Is Banana a Fruit or Vegetable? (Benefits and Side Effects)

Banana is one of the few fruits that are eaten all over the world and is a part of dozens of dessert recipes. This huge popularity also gives rise to a number of questions about it, and one of the most common ones that are asked/searched everywhere is whether a banana is a fruit or a vegetable.

This is what I am answering now.

A banana is a fruit and not a vegetable. It is because it fulfills every important botanical criterion of fruit, and that is why scientists and nutritionists also consider it as such.

Key Takeaways:

  • A banana is a fruit because it is developed from a single ovary of the flower.
  • Some say it is a herb because there is no woody stem on the banana tree, but the widely accepted concept is that a banana should be considered a fruit.
  • Banana is home to a lot of vitamins, minerals, and fibers, which leads to a number of health benefits.
  • You have to be careful, too, because bananas can also cause some health problems.

Want to know more? I’m discussing everything here in detail!

Let’s start.

How Is Banana a Fruit?


A banana is a fruit because the widely accepted botanical definition of fruit says so. According to the definition, “If something is developed from the single ovary of the plant’s flower, it is called fruit.”

Bananas are also developed and ripened following the same process and you can even see a few seeds in the peel as well.

Some say bananas are herbs because the tree does not have any woody stem. But since the fruit one is a stronger fact and it is now also known as a fruit all around the world, bananas are now classified and mentioned as a fruit everywhere.

So, if someone asks you whether a banana is a fruit or a vegetable, you say it’s a fruit.

Now, it’s time for some more knowledge.

Nutritional Value of Banana

Banana is one of the most nutritious fruits because it contains a great number of vitamins, minerals, and fibers.

A 126 gram banana have:

Vitamin C11mg
Vitamin B1mg

In addition, copper, folate, niacin, manganese, and other nutrients are also present in a banana.

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Now, let’s see what this nutritional content does to a body.

Banana Benefits- Why Should You Eat This Fruit?

Bananas have lots of advantages for our health and I am now discussing the top ones.

1.   Help With Weight Loss

Bananas can help you achieve healthy weight loss in a number of ways, which are:

  • This fruit helps with metabolism and food digestion.
  • It also controls appetite and reduces hunger pangs.
  • You can also eat it as a snack instead of unhealthy ones like chips. 

2.   Prevents Cancer

Another great thing about bananas is that they are a rich source of antioxidants. These antioxidants play a key role in keeping cancer away and helping you stay healthy.

“How?” you might ask.

Well, there are free radicals in the body that harm us by causing cancer cell growth. The antioxidants fight them off and keep their population in check.

If your body is short on these free radical killers, the bad agents’ population will increase, leading to faster cancer spread.

So, eating bananas regularly can prevent cancer from occurring.

3.   Maintain Blood Sugar level

People think since they are sweet, they are not for diabetics to eat.

But that’s not true. Bananas have natural sugar that does not cause harm at all. Plus, this fruit also improves insulin response, keeping glucose levels in check.

So, diabetic patients can eat bananas (but not too many).

4.   Great For Kidneys

If you want to know which fruits are the best for kidneys, then I will definitely include bananas in this list. It is because this fruit’s phosphorus and other minerals help the kidneys perform better to remove the toxicity.

5.   Bone Health

Bananas contain a great number of vitamins and minerals which are crucial for one’s health. That is why health experts suggest you eat a banana with milk or make a banana milkshake.

The nutrients in this fruit help the body absorb the nutrients of milk in a better way, which ultimately benefits the bone.

6.   Improves Stomach Health & Digestion

Did you know that bananas have been used to treat constipation for centuries? The fiber content in bananas plays a critical role in improving stomach health and supporting a smooth digestive system. It softens the stool and lets it pass through the system without any problem.

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In addition, bananas are basic in nature. So, if you are suffering from Acid reflux or Gerd, this fruit can help you deal with these problems.

In Acid Reflux, stomach acidity levels rise towards the esophagus, which causes stomach aches and heartburn.

If the acid levels reach dangerous levels, such a condition is called GERD, which can cause many health complications, including thyroid problems.

Fortunately, bananas can help the body tone down acid levels in the stomach, and the situation does not get worse if you regularly eat them.

7.   Energy Booster

Another great thing about bananas is that this fruit is a natural energy booster. The carbs in it provide a dose of natural glucose, which is broken down by our metabolism system. When this happens, the glucose is converted into energy, and that is why you feel energetic after eating a banana.

So, eat two bananas before a workout or jogging session.

8.   Regulates Mood

We feel mood swings because of the change in the hormones. But when you start eating bananas, you will feel that you feel calm most of the time.

It is because this fruit maintains the hormones at an optimal level, and you start feeling good. Due to this, Bananas are also called hormone balancers.

9.   Helps With Sleep

A study reveals that eating bananas before going to sleep can help you sleep better because of the magnesium content in them.

In addition, this fruit supports hormones and smoothens our inner activities, which leads us to relax and enjoy a night of better sleep.

Thus, if you are dealing with insomnia or sleeplessness, I suggest you start eating bananas daily.

10. Effective in Muscle Recovery

As mentioned in the nutritional value, bananas are a great source of Potassium. This nutrient is important for our body because it helps to maintain electrolyte balance, which in turn, is crucial for muscles.

Thus, if your muscles are torn, tired, or weak due to any reason, you should start eating bananas straight away. The phosphorus content in this fruit will start doing its magic, and your body will get to normal in no time.

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So, these are the top benefits of bananas that you can enjoy when you start eating this fruit.

However, there’s a dark side. Bananas can cause problems for some people.

Side Effects of Bananas

It’s true that bananas have supreme benefits for humans, but they also cause health problems if you are not careful.

B bananas can lead to issues when you start eating them in large numbers and not in the recommended quantity. Health experts suggest you should eat two bananas every day.

To be extra careful, you should eat two bananas five days per week and not for the whole seven days.  

The side effects you will face when you at lots of bananas are:


Eating too many bananas can absorb the water in the stomach, leading to bloating or gas. Due to this, stomach pain or chest pain can also become common. Bloating can become a big problem as it will also affect your social life.


The high fructose content in bananas can also cause nausea in some people if they eat too many of them.

Weight Gain

Bananas can help you with healthy weight loss, but if you eat them uncontrollably, the calories content in them will lead to obesity.

Cause Allergy

Those who have latex allergies should not eat bananas. When they do, they may face headaches, stomach aches, and a lot more health complications.

Final Remarks

All in all, the Banana is widely known and accepted as a fruit, and the botanical definition also supports that it is indeed a fruit. Some say it is a herb, but it does not completely qualify as that.

People take so much interest in knowing about bananas because they are full of health benefits.

Bananas can help with weight loss, prevent cancer, maintain sugar levels, improve stomach health, make bones stronger, enhance kidney performance, help with sleep, recover muscle injury, and do much more to the body.

But if you eat too many of them, you will face problems like bloating, nausea, and obesity.

So, be careful and don’t eat more than two bananas a day.