Is Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets Good?

No one really likes a coffee with a bitter or tangy taste, and most of the time, that weird taste comes from a dirty espresso machine, but don’t worry because there are specialized products that can make your espresso machine as good as new.

The most hyped-up among those cleaning products are Cafiza machine cleaning tablets, so we will give you a sneak peek on whether Cafiza espresso machine cleaning tablets are good or not and how exactly they clean your espresso machine.

So, keep reading because you are in for a caffeinated treat!

Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

These tablets were mainly used in café and restaurants at first because they had a whole stock of espresso machines that worked day and night and keeping a check on their sanitation was also very important so machine cleaning tablets came into play.

The Cafiza tablets have come to the mainstream since people are drifting more towards coffee, and it has become a trend to have a couple of caffeinated drinks from Starbucks every single day.

So, among all the caffeine happening, people are also buying their own espresso machines to experiment with their coffee flavors or just have a warm cup of coffee at their place on a cozy winter evening.

These espresso machines do get dirty, and if you don’t clean them, it might decrease the life of these machines, which you certainly don’t want, so it is exactly where the Cafiza espresso machine cleaning tablets come to play.

These tablets are readily available online and in the market, and they come in a tub-like container. These containers come in different sizes depending on the number of tablets you need, but it is always better to have extra stock.

The Cafiza tablets work by cleaning your whole espresso machine completely and removing any trace of dirt present in the machine. These tablets are advised to be used daily for your espresso machine to keep it in good shape.

Do Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets Actually Work?

Yes, Cafiza espresso machine cleaning tablets work really well and do the job in no time. Usually, espresso machines come with their own tablets, but when you are out of them, you don’t necessarily have to buy those expensive ones.

The Cafiza tablets are very easy to use, convenient and affordable, and they work just as well as any of the high-end tablets. The great thing about the Cafiza ones is that they leave no residue behind after cleaning.

We have noticed that even many expensive espresso machine cleaning tablets leave a residue that causes a weird taste. Still, with Cafiza, you can get rid of all the dirt in the espresso machine without making your coffee taste like chemicals.

Also, you don’t have to wait by your machine for several minutes for the Cafiza tablets to dissolve because they do their job really quickly and save you from the hassle of waiting every morning just to get a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Though these tablets don’t really work for scaling immediately, they are good for coffee grimes. You should go for something a little more acidic if you want to get rid of scaling in your espresso machine. Otherwise, frequent use of Cafiza can also improve the scaling but with time.

Why Should You Pick Cafiza Tablets?

There are many other choices in the cleaning market so you might be wondering why you should go for Cafiza, right? Well, we are listing some of the features of Cafiza that will certainly help you in this regard.

● Formulated For Professional Use

These tablets are formulated for professional use, which means they are pretty strong and work really well for espresso machines that are used regularly. They are considered so good for professional use because they are designed to tackle a lot more grime and dirt than our regular machines.

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These tablets are formulated to completely remove the soiling of your espresso machine, and if you own more than one espresso machine or you have a café, then these tablets will certainly be a holy grail for you because, after a whole day of constant use, your machines also need some detoxing.

● Easy To Use

The Cafiza cleaning formula comes in the form of tablets, making it a lot easier to use than the regular powder or liquid formulas because you know exactly how much you are supposed to use with the Cafiza tablets.

You might end up overdosing on your espresso machine with the regular cleaning powders. Still, with Cafiza, you know exactly how many tablets would clean your espresso machine, so it is the perfect combination of ease of use and convenience. Also, you get to control the dosage in a better way as well, which is just a cherry on top.

● Diversity

Most of the espresso machine cleaners only work for modern machines, but there are not many decent options for the people who own traditional coffee-making machines. Cafiza, on the other hand, is perfectly suitable for both.

Yes, you can use these tablets to clean a highly advanced and automatic as well as a traditional coffee machine, and there would be no difference in the results because it works the same on both types of machines.

● Cleans The Espresso Machine Efficiently

As we have already talked that this is the biggest and most distinctive feature of Cafiza tablets that they clean your espresso machine like never before and that too, at such a reasonable rate so the answer to “is Cafiza Espresso machine cleaning tablets good?” would be yes, they are pretty decent.

Most of the espresso machine cleaning tablets that you find online literally cost you an arm and a leg, and small café owners cannot really afford them, so for those people, Cafiza is a holy grail because it works just as good as those machines and does not demand a lot of money from the consumers.

● Increases The Life Of Espresso Machine

Backflushing can be a crucial method that can effectively increase your espresso machine’s life. At the same time, coffee grime can certainly make your machine stop working at any given time, which would certainly be very tragic.

But, with the Cafiza tablets, you can now increase the life of your espresso machine because they are the best ones for backflushing, and they even remove all the traces of grime that your machine might have so you can enjoy a grime-less cup of coffee even in your 6-7 years old espresso machine.

How To Use Cafiza Espresso Cleaning Tablets?

The usage of Cafiza tablets is very easy if we compare it to the powders that people usually use for their espresso machines. All you should know is just the right number of tablets for your coffee machine, and that is pretty much it.

Most of the advanced coffee machines come with a manual that will guide you on how to use Cafiza cleaning tablets because all of the advanced espresso machines are quite different. However, we will still give you a sneak peek at how to use these cleaning tablets for advanced and traditional machines.

● For Advanced Machines

Advanced machines are a little tricky to understand but cleaning them is just as easy as cleaning a traditional machine. Most of the advanced machines have a chute, and whenever you want to clean the machine, just put your tablet in this chute.

Now all you should do is to switch the machine on and wait for a little while, so the tablet completely dissolves and cleans your machine; it will hardly take 10-20 seconds.

Repeat the same cycle after stopping for 10 seconds and then wash your chute off and also wash the other removable parts of your machine to make it cleaner.

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That is pretty much it because your machine is now cleaned. You can make a cup of coffee and discard it to make sure that there is no residue, but overall, that is all it takes to clean a coffee machine.

Make sure to check the manual because in some coffee machines, you need to put the cleaning tablets into a water tub instead of a chute, so it completely depends upon the type of machine that you are using.

● For Traditional Machines

  • You need to put the blind filter in the part of your machine called the portafilter.
  •  Now add one Cafiza tablet in the portafilter.
  • Put this portafilter in the group head of the espresso machine
  • Now, brew the tablets for at least 10 seconds
  • Then stop for about 5-10 seconds
  • Again start brewing for 10 seconds
  • Repeat this same step at least five times
  • Now it’s time to clean the portafilter
  • You can clean it with plain water
  • Now again, put the portafilter in the group head
  • Start the same cycle of brewing for 10 seconds but this time without the tablets.
  • Once you are done, brew a fresh cup of coffee and discard it
  • It will ensure that the next cup you will get is free from any additional residue

So, these steps might seem a little excessive, but they would hardly take a couple of minutes, and you will be done with cleaning your espresso machine. It is better to use 1 Cafiza tablet for your machine every day because more than one might be a little over the top.

Are Cafiza Tablets Good For Coffee Grime?

Yes, mainly because of their alkaline composition, Cafiza tablets are great for removing coffee grime from your espresso machine, and they do the job a lot better than the tablets that come with your machine.

Coffee grime is the worst nightmare of every coffee lover. It totally spoils the mood of the drinker and the maker because eventually, grime starts to alter the taste of your coffee and even reduces the life of your machine.

But, Cafiza tablets are at your rescue because they remove all the traces of grime from your espresso machine, whether on the filters or valves. So, these are pretty efficient and all-rounder tablets when it comes to cleaning your coffee machine.

Why Does Your Espresso Machine Need Cleaning?

So, if you are still confused about why you even need to use cleaning tablets for your machine, don’t worry because we are bringing all the answers to this question, and yes, there are plenty of them.

● Residue

When you make two or three cups of coffee every day, imagine how much coffee the cafe owners could be making every day, and these machines need to get a good clean-up every day because frequent use might cause buildup.

When you don’t clean your coffee machine, the frequent coffee you are brewing leaves a residue behind, and even if you want to clean it after a certain time, it becomes quite stubborn, and cleaning it becomes very difficult that is why having an espresso machine cleaning tablet comes in handy.

●  Oily Substances

Yes, it might sound very disgusting, but when used consistently without proper cleaning, your coffee machine does form a very disgusting and sticky residue that you never want to see if you are a coffee enthusiast.

Using a cleaning tablet daily can reduce the chances of one such oily and sticky residue in your espresso machine. If you use the tablets consistently, you can increase the life of your coffee machine, so give it a go, and you will most certainly not regret it.

● Better Tasting Coffee

When there are lots of residues and oily substances jumbled up in your coffee machine, you get some of that taste in your mug of coffee as well, and that chemical taste is never great, especially if you have just woken up. It can even be unhealthy for you because the buildup certainly is not nutritious.

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So, if you want to avoid one such situation, cleaning your coffee machine is the best option, and when your machine is clean, only then can you get the pure and unaltered taste of coffee that you would really love. So, do not let your coffee machine rot like this and clean it daily, if not after every use, so you can get the most out of it.

● Low-Cost Maintenance

When you spend hundreds of dollars buying a coffee machine, you really don’t want to spend a hundred more for its maintenance every other month because of newly formed problems in your machine.

These problems are mainly caused by the residue, which is the very reason why you should switch to espresso machine cleaning tablets because they are cheaper than the monthly maintenance you would need to do if you don’t clean your machine regularly.

Is It Necessary To Clean an Espresso Machine After Every Use?

No, it is not mandatory to clean your espresso machine after every use because it is not a practical thing to do, and for most the café owners, it could be pretty difficult and costly in the long term.

Though the idea of cleaning the machine every time you make coffee sounds very intriguing, it does not have a lot of practical implications. It will even waste a lot of time that restaurant or café owners don’t have.

So, it is better to clean your coffee machine every day in the morning, and if you are too paranoid and conscious, cleaning it twice a day at max would do the deed of making it free from all the residue and grime.

For the people who own an espresso machine at home, cleaning it once daily is just fine because over-cleaning also damages your espresso machine. Owners of restaurants might consider cleaning their machines twice a day, but we would highly recommend the rule of thumb of cleaning your espresso machine only once, in the morning, right before brewing your first cup of coffee.

Do Cafiza Cleaning Tablets Change The Taste Of Your Coffee?

No, Cafiza cleaning tablets do not change or alter the taste of your coffee because all they do is clean all the grime and residue that is making your coffee taste bad, and the tablets themselves don’t leave any residue, so you cannot really taste them.

But they do make quite a big of a difference in how your coffee tastes after cleaning the machine because a post-cleaning cup of coffee tastes pure and clean. After all, it does not contain any additional foul taste of residue or chemicals that you usually get if you haven’t cleaned your machine for a while.

Residues make your coffee taste different, primarily bad, and that is why there is an indicator in most of the advanced coffee machines that tells you that it is time to give your espresso machine a good cleanse.


As it turns out, the answer to “is Cafiza espresso machine tablets good?” is that yes, they are actually good and Cafiza does work for cleaning the espresso machines. You can use them regularly to make sure that there is no grime or residue on your coffee machine. Moreover, These tablets are easily available online, so sourcing them won’t be difficult as well.

Also, Cafiza tablets have a lot more benefits than you can imagine and we have listed all of them in the above-given article, so we hope now you have all the information about cleaning a coffee machine and the best product for cleaning it.