10 Best Substitutes For Food You Might Want to Consider

Most of you might get confused while switching your diet to healthy mode. You’ll be amazed to know that a bit of modification in substitutes can alter the nutritional value of food.

When it comes to having a beneficial diet, you must rectify the fats, cholesterol, and excessive use of sugar.

Food alternatives play an essential role in making your meals healthy and delicious. Do you also want to know the most excellent options for food?

Don’t worry. In this writeup, you’ll get a detailed guide on the 10 best substitutes for food. You have to spare a few minutes to read this writing.  

1. Applesauce

The most initial substitute for your food is applesauce. You already know that butter and oils contain excessive fats and cholesterol. The limitless intake of fats can lead you to various fatal heart diseases.

Folks have discovered the best alternative for oil is applesauce. Yes, you heard it right. You can use applesauce instead of oil and butter in your recipes.

For example, if you’re making a cake or brownies, you’re asked to use 1.5 cups of butter in it.

You can undoubtedly use 1.5 cups of applesauce. The best thing about this food substitution is you’ll get the same taste in low-cholesterol food. 

2. Allspice

Moving along the article, the pursuing substitute will be allspice. You must be thinking about what can be replaced with the allspice.

It’s cinnamon. It is a fact that numerous people are allergic to cinnamon.

So, if you use cinnamon in your recipes, it can be fatal for the allergic person. Hence, if you also have a cinnamon allergy but love the taste of cinnamon, you can use allspice in your food.

Allspice will be your best partner whether you’re craving a dessert or a Jamaican dish. It is said that allspice and cinnamon have a very minimal difference that most folks can’t monitor.

Cardamom is also an alternative for both cinnamon and allspice. So, what are you waiting for? Make your true banquet now.   

3. Greek Yogurt

Nowadays, mayonnaise is preferred in almost all meals. Nevertheless, is mayonnaise good to use if you’re on a diet? Absolutely not. Mayonnaise contains preservatives and fats that can be harmful to your health.

So, Greek yogurt can be the best substitute if you want to relish the taste of mayonnaise and sour cream. Most of you must be confused about why we can’t use regular yogurt.

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You should know that regular yogurt encompasses a considerable amount of liquid that may destroy your dish. Meanwhile, Greek Yogurt comes in a thicker form.

The best thing about Greek Yogurt is you can have a sour taste like sour cream and mayonnaise. You can use Greek yogurt in baking various dishes too.   

4. Organic Whole Milk

Marts are flooded with the creamers. You might be aware that a ready-made creamer contains various unhealthy ingredients such as

  • Sugar
  • Soybean Oil
  • Nasty Combo Of Water
  • Corn Syrup

Excess of all the enlisted items can be harmful to your health. The presence of carrageenan leads to a high risk of inflammation. The best alternative for high sugar creamers is the use of organic milk.

Organic milk contains low sugar and fat as compared to creamers. You can also pair the organic milk with cinnamon to give it a fabulous taste.

It is also declared that organic milk contains an adequate amount of calcium that strengthens your bone health.  

5. Tofu Fish

Tofu fish is proven to be the best means of protein for vegetarians. It has been seen that vegan people loved the tofu fish on their tables.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term tofu fish, let it be more understandable. Tofu is a popular substitute because it has a white pigment too.

Tofu is wrapped with a nori sheet and then dipped in a prepared batter. The battered tofu will be fried well and served with fries.

Whenever you visit the United Kingdom, you’ll see a stream of tofu fish with chips on every second stall.

People who don’t like fish or avoid meat can use the tofu fish alternative. Battered tofu is indeed considered fast food.

Nevertheless, you can still get many nutrients, including protein, from tofu.  

6. Eggs

You might have seen that folks only use egg white in their meals. Undoubtedly, it’s true that egg white contains healthy nutrients.

Yet, you should be aware that the egg white will increase your body fat level.

It has been noticed that people kept on resisting the egg yolk, thinking it was a bunch of fat.

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The best thing you shouldn’t know about eggs is the benefits of yolks. You’ll be amazed to hear that the egg yolk contains choline.

Still unaware of choline’s functions? Don’t worry. Choline is the essential part of the egg that will fight the fats in your body.

If you avoid the yolk and prefer only egg white, you’ll never lose the extra body fat.

Therefore, to have a prosperous life, you should add the whole egg to your meal. The entire egg will provide vital nutrients and combat excess fat. 

7. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is meant as a paradise on Earth for many of you. Folks kept eating regular chocolate without knowing it could destroy their fitness.

Undoubtedly, chocolate is good food, but you should prefer dark chocolate as an alternative. Dark Chocolate comes with tremendous advantages.

With dark chocolate, you can relish the delicious taste of chocolate and combat various diseases.

It is said that dark chocolate contains a vast proportion of antioxidants that can be helpful in the maintenance of your body’s temperament.

You’ll be mystified to realize that dark chocolate also prevents you from various heart diseases. Therefore, now, if you crave chocolate, always depart for dark chocolate.   

8. Brown Rice

Rice is a complete food. Do you know that millions of people on Earth eat rice daily? Yes, you heard it perfectly.

Indeed, rice is a nutritious food. However, you should know that excess of everything can harm you.

It is also clarified that excess intake of white rice can cause the harvest of stones in the body. The best substitute for white rice is brown rice. Brown rice is just underrated.

You should know that after cooking, brown rice gives an excellent taste. Brown rice contains a considerably high fiber ratio that boosts your body’s fitness. You’ll see that the fibers also cause more stuffing.   

9. Mashed Avocado

Mashed Avocado is considered the nicest substitute for various foods. If you love to bake things, this announcement is certainly for you. Mashed avocado is known as an excellent alternative for butter while baking.

Butter is high-fat sustenance that increases both fat and cholesterol level. Therefore, shuffling mashed avocado with butter or oil can be a better decision.

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Most people mumbled that mashed avocado and chocolate are the perfect combos to bake.

In contrast, mashed avocado is also the best substitute for jams. We know that clogs contain a very vast amount of sugar.

Meanwhile, moving from twist to smashed avocado will play a vital role in maintaining body sugar. 

10. Coconut Water

Presently, from kids to oldies, consumption of fizzy energy drinks increased. People don’t understand that the intake of energy drinks can be harmful to their kidneys and various vital organs.

The best alternative for energy drinks is coconut water. You should know that coconut water is also an organic energy drink.

The best thing about coconut water is it doesn’t contain any artificial colors and preservatives.

Coconut water is a low-sugar drink that strengthens your constitution. Coconut water surges with vital nutrients, including

  • Natural Electrolytes
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium

And many more.  


Can Dates Be Used Instead Of Sugar?

Yes, you can indeed use dates instead of sugar. Dates are also known as natural sweeteners.

Sugar boosts your sugar level in no time. You might be unaware that sugar contains bleaching and preservatives that can be the root of various fatal diseases.

Therefore, grab a few dates and pour them into a shaker whenever you crave a sweet drink or shake.

After tasting the delicious sweet taste and the combo of dates with other supplements, you’ll be amazed. 

Why Do You Need Substitutes For Your Food?

There are a lot of reasons that lead you to use substitutes for food. Here are the most common reasons that one can use an alternative.

  • If you’re on a diet, you’ll need a substitute to avoid high cholesterol and fatty things in your meal.
  • When you’re going through any allergies or disease, alternatives are the one that saves you from having a healthy diet with good taste.
  • The most common substitute reason can be the absence of vital nutrients to complete your dish.


Now, you have a complete guide regarding substitutes for your food. You must read the write-up and alter a harmful nutrient with a healthy substitute.

If you’re on a diet, skim the writing and purchase low- cholesterol items for your food. Presently, you also have the reasons that can lead you to choose a replacement.