Is There A Correlation Between Pineapples and Swingers?

Have you always thought about pineapple as a healthy snack to add to your diet? Or the only meaning of pineapple to you was warmth, celebration, and hospitality?

It’s the case with many people, and hardly they know about the correlation between pineapples and swingers. The hospitality industry has primarily used Pineapples to signify their values and honor the guests. During the 18th and 19th centuries, American restaurants and the hospitality industry used pineapples as crowning pieces in large food displays. It was also used to decorate table cloths, bed posts, napkins, or other ways to welcome guests.

However, lately, pineapples have become a symbol of swingers, and most people are unaware of that. This blog article is meant to explore if there is any correlation between pineapples and swingers. We will also find different meanings of pineapple as a symbol at different places.

If you have always considered pineapple just a fruit, have this ride with us to explore other meanings and symbolism related to pineapples.

What Do Pineapple Means To You?

The plant is native to South America, and it’s the only edible fruit in the family of Bromeliads. The plant has been cultivated in South America for centuries and was introduced to Europe in the 17th century. After its arrival to the other parts of the world, commercial growth started in greenhouses worldwide.

Pineapples are good for health, have a lot of fiber, and possess anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, many people add pineapple to their diet to get maximum benefits. However, if we talk about the symbolism, pineapple is way more than fruit.

Pineapples are associated with luxury, nobility, wealth, beauty, hospitality, and royalty. Due to the symmetry of the pineapple structure, it is associated with beauty. The most common meaning of pineapple is hospitality and a welcoming attitude.

What Are Swingers?

Swinger is a term used in a different context. There is the formal and informal perception of the same word. But in general, it is associated with the couples involved in wife-swapping and adult fun with other couples.

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Literal Meaning

The literal meanings of a swinger are formal and informal. Formal meaning is associated with cricket. Whereas the informal meaning of swinger is associated with individual personalities.


In cricket, swinger is a term used for a bowler whose ball deviates sideways from a regular course in the air. Besides, it’s also used for such ball delivery that deviates from the regular course.


There are two informal definitions of the swinger.

  1. “A lively and fashionable person who goes to a lot of social events.”
  2. “A person or married couple who engage in group sex, wife-swapping, adult fun, or the swapping of sexual partners.”

Societal Perception and Understanding

There is a divided opinion about swinging. Proponents of swinging see it as a great activity to explore new paradigms of relationships, explore new friendships, have conversations, and experience more attraction to their partner. Around 4% of adults are involved in any kind of swinging.

Psychologists suggest that many times couples are excited to start swinging, but their relationships are negatively affected once they start swinging. It’s because of the fears and communication gap that might build up between the partners. Sometimes, one partner wants to swing, but the other is into the game to make the counterpart happy. On the other hand, the opponents of swingers regard the activities involved in swinging as immoral, cheating, and below the belt.

So, in general, societal perception of swinging varies from person to person.

Is There A Correlation Between Pineapples and Swingers?

Let’s talk about the relationship between pineapples and swingers.

Is there a correlation between pineapples and swingers? If yes, then why are pineapples associated with swingers?

Yes, pineapples are considered a symbol of swingers in general.

As mentioned earlier, pineapples have always been associated with hospitality, warmth, and welcome. Due to this, symbolism is associated with swinging that like-minded people want to connect and explore new relationships.

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Different Places Where Pineapple Means More Than A Fruit

Now you know that pineapples have meanings beyond being a fruit. Let’s explore the different meanings of pineapple when placed at different things.

Pineapples On Clothes

Do you want to wear shirts or stockings with pineapple on it? Are you planning to wear pineapple earrings?

Read what does pineapple on clothes means before you wear one.

It’s common for people to wear pineapple-print t-shirts on vacations, but swingers use it for specific meaning. It totally depends on you why you are wearing a pineapple-print shirt.

For instance, if you wear a pineapple-print shirt on a cruise, people might take it as your indication of being a swinger. Sometimes people get odd looks and feel uncomfortable when they wear something with upside pineapples on it.

If you’re wearing a pineapple print shirt with an upside-down pineapple, it’s a message that the wearer is looking for a swinger party.

Pineapple On Your Door

Swinger couples usually put pineapple on the door, porch, mailbox, etc., to give a message that a swinger party is going inside. The same has been mentioned by Froggy in Elvis Duran Show. She quoted a story about how their neighbors perceived the couple to be swingers as they had placed a pineapple doormat.

At A Cruise

If you’re at a cruise and want to know how swingers identify themselves, you will see upside-down pineapple on a cruise cabin door. This symbol signifies that the people inside the cabin are either having a swinger party or looking for a swinging party.

However, the pineapples on a ship are not always symbols of swinging activities going around. When ships are returning to port, pineapples might be placed over the Captain’s front door threshold to indicate Captain’s safe return.

Pineapples At A Campsite

We shouldn’t forget that pineapples symbolize welcome, warmth, and hospitality. If you see pineapple at a campsite, it means that the people are welcomed on the campsite.

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Pineapple Tattoo

Well, the meaning of the pineapple tattoo completely depends on who is wearing it. Someone might have a pineapple tattoo to show their welcoming nature. Others might be carrying it to show their swinging nature. You can have a pineapple tattoo just because you consider it cute or any vibe.

Upside Down Pineapple

An upside-down pineapple is associated with swingers and swinging activities. However, suppose you see a man or woman having upside-down pineapple in their cart at a shopping mall. In that case, it can be an absolute coincidence.

Other Swinger Symbols To Know

Pineapple is a symbol of swingers, but you should also know other symbols used to represent swingers or swinging.

Here are some swinger symbols you should know:

  • If pineapples are placed on the top of the mailbox or on the front porch, it signifies a swinger party.
  • If a man or woman is wearing earrings, shirts, or stockings with upside-down pineapple, it means they’re looking for a swinger partner.
  • A man or woman wearing a red ball cap is also a symbol of being a swinger.
  • If someone is wearing a thumb ring or a toe ring, it says they’re a swinger.
  • Having white landscaping rocks in one’s front yard might also signify their swinger status.
  • If a married couple or partner has swapped the wedding ring from left hand to right hand, it can signify them as a swinger.
  • A ying-yang tattoo also shows swinger.
  • Garden Gnomes
  • Pink Flamingo
  • Metal Star on the front of the house

Final Words

We have shared different symbols associated with swinging. However, it’s not necessary that everyone having such symbols or involved in something contextualized for swinging is actually a swinger. For instance, someone might have white landscaping rocks in the front yard because they like it. You should know all the symbols and correlations of different things with swinging. However, make sure that you’re not quick to judge anyone being a swinger unless it’s too obvious by their words or actions.