinting Solutions, a Russian firm. The collaboration’s primary goal was to create lab-grown chicken nuggets.

However, it has not yet begun manufacturing, and it is still in its early stages of development, and it will take some time until they are offered in KFC fast-food restaurants.

How Is KFC Chicken Prepared?

Let me explain how KFC chicken is produced.

  • The KFC chicken preparation, like many other meat preparations, begins with the butchering of the chicken. After the chicken is butchered, the digestive tract detritus is removed.
  • The removal of feathers and excrement is now complete. It is then thoroughly cleansed. 
  • The separation of pieces is now taking place. Prior to this, the specific sections are removed from the cleaned bird carcasses. Parts like the legs, wings, and thighs in particular. These components are prepared and supplied separately.
  • The feathers are then distributed to others who make things with feathers.
  • After separating the pieces, they inspect them for flaws. Defects may include sick or contaminated parts and anything that might harm human health. This stage can be thought of as a quality control step. This process guarantees you eat only nutritious meat from the chicken.
  • The KFC’s components have been examined. It was now time for the KFC chicken to soak in the brine. Brine is a solution of salt, sugar, and water. KFC’s conventional preparation method involves soaking the chicken in the brine.
  • Now, the KFC chicken is drenched with brine. It is now time to dry it. The chicken is thrown at least thrice for this purpose. This process makes the chicken ready for the breading process.
  • During the breading phase, all chicken portions are hand-breaded, including the legs, breasts, wings, and thighs. You will be captivated when you look closely at this procedure. The majority of employees that participate in this procedure love it.
  • All of the chicken bits are now gathered in a basket. They are then cooked in the KFC pressure fryer for 10-15 minutes.
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What Are the Constituents of Chicken?

White flesh, black meat, and wing parts are the three essential components of chicken. Dark meat is made by combining skinless thighs, breasts, and legs. Before each piece is hand-breaded, KFC carefully inspects it.

The chunks are blended with KFC’s unique combination of herbs and spices. The chicken pieces are dipped in canola oil and cooked at low heat, keeping the original KFC chicken pieces’ original flavor.

Where Does KFC Buy Its Chicken From?

KFC is not reliant on a single source. It obtains chicken from various suppliers, including Tyson, Pilgrim’s Pride, Case Farms, and Koch Foods.

They sell entire birds to KFC, arriving in the KFC kitchen in three states: fresh, frozen, and ready-to-cook. KFC purchases poultry that is devoid of growth hormones to guarantee that it passes health regulations.

Furthermore, it has insisted that its suppliers utilize feed devoid of animal byproducts like synthetic growth hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals. 

How Is a KFC Chicken Raised?

KFC has established a regulation that outlines precisely how a chicken must be grown. The guideline specifies the length of time a chicken spends in light, the number of chickens to be reared in a shed, the excrement for the chicken, and many other details.

Another critical factor is that the chickens exclusively consume vegetarian diets such as soybeans, vegetable oils (typically blended with maize and given), and other cereals.

Protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and energy are all provided by this vegetarian diet. As a result, antibiotics were no longer required.

Furthermore, numerous animal welfare organizations, including the Global Animal Partnership, A Green World’s Animal Welfare, and the USDA, advocate for an all-vegetarian diet. Most of the criteria established by these organizations allow chickens to consume bugs, their natural diet.

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They have, however, approved the use of animal byproducts. Overall, the chicken’s health is more crucial. However, there are claims that KFC chickens are unhealthy, and there have been stories of KFC birds dying from severe inflammation.

Does KFC chicken feel discomfort as a result of inflammation?

Unfortunately, yes is the explanation. Furthermore, almost one-third of KFC chickens suffer from horrible conditions like organ failure (Especially liver and heart).

The primary cause of these diseases is the unfortunate circumstances of KFC’s farms. Moreover, KFC confirmed that the birds aren’t healthy and are now raised in substandard conditions.

Other details were given in the study as well. For example, the quality of water at the farms falls short of expectations. Aside from water quality, temperature, ammonia levels, parasites, and a variety of other indicators were also subpar.

Following the study’s publication, KFC began to improve the farms. It also introduced novel chicken-raising procedures. More importantly, improved processes should produce beneficial results. Let us all hope that the hens can enjoy healthy lives in the future. This is for the benefit of both the chicken and ourselves.

What Can Be Done to Avoid Animal Cruelty?

Humans have consumed meat for thousands of years, and we began growing it for food consumption hundreds of years ago. However, until recently, chickens were bred by allowing them to wander freely.

However, due to the severe increase in demand for chickens, the hens are being reared in inhumane conditions. Nothing can be done because chicken demand is growing every day. 

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Is it Correct that KFC Chicken Has a High Protein Content?

Yes, You receive a lot of protein by eating KFC chicken for two reasons. One is the chicken feed, and the other is the stuff required to prepare the chicken.

KFC chickens are given Soybeans and cereals when they are grown. As a consequence, the protein is naturally present in chicken flesh. Later, when preparing the KFC chicken, it is blended with soy protein, salt, potato starch, vegetable powder, corn syrup, and sugar. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do KFC chickens eat?

KFC birds are fed soybeans, cereals, and corn that has been bathed in vegetable oil.

Can you name some of KFC’s chicken suppliers?

Tyson, Koch Foods, Pilgrim’s Pride, Case Farms, and Pilgrim’s Pride.

Is there enough light for KFC chicken reared on farms?

Yes. The KFC guideline requires that poultry get adequate light during the day.

Final Thoughts

Rumors cannot be ignored since they occasionally come true. Still, you must be wary not to get paranoid as a result of the gossip. KFC chicken is 100 percent actual chicken, and KFC’s chicken production phases are genuinely unique. There are several rumors about whether or not KFC’s chicken is real; nevertheless, most of them are incorrect.

KFC’s principal purpose in growing chickens is to provide real meat at a reasonable price. Unlike other restaurants, the firm is constantly seeking methods to cut its overall costs in order to provide affordable chicken.