Are Postmates Supposed To Come To My Door? [Explained]

In this digital era, getting food at the doorstep is more convenient than ever before. Thanks to Postmates—a well-known food delivery app—that allows you to order food and other items (makeup, video games, car parts, etc.) with one click of a button and then receive your order faster and easier. However, you can also choose the delivery option of your suitable choice.

Postmates offer you three different delivery options to receive your package: pick up outside – you can receive your delivery curbside; leave at the door – your order will be dropped at the door; meet at the door – the delivery person will come to your doorstep to deliver your order, and you can receive the order by your own.

You can choose your desired delivery option according to your need and later follow the on-screen prompts to streamline your delivery details. Further, you can also provide special instructions to be performed by Postmates while reaching your delivery address.

Are Postmates Supposed To Come To My Door?

Apart from takeout, Postmates supports order delivery from specific pharmacies, grocery stores, and electronics and liquor stores, based on your residence and nearby available stores.

Thanks to Postmate, which gives customers an absolute right to choose their Dropoff Options, it allows them to specify how they like to receive deliveries. Customers can pick any of the following delivery options:

To Meet Their Postmate At The Door

The delivery person comes out of the car, follows your instructions when placing an order, and waits for you to come out of the home and pick up the order. You can use this new delivery feature by choosing order as a standard delivery option, and then you will be encouraged to select your delivery intentions before checking out.

This one is absolutely a favorable option for the customers who are not supposed to go downstairs by leaving the apartment to collect the food. The delivery person comes to the doorstep to drop off the food. A super appreciating delivery offer!

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Meet Curbside To Pick Up The Order

Customers can pick up their delivery package at the curbside. Usually, the delivery person honks the car, and the recipient comes to the vehicle to receive the delivery.

Non-Contact Deliveries Left At The Door

This method was mainly introduced in the midst of COVID when it was necessary to maintain social distance. This method is still being followed – the delivery person leaves the package at the place where the receiver has instructed.

It could be either the front door, back door, close to the plant door, or beside any site. Later, the customer can pick up the parcel after coming out of the home.

Actually, customers receive the message once the delivery is done, so it becomes easy for them to collect their parcel. We can imagine that there are always many customers who might prefer a non-contact delivery service for health and other reasons. And this is why Postmates initiated this service option (in COVID days) for the customers and is still serving it for customer satisfaction.

Can I Contact My Delivery Person Before Drop Off?

When your delivery is on the way, you can get your delivery person straight away by tapping the “Contact Option” on the order tracking screen. It is probably a great option to correspond to an exact dropoff spot when you are unsure what to do and where to contact. Meanwhile, you also need to consider that your delivery person may be on the way and unable to write the message or receive the phone call.

Unlike other platforms, like UberEats (which delivers at the curbside), the silver line of Postmates is it offers customers every possible delivery option for ease. Postmates is a door-to-door service, so on your demand, your courier must be handed over to you at your doorstep. If any delivery people do not come out of the car and prefer honking the horn, he is getting lazy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The section will cover the most frequently asked queries and their answers, so once you will crack it, you may be left with no question in your mind.

What Happens If You Don’t Get Your Postmates Order?

Postmates is a proud delivery option for everyone as it is always available when you need it. You can simply enter your delivery address to avail the 24-hour delivery at home.

If, in any case, your order gets delayed or missed, or if you have not received your order, you can report to the company by simply sending a message to Postmates.

Can Postmates Leave The Parcel At The Door?

Customers have different options to receive their delivery, so they can select an opportunity to meet their Postmate at the door. In addition, they also get other delivery options, such as going non-contact by leaving deliveries at the door or meeting at the curbside.

To get a chance to meet at the doorstep, you can opt to order as normal and select your delivery preference before checking out.

Note: While placing your order, you can provide special additional instructions to Postmates. For instance, if you opt for a delivery option: leave at the door; you can extend the information by telling a particular area where the delivery person is supposed to leave the order.

For instance, you can say leave the parcel next to the potted plant near the back door. Or if you are choosing to come to my door, Postmates will come to your door and wait for you until you receive your parcel. 

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What Does Contactless Drop Off Mean?

The contactless delivery service means the delivery driver drops the order on the doorstep instead of handing it to the customer. This order type needs to be specified at checkout as a delivery option.

Can Postmates Drivers Contact You?

Despite being a fantastic food delivery option, Postmates doesn’t have a contact number to call Postmates directly. If, in any case, you attempt to contact, you will receive an answer: you cannot call Postmates! Surprisingly, Postmates doesn’t even have a call center or customer service agents to answer customers’ calls promptly.

Yet, luckily, there are some methods to contact Postmates – you can get through email, Postmates customer ticketing support, Postmates merchant support, etc. Postmates also support the customers through their several in-apps. You can text or call your Postmates delivery courier when your order has been collected.

Our Summary

Postmates is a demanding delivery service serving the United States in this competitive world. To maintain an excellent service profile, the company focuses on prompt interactions with customers, drivers, and partners.

So, if the question is, are Postmates Supposed To Come To My Door? The answer is yes! Postmates offer three different options, one of which is that Postmates is supposed to come to your doorstep to drop off your shipment. Instead of leaving your home, you can pick up the package right at your doorstep.

Before confirming your order, you are supposed to provide complete instructions to the company; select the delivery type and let them know if there is any other noticeable information; for instance, it could be your gate code or anything else. You can read all the delivery options and choose the one that suits you for your next order! Enjoy your delivery in your own style!