Can You Eat Mcdonald’s Ice Cream When Pregnant? (Is It Safe or Not)

Nothing is more frustrating for a pregnant woman than craving for something that she must not be allowed to eat. And the perfect example is the soft-serve ice cream on the top of the n-go list.

And the reason why pregnant women avoid soft serve ice creams is another major problem. Soft serve ice creams can cause a high risk of contracting listeriosis infection.

In this article, we will discuss everything related to the impact of soft-serve ice creams on pregnancy. And the most asked question Can you eat Mcdonald’s ice cream when pregnant.

Can You Eat McDonald’s Ice Cream When Pregnant?

It is a fact that ice creams are made up of pasteurized milk and are safe to eat for pregnant women. These soft serve ice creams are surely continuing to be safe if they are hygienically stored. It is the main key to enjoying any soft-serve ice cream.

The doctor says fast-food chains like Mcdonald’s have strict hygiene policies as machines are washed and cleaned every day. But it is best to avoid ice creams truck because they are not perfect and probably not regularly inspected for food standards.

In addition, if you see any ice cream truck, which is unclean or unhygienic, please give it a miss.

Health Considerations

If you have decided to eat ice cream or a soft-serve cone, it is important to be mindful of sugar consumption if you are pregnant. There are more than 17 grams of sugar in single-serve, and one teaspoon is just under the 4 grams.

It clearly shows that one serving of ice cream can eat six teaspoons of sugar from consumed drinks and foods into the daily recommended intake. Excess consumption of sugar during the pregnancy period can lead to excess weight and insulin resistance.

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They can cause a high risk of gestational diabetes, enhancing the risk of birth interventions.

Is McDonald’s Safe to Eat During Pregnancy?

It is estimated that you must have 300 extra calories per day for most of your pregnancy. Most McDonald’s menu is safe to eat, but it does not mean they all are good for you and your baby. While McDonald’s can also provide extra calories to give you the nutritional value you need.

You will need extra calories throughout your pregnancy as you are eating for two. It is more important to moderate and do not overindulge. So, it would be best if you aimed for:

  1. 1st trimester, 1800 calories per day
  2. 2nd trimester, 2200 calories per day
  3. 3rd trimester, 2400 calories per day

While giving not the occasional golden craving is okay, making it a mainstay in the diet is not a perfect idea. You must be careful of the servings you need from different food and groups. McDonald’s provides plenty of calories and fats; you would not eat these vitally important nutrients.

What Are the Worst Things to Eat at McDonald’s While Pregnant?

Any fast-food restaurant or Mcdonald’s will be best avoided if you are pregnant. But it is okay to give in on occasion to your fast food desires. Here is the list of fast foods that you should flat-out avoid.

1. Sauces

We all love sauces, but you must need to pass out. Because they contain a high amount of sodium and provide only empty calories. There is nothing any nutritional benefit in adding them.

2. Carbonated Sugary Drinks/ Soda Pop

Pregnant women must avoid these carbonated sugar drinks or soda pops, whatever you call them. They contain an insane amount of sugar and caffeine, so it should be the best thing to avoid them altogether.

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3. Chicken McNuggets

Another fast food that is on the no-go list is the chicken McNuggets. They are undoubtedly delicious, but they are also loaded with empty calories, salt, and fat.

4. Salads

Salads at any fast food restaurant or Mcdonald’s must be avoided if you are pregnant. As there is a high risk of being exposed to the listeria bacteria. Listeria can occur ten times more in pregnant women than in general.

This can be treated well, but there is a great risk of congenital disabilities or even the death of your infant too.

Is Soft Serve Pasteurized?

All soft serve ice creams are made up f pasteurized milk and are usually safe for pregnant women. The danger of listeria comes from the machine used for soft-serve ice creams.

If the machine is uncleaned or not hygienic, listeria bacteria can grow in tubes and dispense on the soft-serve ice cream.

Craving McDonalds Ice Cream or Milkshakes While Pregnant

McDonald’s ice cream or milkshakes are undoubtedly delicious, and they can be tempting, but you must resist them. McDonald’s ice cream ingredients are all pasteurized and safe to eat. The only problem lies in the delicious treats’ way they are made or the equipment used to prepare them.

As listeria can grow and survive inside, the machine-made McDonald’s ice cream and milkshakes. All kinds of restaurants, including Mcdonald’s, hold strict laws and cleanliness regulations.

Still, unless the machine is undergoing a daily cleaning, you do not have any guarantee that the frosty treat will be listeria-free. So, unfortunately, you have to take a pass on ice cream and other milkshakes while pregnant.

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This article named Can you eat Mcdonald’s ice cream when pregnant can kill all the questions related to the topic.

Is Chocolate Good for the Pregnancy?

You can surely enjoy chocolates, especially the dark ones, in moderation throughout the pregnancy. All the benefits are well proven, like reducing blood pressure and other complications. So, if you are pregnant and craving chocolates, you can eat them.

But excess of everything is bad, so you must avoid overeating. Chocolates help reduce blood pressure and improve the blood flow to the mother and baby.

What Are the Problems If You Eat McDonald’s Ice Cream While Pregnant?

There are a lot of problems that are associated with ice cream eating. Most ice creams are infectious, as the first risk is due to the bacterium listeria present in raw or unpasteurized milk.

And the risk of infecting the baby during ice cream consumption made by unpasteurized milk or cream. The second infection is Salmonella that is present in eggs. And the risk is high when ice cream is made up of these raw eggs.

The third risk is sugar; if you eat too much ice cream, you must increase blood sugar and other chances of having gestational diabetes.

Final Thoughts

Ice creams and other sorbets are all allowed to eat while in pregnancy. But you must be careful to eat any ice cream from McDonald’s or fast-food restaurants. Sometimes, they can cause severe problems to the mother and infant.

I hope this article solves all kinds of queries related to ice cream eating in pregnancy. If you have any problem, can you eat McDonald’s ice cream when pregnant then you can ask freely?