Kinu m47 Phoenix Review 2022: Is It Good?

The art of making a better brew for your coffee resides in the grinder you use for it. And if your grinder is not good, your coffee cup won’t hit you the right way.

So, today we want to welcome you to our in-depth Kinu m47 phoenix review that will help you know the features of this fantastic espresso and coffee grinder.

We will talk in detail about the assembled tools in the new Kinu m47 phoenix that will help you understand the goodness and shortcomings of this grinder.

Kinu m47 phoenix Review

Kinu m47 is a manual grinder which makes it an excellent option, and we will explain that later in this review. Before that, we will talk about the innovatively designed Kinu m47 phoenix model, and then we will get into its capacity.

Furthermore, in this Kinu m47 phoenix review, we will talk about the pros and cons of this coffee and espresso grinding tool. Last but not least, you won’t have to spend a crazy amount of money on this coffee tool, and it will also last you for years.

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Top Features of Kinu m47 phoenix

Here we have discussed all the features of the Kinu m47 phoenix that will give you a better understanding of the grinding tool.

1. Light-Weight Model

The first and the finest feature of the Kinu m47 phoenix is that it is the lightest model of all its generations, and it weighs only 720g. Weight is significant when talking about grinders or espresso tools because you might need to travel with them, and high weight is not traveling friendly.

The technology of the Kinu m47 phoenix is simple but very modern. Instead of using heavy steel that would have increased the weight of the grinder, the tool incorporates ABS plastic. And because of the plastic, the price of the grinder is also pretty competitive compared to the steel grinders.

The introduction of ABS plastic in the body of the Kinu m47 phoenix makes it a trendy grinder choice. Because ABS is safe for food, you can use it in food processors and refrigerators linings, and it is also FDA-approved.

The best part about ABS is that it provides excellent resistance to any strain or abrasion, which is the reason behind the high durability of the Kinu m47 phoenix. So, even if the grinder is extremely lightweight, it’s still very solid.

There is always a risk of breaking the heavy grinding tools and difficulty using them. But the Kinu m47 phoenix’s lightweight feature makes it super easy to use and increases its durability. The silicon O-ring enhances the grip, but it doesn’t increase the weight of the grinder.

2. Innovative Burrs

You must have heard somewhere that burr grinders are always better than the blade ones. Well, Kinu m47 phoenix has very modern burrs designed to perfection. The size of the m47 phoenix burrs is approximately 47mm.

The material used in the burrs is high-grade conical steel. And the inner core coating of conical steel is 31.6mm – 49mm, and the outer ring coating is 47mm – 68mm. And to improve the performance, Kinu m47 phoenix 63HRC conical steel burrs come with the black fusion treatment.

The grinder has a Morse cone for automatic self-alignment of the conical burrs. The use of Morse cones helps the burrs attach to the axle which is the secret to the excellent, consistent grinding.

Kinu m47 phoenix Review

Now, let’s talk about why Kinu m47 Phoenix is better than the blade grinders. The main reason is that burrs have a purpose of grinding the coffee truly, but the blades chop and spin instead of grinding.

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Another thing is that there is no uniformity when you try to grind your coffee through a blade grinder. But the burrs used in the Kinu m47 phoenix are great because they give you very uniform grounds for a balanced coffee.

Even though the blade grinders seem cheap, they are a waste of money because they are inconsistent and don’t let you decide on the grind size. So, Kinu m47 phoenix is a winner if you want a decent grinder that offers you the quality of an espresso grind.

3. Improved and Enhanced Capacity

The capacity to brew coffee is super important when looking for a good grinder. Kinu m47 phoenix can brew 40 – 50 grams which you can use for any coffee dose. The improved machinery allows you to experiment yourself and find the right brew blend for your cup.

People who need an expensive espresso alternative need to try Kinu m47 phoenix because this manual grinder will give you a fantastic coffee experience. You can make great espresso with a beautiful aroma and very rich flavor.

It is essential for you first to understand the working of Kinu m47 phoenix to use its grinding capacity to the maximum level. The coffee tool has precision grind adjustment that you can adjust according to your need.

4. Improved Hopper

Hopper holds a critical role in the coffee grinding tool because it is a container-like thing that has the responsibility to contain/hold coffee beans and is on top of the coffee grinder. The hopper used in the Kinu m47 phoenix has a holding capacity of 40g, which is super impressive for its size.

Kinu m47 phoenix Review

The thing with grinder hoppers is that they are not properly air-tight, which causes the coffee to go stale in a few hours. However, the Kinu m47 phoenix hopper keeps the coffee beans fresh for at least 3-4 days, which is super handy.

5. Travel Friendly

The Kinu m47 phoenix model is even lighter than the m47, making it travel-friendly. Also, it is manual, which means you don’t need any power supply to use it anywhere.

6. High-end Silicone Grip

The earlier models (classic, simplicity) of Kinu m47 didn’t have the high-end silicone grip. But the improved Kinu m47 phoenix has a very sturdy silicone grip that allows easy handling for its user. The easy handling ensures the uniformity and precision of the coffee grounds.

Kinu m47 phoenix Review

The earlier models of Kinu grinders had an issue of anti-rotational thumb-stopping, especially when applying high force. But the silicone O-rings around the body of Kinu m47 phoenix has overcome all such shortcomings and provide excellence with no sudden stopping even with the light coffee grounds.

7. Manual Setup

Another thing worth mentioning in this Kinu m47 phoenix review is that the tool is entirely manual. Manual grinding tools are perfect considering the price point, durability, and ease of use. The same is the case with Kinu m47 phoenix, but its performance is even better than the electrical grinders.

Even if you see it from a health point of view, manual grinders require you to put some elbow work in, but it helps strengthen your arm muscles. You will also experience the slow release of aroma while hand grinding on Kinu m47 phoenix.

Kinu m47 phoenix is also better than the electrical grinders because it is not loud or noisy. Also, you can take it anywhere with you because it doesn’t need any electrical supply.

Pros of Kinu m47 phoenix

Now that we have discussed all the features of the great Kinu m47 phoenix grinder, it’s time to disclose the tool’s pros.

1) Warranty Period

The price point of the Kinu m47 phoenix is very appealing but what’s more important is that it comes with a 5 years manufacturing warranty.

Also, such a long warranty is not common in manual coffee grinding tools, which is certainly a plus. The parts used in the tool are great, but still, the warranty can come in handy any time.

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2) Easy Handling

Kinu m47 phoenix is an improvement of its earlier grinding models, and by that, we mean easy handling. The lightweight introduction of silicone rings and ABS plastic manufacturing make it safe and easy to use.

Especially for beginners, Kinu m47 phoenix is a great option.

3) Reproducible Grinding Adjustment

Another pro worth mentioning in this Kinu m47 phoenix review is the reproducible grinding adjustment. And it is micrometrical and is up to 50 divisions per revolution.

Most people don’t know that the secret behind a good espresso is the grinding adjustment of the grinder. The clockwise grind acts as finer, and the anticlockwise grind acts as a coarser coffee.

4) Smoother Turning

Smooth turning is essential while grinding your coffee beans because its whole point is to get a consistent grind size.

A significant addition in the Kinu m47 phoenix is the steel ball bearings. The purpose of steel ball bearing is to decrease rotational friction.

5) Easy Cleaning

The next worth-mentioning pro of the Kinu m47 phoenix is the easy cleaning option, and you won’t even require a dryer or cleaner for the grinder.

Most coffee grinders need special cleaning tools, especially the electrical ones, and even with the manual ones, you have to be very careful. But you can easily clean the Kinu m47 phoenix in 2-3 minutes.

6) Solid

The problem with lightweight tools is that they have a problem standing on their own, and there is always a risk of them falling.

But the Kinu m47 phoenix has an ABS plastic body, making it very sturdy and solid. And even though it is also a lightweight tool, it keeps intact even if you put a strain on it.

7) Fits in easy

We think that it is a pro when you can take your grinder to different places with you. And it is even better when the grinder is the size that fits in your regular travel bag.

Kinu m47 phoenix can fit in easily, and you can take it anywhere because it is not even 1kg.

8) High-end Cup Quality

The catch cup (ground at 4.5.5 and 4.0.0) used in the Kinu m47 phoenix is not magnetic; however, that doesn’t change the fact that they are highly well-manufactured.

Each cup has high clarity and consistency and somehow increases the flavor and sweetness of the coffee. Also, the Kinu cups have an excellent flow.

9) Chaff Sticking

Most people have ambiguity about the chaff, which is nothing but a thin layer of coffee beans, and when you grind the coffee, it shows up. The issue is that chaff gets stuck in low-quality grinders and interferes with their performance.

However, chaff sticks to the bottom of the burrs in Kinu m47 phoenix, but it doesn’t interfere with the grinding. The reason is that the top of the cup ensures the grinding consistency.

10) Fast Grinding

Once you get the Kinu m47 phoenix, you will appreciate the fast grinding capability of this manual grinder. You can quickly grind 20g in only 20 seconds.

So, considering that you have to grind the coffee manually, it won’t take you more than a few seconds. But in regular manual grinders, you have to grind for a good few minutes.

Cons of Kinu m47 phoenix

Now that we have talked about the pros of Kinu m47 phoenix, we also want to discuss some cons of this manual grinding tool. Even though the cons are not that significant, we still want to add them to make you aware of the machine’s good and bad.

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1) Occasional Bean Fragmentation on Top

Bean fragments that fly on top are not a very serious issue and depend on how you use a coffee grinder. It won’t be a problem if you know how to use your manual grinder, but you might have occasional issues like that if you are a beginner.

2) Slight Cup Clarity Issue – Coarser Settings

Cup clarity isn’t an issue with the Kinu m47 phoenix when using it on coarser settings. However, if you plan to use it for a light coffee roast, you might not find it as tight as the earlier models (classic, simplicity) of Kinu m47.

3) Stalling Issue

You might notice that the Kinu m47 phoenix is not very effective for stalling with flatbed paper use. This issue is unique to the phoenix model, and even though it can be resolved using different papers, it’s still a problem.

4) The Catch Cup Issue

Even though the catch cup has very high quality, it causes chaff which is not very desirable. And you might find some difficulty at the beginning with pulling the cup, but that will go away with time. So, maybe Kinu can introduce a magnetic cup in the next model like the classic and simple ones.

Why do you need to Try Kinu m47 phoenix?

Even though we have discussed all the key features and pros and cons of Kinu m47 phoenix, let us still tell you why you need to try this fantastic grinder.

1. Conical Burrs Instead of Flat Burrs

One of the top reasons you need to get your hands on the Kinu m47 phoenix is the introduction of conical burrs instead of flat ones. The use of flat burrs makes any grinding tool worth thousands of dollars which no one wants.

However, there is no significant difference in the performance of both burr types; however, the conical burrs provide you with a very high level of control. And you don’t have to worry about the noise while grinding your coffee. But most importantly, you get to experience a very rich coffee flavor.

2. The Silicone Grip Introduction

Another cool reason that might urge you to get the Kinu m47 phoenix is the silicone grip in the tools in the form of O-rings. The silicone belts will help you handle the manual grinder with extreme ease and comfort.

No one has time to understand the difficult functioning of a grinder so you can try Kinu m47 phoenix. The grinder is beginner-friendly, and you don’t need any technical manual to understand the work.

3. Good Investment

One of the people’s biggest concerns while buying kitchen tools is the price point. Well, Kinu m47 phoenix is super affordable, and on top of that, it comes with a 5-years warranty.

Kinu m47 phoenix Review

4. Black Fusion Coating

The purpose of adding a black fusion coating is to ensure that the black and gray surfaces stay in their actual rich and dark color forms. Kinu m47 phoenix has a black fusion coating along with conical steel, which keeps the wet black look intact and brightens it even more.

5. Hard Case Travel Bag Option

Last but not least, you can also get the hard case travel bag options with Kinu m47 phoenix. And it will help you take your grinder anywhere you want. Moreover, the bag is spacious and will keep your m47 phoenix safe.


Here, we want to conclude our Kinu m47 phoenix review, and we hope you have got all the necessary information about this grinder. And now, it will be a bit easy for you to decide why you need to invest in this tool if you are looking for a kickass coffee grinder. We keep posting such insightful reviews about different tools, so stay tuned.