How Much Does a French Vanilla Iced Coffee Cost at McDonald’s – The Price That You Should Know

Almost everyone has grabbed a Mcdonald’s at one point or another due to its cost-effect yet flavorsome food; delightfully, McDonald’s offers a wide range of food in exceptional quality and with their unique flavor. No matter wherever you go in the world’s corner, you will find the same finger-licking and mouth-watering taste.

From nuggets to burgers and from ice creams to beverages, McDonald’s serves you outstanding items that never disappoint anyone, and the same is the case with their 24/7 customer service.

It is hard to say ‘no’ to Mcdonald’s long list of desserts and shakes and thanks to the beverages which were introduced in the recent centuries but has left no stone unturned in making our life pleasant and delightful.

Like other popular food brands, McDonald’s holds different price tags for different drinks and cup sizes; one of the most famous and fun-dipped Mcdonald’s coffee is French Vanilla Iced Coffee which is enough to lift up the mood.

Many people think this delicious and luscious coffee costs a lot, but the reality is different; therefore, this blog post covers how much a French Vanilla Iced Coffee costs at Mcdonald’s. Additionally, we will also discuss the prices of different McDonald’s coffees, so you may feel comfortable while ordering at Mcdonald’s.

So enough with the talk; let’s move ahead!

History of McDonald

McDonald’s is an American fast-food restaurant, and it was formatted as a restaurant in 1940 in San Bernardino, California, USA. The founders of McDonald’s are Richard and Maurice McDonald. The headquarters of this food brand is in Chicago, Illinois, and the United States; the CEO of McDonald’s is Chris Kempczinski from last November 2019.

They offer desserts, coffee drinks, fast foods, different meals, cold and hot drinks as well. McDonald’s has recently started providing coffee and espresso beverages in addition to its decaf brew. You can get these coffees and drinks at any time because they are available every time.

McDonald’s Coffees

McDonald’s offers various foods such as french fries, hamburgers, chicken, soft drinks, cheeseburgers, salad, etc. It also offers some classic foods at a wide range that have made McDonald’s so famous.

 McDonald’s costs according to the quantity of the food products and the sizes. French vanilla iced coffee costs at McDonald’s depending on the different sizes, such as small, large, and medium.

McDonald’s coffees have gained a reputation over the past few years, and given the quick food designation, the overall quality of coffees is surprising. But some will say that the coffees are as good as other coffee shop chains are.

McCafe also comes in different flavors and styles, and it ensures that McDonald’s coffee selection has something for everyone. The best thing about McDonald’s coffee is besides its rich flavor that it is so cheap to buy.

When it comes to the regular cup of hot coffee, then McDonald’s can not be defeated on prices such as a small coffee costs just $1. If you want more caffeine in your coffee, then medium and large coffee sizes of McCafe are best to go. The medium coffee costs at Mcdonald’s only $1.29, and the large one costs just $1.49.

●     McDonald’s Coffee Basic Prices

The great rates can be found for all McCafe coffees, and the cold coffees of McDonald’s are the best way to cool yourself down but still get your coffee fixed. For instance, you’ll get a small iced coffee at McDonald’s for $1.99, a medium iced coffee for $2.30, and a large one for just $2.70.

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Coffee beverages are their mochas, frappes, lattes, and hot chocolates, besides their standard coffees. These have a more good taste than the coffee, so they will cost a little more than regular coffees. However, they still have the best prices for them.

Most of the beverages come with fixed prices; small comes in at $2.69, the medium is $2.91, and large is $3.86. Others out of them may be higher a few cents in price or lower than this, which means that McDonald’s coffee range beverages cost under $5.

●      McDonald’s Menu Coffee and Drink Prices

Instead of directly moving to French Vanilla Iced Coffee, we are also presenting Mcdonald’s different drinks and coffee’s price so you may better compare these with French Vanilla Iced Coffee.

So have a look at the coffee names, cup sizes, and their prices:

Drinks & Coffees  SmallMediumLarge
A Jug of 1% low-fat milk$2.29$2.79$3.29
The price of Dasani Water$1.99$2.49$2.89
A Jug of fat-free chocolate milk$2.29$2.79$3.29
Caramel Mocha of McCafe$2.39$2.89$3.39
Frappe Caramel of McCafe$2.39$2.89$3.39
Frappe Chocolate Chip of McCafe$2.39$2.89$3.39
Frappe Mocha of McCafe$2.39$2.89$3.39  
Hot Chocolate of McCafe$2.09$2.59$3.09
Iced Caramel Mocha of McCafe$2.39$2.89$3.39
Iced Mocha of McCafe$2.39$2.89$3.39
Mocha Drink from McCafe$2.39$2.89$3.39
Latte drink of McCafe$2.39$2.89$3.39
A Juice box of minute maid apple$2.29$2.79$3.29
Premium Orange Juice$1.99$2.49$2.89
McDonald’s Premium Roast Coffee$1.00$1.49$1.69
McDonald’s Premium Roast Cold Coffee$1.00$1.99$2.49
Soft Drinks at McDonald’s$1.99$2.49$2.89

●      McDonald’s Coffee Flavors

McDonald’s has a wide range of different flavors, from a standard black coffee to a more indulgent frappe.

McCafe Coffee

A traditional coffee prepared from 100% Arabica beans that have been roasted to perfection. You can’t go wrong with our regular coffee that’s a cut above the rest because it is freshly brewed every 30 minutes.

McCafe Latte

Espresso coffee is perfectly roasted with the steamed milk of your choice. Non-fat and whole milk are both available, and certain locations allow for the addition of extra flavors. McCafe Iced Coffee is a cold coffee that is composed entirely of Arabica beans.

Now let’s move on to one more Mcdonald’s flavorsome coffee, French Vanilla Iced Coffee; let’s see how much it costs at McDonald’s.

French Vanilla Iced Coffee of McDonald’s

This iced coffee from McDonald’s is made with freshly roasted beans or brewed coffee, light cream, ice, and french vanilla syrup to enhance the flavor. French vanilla iced coffee comes in both sugar and without sugar flavor. You can customize the sweetness and creamer according to your taste when you order it at McDonald’s.

●      How Much French Vanilla Iced Coffee Costs At McDonald’s?

You would get the small size of french vanilla iced coffee from McDonald’s for $1.39, the medium one is $1.79, and the large one is $1.99. They offer the same prices for every iced coffee as for the french vanilla iced coffee. The value of premium-roast coffee for large sizes is $1.49.

The small size of vanilla iced coffee contains a total of 120 calories; a medium size of french vanilla iced coffee with regular sugar is 11.5 fl oz and contains 190 calories, while the large one has 270 calories. However, if you choose vanilla syrup without sugar instead of regular vanilla syrup, then a small-sized french vanilla iced coffee contains 60 calories.

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●      Nutritional Facts

French vanilla iced coffee from McDonald’s contains many nutritional facts such as 5g fat, total carbs 19g, and protein 2g; if you go for a small one. Sugar is 17g in french vanilla iced coffee, and other nutritions are there too, such as calcium, sodium, potassium, cholesterol and saturated fat, etc.

How to Make Sugar-Free French Vanilla Iced Coffee from McDonald’s at Home?

If you don’t want to order french vanilla iced coffee from McDonald’s, then you can make it at home with the same taste and flavor. It is easy to make iced coffee at home but remember all the ingredients to create this amazing flavor.

Let’s get into the details and see how you can make your own vanilla iced coffee.

●      Ingredients to Make Vanilla Iced Coffee of McDonald’s

You need a few ingredients to prepare this recipe of iced coffee;

  • You need ⅛ cup of Torani Flavoring Syrup that is sugar-free vanilla
  • ¼ cup Half-and-half (a mixture of half whole milk and half cream)
  • 1 cup of the coffee that you brewed
  • 2 cups of ice because it’s a cold coffee

You can add more half and a half if you want your coffee creamer, but it is the perfect amount of this.

●      Step By Step Guidance

If you want to make sugar-free vanilla iced coffee perfectly as McDonald’s is, then you need to follow all the steps of its preparation.

●      Brew the Coffee

The first step is to brew the coffee in the coffee maker to start the procedure of making vanilla iced coffee. Take one cup out of that because that’s enough for this recipe.

●      Cool the Coffee

Once you have brewed your coffee, then put this coffee into your freezer to make it cool for a few hours because you are making an iced coffee. Coffee is brewed at a high temperature in the coffee maker, so it will need a while to cool.

●      Mix All the Ingredients

When your brewed coffee is cooled, add the syrup and half & half; then mix everything finely and add ice. You need to make this in a large container because there are many things to mix, and in a small container, it will come out of that due to its size.

Tip: Once you have brewed the coffee, you can transfer it into empty water bottles and store it in the freezer so that the coffee pot will be cleaned and be ready to use for the next time.

●      Preparation Time

This recipe of McDonald’s copycat of french iced coffee takes 10 minutes to get ready.

●      Calories in this Sugar-Free Vanilla Iced Coffee

In McDonald’s iced coffee, the calories for sugar-free vanilla iced coffee are around 100 for a medium but 130 for a large one. This recipe has almost the same calories. You can easily figure out the calories by measuring the amount of syrup added to the coffee.

●      Tips For the Recipe

You can make your iced coffee effortlessly by following a few tips;

  • It is better to mix all the ingredients together because it will make your mixing a little easier; after mixing, you can add the ice.
  • You can make a large quantity of this coffee to have ready for the day as well.
  • You can also make your iced coffee in tiny batches to cut back on the amount that you drink.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions and their answers; undergo them to soothe your queries.

●      How much is a McDonald’s Frappe?

McDonald’s Frappe can be made from blending a liquid Mocha Frappe base that basically includes sugar, cream, water, cocoa, milk, coffee, ice, etc. You can also top up Frappe with a chocolate drizzle and whipped cream. For a 16-ounce, the price of this Frappe is $2.79, but its price is $2.29 for 12-ounce (small).

Is Iced Coffee Good or Bad For You?

The excessive use of Iced coffees can be bad for your health, and other cold coffees contain more than 450 calories and can mostly exceed 200. Experts suggest that women consume about 2000 calories per day and men consume about 2500 calories to maintain their health.

●      What is in McDonald’s Sugar-Free Vanilla Iced Coffee?

The sugar-free vanilla iced coffee of McDonald’s is made with premium-roast coffee on ice; it is brewed from 100% Arabica beans. It is made with your choice of cream and 2% milk for you.

●      Is McDonald’s French Vanilla Iced Coffee Sweet?

French vanilla iced coffee tastes like caramel; it does not have any sugar on its own but is at $2 for a medium one. This is one of the best deals at McDonald’s menu, and french vanilla latte is the sweetest of the bouquet with an amazing flavor.

●      What are Light Cream and Light Whipped Cream?

McDonald’s light whipped cream is made up of cream and non-fat milk, while their light cream is prepared with cream and whole milk. Light cream is used in making the McDonald’s french vanilla iced coffee.

●      Can I Get McDonald’s Iced Coffee Without Milk?

Yes, you can get your iced coffee without milk for sure but specify this before placing an order that you want a black drink or without milk. Because if you do not specify it, then it will come with milk already added.

●      Does McDonald’s Use Different Coffees For Their Iced Coffee and Espresso Drink?

Yes, McDonald’s uses a medium roast blend for hot and cold coffee drinks, while for espresso hot and iced drinks, it uses a dark roast blend.

●      Is 1$ Coffee Still Available at McDonald’s?

In Canada, McDonald’s offered $1 iced coffee or medium coffee in the app, but this offer was only applicable on 24 April 2021. This offer was valid when someone purchases Iced Coffee or medium Premium Roast Coffee on the brand’s Daily Drop Promotion Deal. This deal isn’t valid after April 2021!

How Can you Order French Vanilla Iced Coffee From McDonald’s

When you are sitting outside somewhere with your family or friends, and you can’t visit McDonald’s restaurant physically, then McDonald’s offers to place your order online. You can place your order from their official application called Mobile Order & Pay.”

Download the application from McDonald’s and order your favorite french vanilla iced coffee at your place. It’s an easy way to pay and order; you can get your order at the drive-thru & with curbside pickup. You can also get your delivery through McDelivery using Uber Eats or Doordash.

Our Summary

McDonald’s every food item is worth its taste; the unique aroma, taste, and presentation have won everyone’s heart. The leading Mcdonald’s coffee is French Vanilla Iced Coffee, many McDonald’s fan followers feel confused about its price.

Thus, this blog post describes the utmost information about this coffee, its price, and recipes so you can cheer on it the way you want. You can make this coffee by following the aforementioned step-by-step recipe, but you can also enjoy this coffee by visiting the nearest McDonald’s because the choice is all yours.

So get a cold cup of this iced coffee and enjoy life’s real essence!