Which One is Better? Ginger Ale or Coke?

It is 2022 and people are looking for healthier alternatives to literally everything. In this scenario, people are even ditching coke and going towards ginger ale which supposedly is the healthier alternative to coke.

But, coke and ginger ale are both carbonated drinks and have some unhealthy ingredients, making it harder to decide which one is better. But, we have finally found a way to settle it once and for all so, let’s get in:

What is Coke?

Coke is a carbonated drink, and the name comes from the famous Coca-Cola brand, but now, coke is used for almost all types of sodas.

In the manufacturing process of coke, the brands usually use carbonated water, corn syrup, coloring, and many artificial things that make the coke unhealthy and develop a negative image around it.

People, specifically youngsters seem to enjoy coke, and most of them cannot even complete their meals without sipping them.

That could be because big fast-food franchises also serve sodas and carbonated drinks with their meals, and it is making the young generation think that it is exactly how things are supposed to be done.

But, they are consuming a greater quantity of coke without any regard for what it could do to their body which is not right.

But, we have to admit that coke has a market of billions of dollars just based on its taste alone. The most dangerous thing about sodas is that they can be a lot more addictive than most people imagine.

Yes, you heard it right; sodas can be very addictive. Moreover, there are so many health problems that coke causes, but people ignore those problems so easily as if they are not a big deal at all. It tells us about how people just don’t want to get rid of their favorite soft drinks.

How Can Coke Be Bad For You?

There are so many ways that coke could hurt your body, but we are just going to discuss a few of them, so stay with us.

● Weight Gain

We all know where this train is headed because, at some point, we have wondered if we are gaining weight because of the soft drink?

So, if you drink a lot of coke, it could be true as well. Doctors link coke directly to weight gain because it has a really high quantity of sugars.

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Despite the fact that soda increases your calorie count, it does not suppress your appetite or make you feel full, which is even worse because you tend to eat more after drinking coke.

The research was conducted in which people were asked to continue their current diets, and just coke was added to their diet, and after that, their calorie intake increased by 17%, which is a big deal for health-conscious people.

● Bad For Liver

Yes, you might be hearing it for the first time, but just like alcohol, coke is also really bad for your liver.

The thing is that sugar present in soft drinks or coke also has a component called Fructose which only the liver can use. But the problem is that coke is really high in fructose.

So, when you constantly consume soft drinks, and your liver has to use the fructose, there comes a point when your liver starts turning that fructose into fat which is the beginning of the very fatal liver disease, so just don’t do it to your liver.

● Causes Diabetes

Coke is one of the biggest dietary reasons why people develop type 2 diabetes and have to take insulin for the rest of their lives either orally or with an injection.

Multiple studies show how drastic coke can be, even for people not having any history of diabetes, and how it can cause type 2 diabetes in healthy people.

● It is Addictive

After tons of research, doctors have finally concluded that coke can be very addictive, and people who are quitting coke can have the same reactions as those quitting alcohol or coffee.

There is a lot of evidence supporting the claim that sugar in a coke can just be as addictive as drugs because when you drink coke, dopamine is released in your brain, and it becomes quite addicted to that dopamine.

What is Ginger Ale?

Ginger ale has gained popularity in the past few years, and all the influencers who endorse a healthy lifestyle are promoting it from left to right. This beverage was previously used for its soothing effects on flu and nausea because it is made with ginger, but now, people are using it as an alternative to coke.

So, for those who are wondering whether ginger ale is healthier, no, this beverage also is carbonated, but the only difference is that it is flavored with ginger to make it look like it is completely healthy and natural; marketing strategy?

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People usually make ginger ale at home, which is fine and could even be healthy if you keep an eye on the sugar but most commercial brands that make ginger ale sell it as a soda which means they use a lot; and when we say a lot, it actually means a lot of sugars in ginger ale.

The basic ingredients of ginger ale and coke are pretty much the same other than the flavoring of ginger ale.

Both the beverages have some ingredients that are not revealed to the public and are simply called natural flavoring, so we are not sure what this natural flavoring is and how it is going to affect the body of a person who consumes this beverage daily.

But, ginger ale was not always this mainstream beverage made with carbonated water and stuff because conventional ginger ale is made with fermentation and sugar cane, without any artificial ingredient.

It sounds interesting to us but, there are not a lot of options for getting a real ginger ale these days, so we gotta be satisfied with the one we have.

Downsides of Ginger Ale

Even though ginger ale is everyone’s favorite, it does contain some side effects that you need to know before giving a daily dose of this beverage to your body.

● High Sugar Levels

Just like any other soda, ginger ale is also very high in sugar which can be bad for your body in so many different ways.

If you are not drinking in moderation and going over the board, you will regret it mainly because high sugar levels are responsible for causing so many chronic diseases.

Moreover, when you consume beverages that are high in sugar every single day, you put your body through a lot, and it also results in rapid weight gain, and people don’t really want weight gain due to such an unhealthy reason. You can also wreck your dental health if you drink too much ginger ale, so for the sake of your teeth, hold it a bit.

● Excessive Bleeding

Doctors are now saying that if you are consuming higher levels of ginger ale without considering its effects, it can cause you a blood problem in the long term.

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So, if you have been drinking ginger ale for a long time, it will cause you to lose excessive blood whenever you bleed.

It is a potential risk and a matter of life and death, especially for people who are taking medicines for blood thinning.

But, you don’t see these side effects immediately and it can take months or even years before this side effect appears. So, it is not the end of the world if you consume ginger ale every once in a while.

● Bloating

Though it is a very minor side effect, those who go through it know how significant bloating is. Bloating and gassiness can be because of the carbonated water present in ginger ale and you would have the same effects with any carbonated beverage.

Even the artificial sweeteners present in most ginger ale drinks can be a major cause of bloating so if you don’t want to wreck your stomach environment, don’t go overboard with the consumption of ginger ale.

Which One is Better? Coke or Ginger Ale?

Despite the fact that both these beverages have their fair share of side effects, we still are going to choose one of them because it does not have as extreme side effects and it does come with tons of benefits.

So, after a lot of research and evidence, it is concluded that ginger ale is better than coke in so many different ways.

We have chosen ginger ale mainly because it has so many healing benefits and it can cure migraine, inflammation, and even does not have caffeine in it. But, we don’t see any significant benefits of coke for our body so, ginger ale simply is better than coke.


Lastly, if you are thinking about switching to a healthier lifestyle, it is better if you don’t consume both beverages but if you have to pick one, ginger ale is the better option.

Just make sure that you are not drinking a higher quantity of ginger ale in one day because it can be really bad for your body if consumed excessively.

We hope this article helped you in understanding the basic difference between coke and ginger ale and now you have finally picked your favorite beverage. Best of luck with your health journey!