Can We Drink Milk With Lemon? Everything You Need to Know

Milk, a burst of calcium, is healthy and tasty sustenance. Milk has a lot of benefits, including strengthening the bones. Various people couple the milk with different items to make it more nutritious and delicious.

But sometimes, the milk and the wrong item combo can be hazardous for your health—for instance, the lemon and milk combo.

You might have seen a lot of people wondering about a couple of lemons and milk.

The milk and lemon combo possesses both pros and cons. The milk and lemon blend utterly makes curd which will be distasteful and can be precarious for your health. Meanwhile, a few people will relish the taste of a lemon milkshake without any consequences. There’s still much more you should know about the hotchpotch of milk and lemon. So, without more flurry, let’s reap it.

Is Milk And Lemon Shake Beneficial For Your Health?

Apart from the drawbacks of lemon and milk drinks, there are a few benefits of lemon milkshakes. The lemon and milk blend comes in various forms and tastes. The most common type of lemon and milk drink is buttermilk. Buttermilk is said to be beneficial for your health. Let me make it clear to you.

You have to spare a few moments to understand the benefits of the lemon and milk combo. Here we go.

Buttermilk As A Punch Of Calcium

You might confuse the name with a drink. Let me tell you; buttermilk does not contain butter; it is the combo of milk & lemon with other complementary items. Buttermilk is known to be the best source of calcium as it is made of pure milk.

You can find three types of buttermilk such as.

  • Cultured Buttermilk
  • Traditional Buttermilk
  • Acidified Buttermilk

All buttermilk types are blends of distinct elements but contain similar nutritional facts. The essential nutrients of buttermilk are enlisted below.

Carbohydrates20 g
Calories128 calories
Sodium3 %
Protein4 g

Buttermilk has the following beneficial impacts on your body.

  • Buttermilk contains Vitamin D, which absorbs a bunch of calcium. Hence, buttermilk plays a significant role in building bone mass.
  • Buttermilk is also known as an immense source of protein which is favorable for your health.
  • Buttermilk also contains vitamin C, which plays a significant role in maintaining bones.
  • Buttermilk also has positive effects on maintaining your stomach’s health. 
  • Buttermilk possesses low-fat milk, which is best to avoid cardiovascular disorders.
  • The presence of sodium in buttermilk makes it the perfect drink to sustain bp. 
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Lemon & Milk As Piles Cure

You might not know, but the mixture of lemon and milk is the best cure for piles. It is said that the piles, fistula, and fissure pain can be treated at home with a simple remedy of milk and lemon. Undoubtedly, the lemon and milk combo is known as the best supplement for the treatment of constipation and indigestion.

You might be wondering how you can make the perfect remedy for treating the piles. No need to be concerned; this write-up is here for your redemption. By following the given steps, you can instantly get rid of piles.

  • Grab a mug of milk stored at an average temperature.
  • Blend the milk with a complete lemon.
  • It would be best if you drank the mixture instantly.
  • The lemon and milk mixture should not be stored and stay for a few moments because the milk will start converting into curd.

You should drink the lemon and milk mixture continuously for three days without any break. It would be best if you kept in mind that the milk must be in its pure form to get instant results.    

Do Lemon And Milk Combo Go Bad?

Yes, the milk and lemon combo can go terribly. When it comes to food, people love to experiment with various things to relish a unique taste. Lemon and milk is a weird combo that someone on Earth may like. If you’re thinking of drinking milk with a few drops of lemon water, let me tell you, it can go nasty for you.

Here are the following effects that can pop up when you have a glass of lemon milk drink.

Stomach Ulcer

You must know that our stomach also contains a considerable amount of acids like hydrochloric acid. Lemon is also acidic. When you couple up the lemon with the protein-rich milk, it will come out in the form of curdling. The acids of lemon will increase the ratio of acids in the stomach which may cause stomach ulcers.

Various people declared that they got ulcers while trying the lemon milkshake. Hence, if you still want to try the milk & lemon shake, you should keep in mind that you might get stomach ulcers. 

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Most people also complained about the gas while trying the mixture of lemon and milk. When you drink the milk with lemon drops, the milk will be transferred into curd, which will cause gas in your body.

You might feel disgusted due to gas in your intestines. Nevertheless, if you don’t experience an accumulation of gas and like the taste, you can enjoy your drink anytime. 


Heartburn is another con of lemon milkshake. Undoubtedly, lemon and milk are individually suitable for health. But when we talk about the blend of lemon with milk, it will change the nutritional facts of both items.

The acidic nature of lemon will convert the milk into curd and throw an unpleasant effect on the body. Your stomach may not digest the lemon milkshake instantly and cause heartburn.  


There are plenty of people who must have allergies to citrus things. It has been noticed that sensitive people get various kinds of allergies when they try the lemon milkshake for the first time. You might also get rashes on your skin and allergies that can be horrible for you.

If you are also sensitive to acid-rich things, you should avoid experimenting with milk and lemon combos. 

Cough & Cold

The citrus taste of lemon can have the worst effect on your thyroid glands. The intake of lemon and milk at the same time may lead you to a cough and cold. The curd may also accumulate in the thyroid cavity, which will bring a cough to you. The effects of lemon also depend on the season.

If you try this lemon milkshake in the winter season, your tonsils will be badly affected.  


Why Lemon Convert Pure Milk Into Curd?

It is a fact that when you mix a few drops of lemon in the milk, it will convert the milk into curd. You might always keep thinking about the reason behind this conversion of milk into curdling.

Here’s the reason behind the transformation of milk into curd.

  • Milk is known as the powerplant of protein and calcium. Casein, the total protein of milk, keeps all the nutrients of milk to stay apart.
  • The presence of casein avoids the accumulation of milk elements together to keep it in liquid form.
  • When you add a small number of citrus objects like lemon drops, the mixture will neutralize the negatively charged protein, casein.
  • Therefore, the mode of separating the elements is demolished, and all the particles accumulate in the form of a solid bunch.  
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Hence, this bunch is illustrated in the form of curd to you.

What Are The Foods That Shouldn’t Be Combined With Milk?

Apart from lemon, there are a few other food items that should not be mixed with the milk.

You must understand that milk is an entirely nutritious food that takes time for digestion. When you blend the milk with other commodities that shouldn’t be meant to be, it can be risky for your health.

Here are the items that must not be coupled with milk.

Milk & Fish

It is a fact that fish has a warm effect on the human body. When you pair fish with milk, you may face the worst chemical reaction that can be fatal. Hence, you should avoid the milk and fish combo.

Milk & Melons

When you team up milk and lemon, you’ll have the worst stomach disturbance, like vomiting. Melons are used as diuretics that can’t be coupled with milk. You can have healthy shakes with other fruits, but melons should be avoided.

Milk & Citrus Items

Citrus items are always resisted from pairing up with milk. The food commodities that are acidic can cause horrible outcomes for your body. The citrus items include lemon, orange, etc.

The citrus fruits convert the milk into curd by demolishing the nutritious influences of milk. You may face allergies, cough, gas, etc. while having the milk with acidic items.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this write-up has cleared all your fears and doubts regarding the lemon and milk combo. You must understand that the lemon & milk can either be good or bad depending on the situation. If you love the taste and have no health issues while drinking lemon milkshakes, you can enjoy it. Regardless, if you’re sensitive to such acidic combos, you should avoid experimenting with them.