What Are Skittles Made Out Of?

Besides M&M’s, Skittles is a popular candy among children and teenagers. If you’re craving a sweet and sour confection, Skittles is a big thumbs up. You can relish various flavors in a single serving of Skittles. Most of you might love to have Skittles candies daily. Have you ever thought about what makes Skittles?

Like various confectionaries, Skittles are made of approximately 98% sugar, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, and corn syrup. The ingredients also vary according to the flavors and types of Skittles. There’s a lot more to know about Skittles.

This article will give you all the facts about your favorite candy. Let’s dive in and explore every aspect of Skittles. Here we come.

Key Takeaways:

1- Skittles are manufactured by the Mars Incorporated Firm and retailed by its branch Wrigley.

2- In 2009, the usage of bi-products of insects in Skittles terminated.

3- The European Food Safety Authority has banned the use of Titanium Dioxide in foods.

What Do You Know About Skittles?


Skittles is a thick chewable sweet with an “S” engraved on each candy. A well-known company, Mars Incorporated, launched Skittles. Nowadays, a branch of this firm, Wrigley Company, sells Skittles to various stores.

The vibrant colors and different juice flavors attract people of every age. Whether you’re a teenager or an old gentleman, you will cherish Skittles candy. The Skittles slogan says that “Taste The Rainbow.”

The slogan illustrates that the colorful candies contain all the rainbow colors. The sour taste of Skittles is enough to blow up your tired mind.    

Are Skittles Made Out Of Bugs?

No, nowadays, Skittles comprises no animal extract. There’s a rumor that Skittles are made out of bugs. Initially, Skittles was manufactured by the bi-products of insects like Carmine, Shellac, etc. At that time, Skittles were not considered vegan because they included bug extract.

In 2009, the company ceased using gelatin, shellac, or animal extract. Therefore, presently you can say that Skittles is vegan food. Nevertheless, maybe any of the by-products are still used in Skittles.

So, it’s better to review the ingredients printed on the package before consuming candies. Let’s have a look at the bug yanks to see whether they’re harmful or not.


Shellac is a wax secreted by Kerria Lacca and was used in the Skittles. Shellac is known as the coat to prevent the transfer of colors from candies to skin. Therefore, Shellac was used to settle the confectionery. Nevertheless, most people had objections to the Shellac usage. So, the company banned the practice. 

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Another name that you might have heard before 2009 in the Skittles is Carmine. It is known as a red dye. Carmine was used to making red skittles. Do you want to know how carmine is created? Let it be more clear to you. Cochineal scale insects were used to collect Carmine.

The Beatles were supposed to dry so they could easily be crushed into powder form. This powder is called Carmine. Hence, whenever you mix that Carmine with water, it gives you a rich red pigment.

Carmine is also being used in other red-colored candies. However, vegan products restrict the use of carmine. It’s better to see through ingredients to avoid the intake of animal extract.   

What Are The Ingredients In Skittles?

Before consuming any product, it’s mandatory to inquire about the ingredients. You might have consumed Skittles for so long. Undoubtedly, you’ve never thought to see the elements. Don’t worry. Here are all the vital ingredients which make Skittles tasty.

  • Sugar
  • Corn Syrup
  • Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil
  • Citric Acid
  • Carnauba Wax
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Tapioca Dextrin
  • Natural Flavors 
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Titanium Dioxide

Skittles also consist of numerous colors. Let’s have a look at the color variations of Skittles.

  • Red 40 Lake
  • Yellow 5 Lake
  • Red 40
  • Yellow 6 Lake
  • Blue 2 Lake
  • Blue 1
  • Blue 1 Lake
  • Yellow 5
  • Yellow 6

Nutritional Facts

The nutritional facts of Skittles per 205 g are explained in the following table.

Fat9 g
Sodium30.7 mg
Carbohydrates186 g
Sugar155 g
Protein0.39 g
Potassium24.60 mg
Vitamin C136.9 mg
Vitamin E0.35 mg
Vitamin K2.3 mcg
Phosphorus2.05 mg
Magnesium2.05 mg
Zinc0.04 mg
Water7.85 g
Vitamin B20.047 mg

Varieties Of Skittles

Due to high demand, Skittles are manufactured in various flavors and types. You may love to adventure new flavors in Skittles. Cheer up. Let’s move along and see numerous varieties of Skittles.

Common Skittles

Here are a few most common flavors of Skittles.

  • Original
  • Sweet & Sour
  • Tropical
  • Wild Berry
  • Sour
  • Crazy Sours
  • Seattle Mix
  • Skittles Ice cream
  • Skittles Confused Edition
  • Sour Wild Berry
  • Freeze Pop Skittles
  • Summer Splash
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Riddles Skittles

Riddles Skittles is launched with a big twist. In regular Skittles, the flavors are identified by the colors easily. Meanwhile, in Riddle Skittles, the colors and flavors are shuffled wisely. For example, yellow candy will taste like a blueberry.

Orchards Skittles

The Orchard Skittles contains the following zest.

  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Peach
  • Cherry
  • Red Apple

Cauldron Skittles

The Cauldron Skittles retain various flavors given below.

  • Gripping Grape
  • Lurking Lemon
  • Bogey Berry
  • Petrified Pear
  • Twisted Tangerine

Tangy Tropical

You can relish the subsequent tastes in the Tangy Tropical Skittles.

  • Strawberry Star Fruit
  • Pineapple Passion Fruit
  • Kiwi Lime
  • Banana Berry
  • Mango Tangelo

Darkside Skittles

Darkside Skittles is a famous Skittles candy for its best relishes. Such as

  • Forbidden Fruit Flavor
  • Pomegranate Flavor
  • Black Cherry
  • Blood Orange
  • Dark Berry
  • Midnight Lime

Sensations Skittles

Sensations Skittles has brought a combo of different sweet and sour flavors. I.e.

  • Chili Berry
  • Sour Apple
  • Lemon Tingle
  • Cool Raspberry
  • Juicy Orange

Blenders Skittles

Blenders Skittles are manufactured by coupling several seasonings that are given below.

  • Melon Berry Burst
  • Strawberry Lime Blast
  • Watermelon Green Apple Freeze
  • Cherry Tropicolada
  • Mango Lemonade Freeze

Dessert Edition Skittles

Dessert Edition Skittles are specified with different tastes.

  • Orange Creme
  • Key Lime Pie
  • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Blueberry
  • Tart Raspberry Sorbet

Zombie Skittles

You can enjoy the following delicious flavors in Zombie Skittles.

  • Mummified Melon
  • Chiling Black Cherry
  • Blood Red Berry
  • Petrifying Citrus Punch
  • Boogeyman Blackberry

Chocolate Mix Skittles

The chocolate mix Skittles consists of the consequent aromas.

  • S’mores
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate Caramel
  • Chocolate Pudding
  • Brownies Batter

Are Skittles Safe To Eat?

Yes, Skittles are safe to eat. There’s a myth that Skittles are lethal for the human body due to Titanium Dioxide. Undoubtedly, Titanium Dioxide can be fatal if the consumption exceeds. Titanium Dioxide is a mineral used to dye white color in Skittles candies.

Titanium Dioxide is further used in

  • Lemonade
  • Chewing Gums
  • Coffee Creamer
  • Icing or Frosting

And in many other food supplements. The European Food Safety Authority has banned the use of Titanium Dioxide in foods due to its significant side effects. Meanwhile, in the US, FDA said that a minimal amount of Titanium Dioxide is safe in foods.

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Can Skittles Cause Cancer?

No, Skittles are not associated with cancer development in humans. However, Titanium Dioxide is considered the root of cancer. It is said that Titanium Dioxide has caused cancer development in rats, hamsters, and mice.

Consumption of Titanium Dioxide is also the leading cause of various GIT infections. As Skittles contain a very tiny amount of Titanium Dioxide, their consumption is not considered a toxin.    


Can Skittles Cause Heart Attack?

Yes, Skittles can probably cause heart attacks in the human body. Indisputably, Skittles consist of hydrogenated oil and various artificial flavors. So, Skittles has a large proportion of fats in it.

Infusing a considerable percentage of Skittles can be fatal for your cholesterol temperament. The rise in cholesterol levels can cause a heart attack. Therefore, it is mandatory to maintain a regular intake of Skittles to avoid any drawbacks. 

How To Buy Skittles?

Skittles is a prominent candy so you can purchase it from any store near you. If you still want to know which stores sell Skittles, take a breath. Here are a few famous sellers that can bring original Skittles to you.

  • Walgreens
  • Stop & Shop
  • CVS
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Rite Aid
  • Sam’s Club
  • Citco
  • S&S Mini Mart
  • Staples
  • Costco
  • Big Y
  • Shoprite

You can visit any of the enlisted stores and get your Skittles now.

Why Do You Like Skittles?

You might be thinking about whether you’ll like Skittles or not. Well, liking or disliking an object depends on people’s tastes. Presently, billions of people are falling for Skittles every day. The dynamic color combination attracts folks of any age.

The fresh colors are enough to refresh your mind and can be a stress reliever for you. Likewise, the sweet and sour taste will force you to have more & more Skittles to persuade your taste buds. Therefore, you must give it a try to Skittles candies. You’ll surely love it.

How Many Skittles You’ll Get In A Bag?

Wrigley announced that a single bag (2.17 ounces)  of Skittles contains approximately 56 pieces of candy. Therefore, a bag of Skittles is enough to make your day. The best thing about Skittles is that you can relish different flavors in a serving bag.  

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this writing has answered all of your queries. Skittles are the most popular and flavorful candies. Skittles is a vegan food made of sugar, corn syrup, and hydrogenated oil, including artificial flavors. Thus, grab your Skittles bag to relish the tangy taste of colorful candies.