Who Makes McDonald’s Ketchup? (Ingredients and FAQs)

McDonald’s is a name that is familiar to every fast food lover. People enjoy the unique and quality food taste at McDonald’s. Undoubtedly, McDonald’s possesses a unique taste from other restaurants.

If you’re a foodie, you must know the taste difference between McDonald’s and other restaurants. When discussing McDonald’s, you might think about the burgers, fries, chicken pieces, deserts, etc.

However, you’ve missed the most wanted item of McDonald’s, Ketchup. Whether you’ve ordered fries, burgers, or any chicken piece, ketchup is the must at your table.

You might be speculating about the manufacturer of Ketchup too. Let me tell you. Heinz makes McDonald’s ketchup in Pittsburgh and Minneapolis. There’s still much more to realize about McDonald’s Fancy Ketchup.

Here we go.   

McDonald’s Ketchup

McDonald’s is a well-known brand famous for offering quality food. Most people declared that McDonald’s ketchup has a different yet delicious taste. McDonald’s ketchup has a pretty red color of natural tomatoes with a thick consistency.

You must see that the liquid and the ketchup quantity are always separated whenever you visit a restaurant. So, let’s dive in and analyze what makes McDonald’s ketchup best.


Here are the ingredients which make your favorite McDonald’s ketchup.

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Natural Flavoring
  • Salt
  • Spice
  • Onion Powder
  • Distilled Vinegar
  • Corn syrup
  • Tomato Concentrate From Red Ripe Tomatoes
  • Water

These components accurately blend to make your favorite McDonald’s ketchup. Hence, McDonald’s ketchup doesn’t contain any artificial flavors or colors, which also improves the ketchup’s quality.

Nutritional Facts

Whenever you eat anything, you should do keen research on whether the nutrients are best for you or not. Likewise, let’s evaluate the nutritional facts of McDonald’s ketchup. The given table illustrates the nutrients and their amount in ketchup.

Nutrients100 g / 100 mlSingle Serving 10 mlKetchup Comparison
Fat0.2 g0.02 g-2 %
Energy529 kJ52.9 kJ+21 %
Saturated Fat0.1 g0.01 g+90 %
Sugar21.1 g2.11 g+10 %
Carbohydrates25.8 g2.58 g+13 %
Protein1.6 g0.16 g+44 %
Salt2.1 g0.21 g+5 %
Veg & Fruits66 %66 % 

The enlisted items elaborate on the nutritional facts of a 100 g and a single serving of McDonald’s ketchup. It is said that the fraction of fibers and the fruits & vegetables are not given on the label of McDonald’s ketchup. Hence, the enlisted percentage is the estimated amount of components.

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What Makes Mcdonald’s Ketchup Different From Heinz Ketchup?

You might still be unaware but let me tell you McDonald’s ketchup and Heinz ketchup are two different terms. Heinz was the manufacturer of McDonald’s ketchup, but later, Heinz denied more collaborations with McDonald’s.

Most people also said that when Heinz separated from McDonald’s, McDonald’s had brought down the quality of its ketchup. A basic experiment has been done to identify the difference between McDonald’s and Heinz ketchup. Ketchup is tried with a drip of McDonald’s French fries.

Here are the noticed differences between both of these ketchup.

Heinz KetchupMcDonald’s Ketchup
The viscosity of Heinz ketchup was thick, and the ketchup was coated on the fries.The consistency of McDonald’s ketchup was a bit thinner than Heinz ketchup. It is noticed that the McDonald’s ketchup also doesn’t appear as a coat on fries. 
The taste of Heinz ketchup was spicy, which boosted the flavor of the fries with a pungent taste. The taste of McDonald’s ketchup was not much spicy, so it gave a sweet taste to the French fries.

 If you haven’t noticed the difference, you must try it out. Now, whenever you visit McDonald’s, you’ll indeed feel the difference in consistency and taste of ketchup.    

Can You Make McDonald’s Ketchup At Home?

McDonald’s ketchup has a vast fan range for its delicious taste. A fundamental question might pop up in your mind several times a day. Can you make McDonald’s ketchup at home? Yes, McDonald’s ketchup can be made at home.

A person has shared the recipe for homemade McDonald’s ketchup. She declares that the experiment with homemade ketchup comes out with tremendous results. Devoid of further bustle; let’s wile into it.


Here are the essential components that help you relish the taste of McDonald’s ketchup at home.

  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Sugar
  • Garlic powder
  • Tomato paste
  • Salt
  • Onion powder
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It is said that a balanced quantity and a good blend of all the ingredients and the seasoning brings you to taste perfect ketchup.


The following steps give you a detailed prescription for making ketchup at home.

  • Use various types of salt such as herbal, hot, and smoked to add a bitter taste to ketchup.
  • Sugar and sweetness are also used to add a sweet taste in addition to the bitter taste. With sugar, you can use the black strap, sorghum, molasses, nectar, etc.
  • Vinegar is used to enhance the taste of seasonings and to preserve the ketchup in plastic bags.

It is also being noticed that Apple cider vinegar and apple juice are used in McDonald’s ketchup. Hence, you can also utilize the same items to boost the taste of your homemade ketchup.        


Is McDonald’s Fancy Ketchup Different From Regular Ketchup? 

Yes, the fancy ketchup is distinct from regular ketchup. The fancy ketchup and the regular ketchup are distinguished based on grades. USDA has divided the Fancy Ketchup and Regular Ketchup into phases.

It is said that the Fancy ketchup is known as Grade A ketchup, while the Regular ketchup is regarded as Grade B & Grade C ketchup. You might be confused between the Grades and their characteristics in terms of ketchup.

Here are the grades of ketchup elaborated.

Grade A Ketchup 

  • Fancy ketchup, being Grade A ketchup, is known to be spicy and good color ketchup with a thicker consistency.
  • The Grade A ketchup doesn’t contain any artificial colors and preservatives. That’s why Grade A ketchup is known to be good quality ketchup.

Grade B Ketchup

  • Regular ketchup is known as Grade B and sometimes Grade C. Whenever you eat regular ketchup with your snacks, you’ll notice that the regular ketchup has a runny consistency.
  • The Grade B & Grade C ketchup also contains artificial colors and preservatives that can be hazardous to your health.

Can You Purchase McDonald’s Ketchup?

It’s a big No. You can’t purchase McDonald’s ketchup from any retail store or McDonald’s itself. If you love to relish the taste of McDonald’s ketchup with your snack, you may want to purchase McDonald’s ketchup.

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Unfortunately, McDonald’s ketchup is significantly made for McDonald’s itself. So, you can not buy them. But there’s nothing to worry about. Let me instruct you on the remedy to your dilemma.

Whenever you go to Mcdonald’s, you can ask for extra ketchup. It is said that McDonald’s never denies giving their customers extra ketchup. You can effortlessly bring the ketchup home.

Nonetheless, if you want the ketchup in large amounts, you can purchase fancy ketchup from a retail store. Fancy ketchup is always better and tastier than regular ketchup.

How Many Nutrients Are Present In The Single Sachet Of McDonald’s Ketchup?

A single sachet of McDonald’s ketchup contains approximately 9 grams to 10 grams of ketchup in it. Here are the major components present in a 10 g sachet of ketchup.

  • Sodium – 90 mg
  • Carbohydrates – 2 g
  • Sugar – 2 g
  • Calories – 10

The ketchup may also contain a considerable amount of potassium in it.

Does McDonald’s Ketchup Contain Any Dairy Products?

Despite considerable research, it’s a clear No. McDonald’s Ketchup doesn’t contain any dairy products. You’ve analyzed the whole ingredients and nutritional facts of McDonald’s Ketchup.

No product is made of milk or contains lactose in it. So you can also say that McDonald’s Ketchup is Lactose-free.

If your body is sensitive to lactose or you have any allergic reactions, no worries. You can relish the delicious taste of McDonald’s ketchup with your snacks without worrying about any allergy.

What are you loitering for? Move and fetch your beloved snack to admire with ketchup. 

Can McDonald’s Ketchup Be Expired?

When we talk about the expiration of McDonald’s ketchup, it’s both Yes and No. McDonald’s ketchup doesn’t contain any expiry date, but it can be useless for a significant time.

The primary reason that your McDonald’s ketchup can be useless is opened ketchup. If you’ve opened a sachet and placed it anywhere, it’s better to throw it away because an opened sachet will quickly lose its taste.

You are also advised to keep your ketchup inside the refrigerator to avoid any hazardous reaction. The estimated expiration date of closed McDonald’s ketchup is six months, while the expiry date for an opened ketchup sachet is a week.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this article has cleared all your doubts regarding McDonald’s ketchup. Now, you can enjoy the delicious taste of ketchup without worrying about the components of McDonald’s ketchup.

 The best thing about McDonald’s ketchup is that you can give it to your children and your family, and it doesn’t contain any preservatives that can harm your family.

The good thing that you might not know is that a lactose allergic person can also enjoy McDonald’s ketchup to fulfill their cravings.