Can I Drop Off A UPS Prepaid Package At The USPS Office? [You Got Covered]

When it comes to shipping, USPS andUPS are two big names that automatically hit the mind. Both companies offer the same services but are far different from each other.

UPS mainly specializes in delivering packages, but USPS significantly deals with mail (often, it handles packages too). One thing more important, UPS is a privately owned company, but USPS is a federal organization.

As these two companies are approximately the same, many think they can drop off their prepaid UPS package at a USPS location.

Usually, USPS does not accept UPS packages, but only if there are UPS Mail Innovations packages as companies have a hybrid shipping service agreement. So USPS will not receive any UPS package that is not a UPS Mail Innovations. You can even track your UPS packages if USPS is shipping them. 

Does USPS Take UPS Packages In 2022?

Yes, USPS takes UPS packages, but only in a specific condition – your packages should be UPS Mail Innovations. Multiple packages go from one company to another, so customers must understand how to navigate USPS and UPS crossover!

The United Parcel Service (UPS) and the United States Postal Service (USPS) have teamed up to provide customers with convenient delivery.

The other benefit of this collaboration is minimizing the carbon footprints and increasing the sustainability of the world’s biggest postal and delivery companies. Hence, both companies set a new standard in the shipping industry.

After initiating, the UPS started testing the service with a few merchants, such as BuySeasons, an Internet-based retailer that supplies costumes and party collections. The service helped in business growth and facilitated the traders to deliver excellent customer service.

Customers experiencing retailers receive unique package labels that let them enter returns packages. Another great favor is that they can access more than 150 million postal access points, including personal mailboxes.

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Customers also can drop the package in postal collection boxes, at their local U.S. Post Office, in third-party retailers, at traditional UPS drop-off locations, or hand it to a UPS driver.

The moment when a returned package arrives at a USPS location to send off to UPS, the duty of UPS drivers starts. A UPS driver picks up the parcel and forwards the parcel to the retailer through the UPS ground network.

This offers an inbound perspective of returns packages, promoting cost savings and improved customer service for appreciable inbound operations planning.

Do USPS And UPS Work Together?

It is essential to understand that UPS and USPS are different companies, but their services are the same. The difference lies in various things such as company type – the prior one is privately owned while the latter is federal.

Still, both companies collaborated and started working together to create hybrid shipping, just as USPS and FedEx worked together.

So this hybrid shipping service allows UPS and USPS to work together, so UPS packages can be dropped off at USPS, which is called UPS Mail Innovations.

What Are UPS Mail Innovations: A New Return Service

It is a hybrid shipping service provided by USPS and UPS that eases their customers and allows them to drop a UPS package at USPS locations.

Actually, UPS Mail Innovations is a separate branch/extension of the UPS created for customers’ help. This collaborative shipping service employs the UPS and USPS’s individual resources so that the other company does not have to develop a more streamlined shipping process and create faster, less expensive shipping options for consumers. It helps in making shipping and receiving packages less costly and more convenient.

It is a kind of win-win strategy where both companies and their customers get ease. For instance, compared to UPS, USPS holds more drop-off locations, which provides convenience for the clients who need to ship a package. On the other hand, UPS owns a larger fleet of planes to support more expedited deliveries, which is more convenient for those receiving packages.

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Both companies come together to assemble the hybrid shipping service and profit from the additional business. At the same time, consumers also get a chance to meet a faster, more convenient, and more effective service.

Will USPS Receive a UPS Package Even If It Is Not A UPS Mail Innovations Package?

Some USPS post offices receive UPS packages not based on UPS Mail Innovations packages. It is because they have UPS workers who only do it as a courtesy as they regularly go for Mail Innovations packages; however, it is not applicable for all locations.

As a thumb rule, you cannot anticipate USPS to receive UPS packages until or unless they are UPS Mail Innovations.

The primary reason for not accepting packages other than UPS mail innovation is that USPS is a federal organization with limits and regulations on the shipment dimensions and what can be shipped. It is a fact that USPS does not profit from other companies shipping packages.

What Is The Method To Drop Off A UPS Package At USPS?

First, ensure that your package is UPS Mail Innovations because there is no chance of another package getting accepted. If you opt for UPS Mail Innovations, you can use the same method to drop off the package you used for any other USPS packaging – visit the local post office or any other USPS dropbox near your home.

What Are The Steps To Track A UPS Package Being Shipped Through USPS?

You can track a UPS Mail Innovations package by using either the shipping number provided to you by UPS or the USPS tracking number provided on the confirmation email you receive once the package is in a USPS facility.

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If you want to track UPS Mail Innovations tracking number, figure out the purchase confirmation email from the company you have purchased something from or the UPS confirmation email.

Typically, your UPS Mail Innovations tracking number is a combination of numeric characters and alpha letters, which varies for each package. The character length of the code is 22 altogether.

To explore your USPS tracking number, you can examine the email confirmation from USPS where it is mentioned that they have received your parcel and are getting prepared to ship it.

As far as the tracking number of USPS is concerned, it is typically 20-22 digits long; it only includes numbers, not letters.

You can visit the tracking site regardless of which tracking number you have (UPS or USPS). The UPS site is linked here, while for the USPS tracking site, you can click here.

Both tracking sites can bear 24-48 hours to update you concerning tracking information, so if, in any case, you don’t find anything instantly, it’s reasonable to be patient as your tracking details will become available momentarily.

Our Summary

USPS (Post Office, U.S. Mail, or Postal Service) offers postal service, and UPS is international shipping & receiving as well as a supply chain management company. Both companies provide commendable customer services and used to serve their companies independently.

But soon, UPS and USPS started to work together to present the customers with a hybrid shipping service known as UPS Mail Innovations. It shows that you can only drop off a UPS Mail Innovations parcel at USPS but not any other UPS box/package.

The procedure of dropping the UPS Mail Innovations package at USPS is the same as you follow for other packages – visit the local office or use a dropbox.