Kirkland Signature Atlantic Salmon, 3 lbs Review

The folks who are addicted to seafood can’t stay without eating them. In seafood, fish has another level of the fan base.

If you’re a fish lover, you might be conscious of the Salmon fish. Salmon fish is one of the most delicious fish you have ever had. But you might be worried about how to go fishing or store the Salmon.

Kirkland discovered the signature Atlantic Salmon for their customers. Before trying a new thing, the review is mandatory.

If you haven’t tried the Atlantic Salmon yet, don’t worry. We’re here for your redemption. In this article, you’ll get to know the Kirkland Signature Atlantic Salmon, 3 lbs review. Here we go.

Kirkland Signature Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon is a delicious and the most wanted fish. Kirkland has announced the frozen Signature Atlantic Salmon for consumers who can’t go fishing every day. The best thing about the Kirkland Signature Atlantic Salmon is that you can either use it immediately or store it for months if needed. 

Kirkland also sells the Salmons 3 lbs bag for a large household or further usage. You might be eagerly waiting for the Kirkland Signature Atlantic Salmon, 3 lbs review, so without wasting any time, let’s get into it.


The Kirkland Signature Atlantic Salmon comes within the plastic wrapper to make it storable for a long time. When you open the wrapper, you’ll see that the portions are designed. The stakes are kept in the refrigerator to avoid the thawing of Salmon. All the pieces are of the same size and are ready to cook. You don’t need to remove the skin and the bones of Salmon because Kirkland has already done your job.


Kirkland Signature Atlantic Salmon is a boneless fish. It is very healthy for your body and skin. The Atlantic Salmon’s skin is also removed before packing. It contains

  • Protein 37 g
  • Saturated Fat 7 g
  • Carbohydrates – 1 g
  • Calories 340
  • Fat 180
  • Cholesterol 75 mg
  • Total fat 20g
  • Vitamin D – 10 mcg
  • Vitamin A – 3 mcg
  • Calcium – 12 mg
  • Iron – 1 mg
  • Potassium – 708mg

Salmon consists of all energy-rich nutrients that can boost your immune system. A human body wants a particular amount of protein that can be fulfilled with fish intake. Fish is also known as the powerhouse of protein. Fish can be coupled with many dishes and can also be served as a main meal.

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The rates of Kirkland Atlantic Salmon vary according to the time. The current rate of the Atlantic Salmon 3 lbs bag is $26.99. So you can easily purchase Salmon from the stores near you at $24 to $26.

At first, when you think of buying an Atlantic Salmon, you may refuse because it seems too expensive. Nevertheless, the people in love with Salmon fish will buy it anyway.

Many customers review say that the delicious taste of Salmon is worth the spent price. There is good news for those people who can’t afford to have Salmon at their table. According to Kirkland Signature Atlantic Salmon, 3 lbs reviews, Kirkland provides their buyers a considerable discount within a particular interval of time.


The main thing that makes you people keep reading this article is,” How does the Atlantic Salmon taste?”. The crucial factor that can be elaborated on in an honest review is taste. Salmon is fantastic food with a perfect combo of salty and spicy seasonings. Many folks and restaurants cook the Salmon in different recipes according to their liking.

The herbs only increase the taste on your tongue, but the Salmon fish is tremendously tasty as it is. Let me also be clear that if you’re not a street food lover and rarely eat something salty, you may not like the taste of Atlantic salmon.

Cooking Instructions

The cooking instruction is also a valuable component of enjoying Salmon. There are numerous ways to cook Atlantic Salmon, but you should keep the primary education in mind while cooking.


When you’re grilling the Salmon fish, you should

  • Keep the flame medium-high to heat the grill.
  • The cooking time should be 5 to 7 minutes.
  • It would help if you used an oiled grill to prevent the Salmon from sticking to the grill.

Grilled fish is healthy and has less cholesterol because it does not use tons of oil to cook the fish.


While baking the Salmon, you should have an oven in which you can set the temperature and time.

  • Preheat the Oven to 400°F temperature for baking fish.
  • Place the fish in the oiled container and keep it in the oven.
  • The baking time should be 10 to 12 minutes.

And your baked Salmon is ready to be on your table.


The quick and easy way to relish the delicious Salmon is the microwave.

  • It would be best to defrost the Salmon before putting it in the microwave.
  • In the microwave, you should keep flipping the sides of the Salmon.
  • Each side of the Atlantic Salmon should be microwaved for approx 3 to 4 minutes.

When you see that the Salmon possesses a brownish shade, it is ready to eat.

Locations to get Atlantic Salmon


The location varies from the best to the worst places where people can find the Kirkland Signature Atlantic Salmon. Let’s dive in and explore the areas to purchase Atlantic Salmon.

1- Best Location For Atlantic Salmon

The satisfactory regions where you can find the Kirkland Signature Atlantic Salmon are

  • USNortheast Pacific Ocean, Washington
  • New Zealand Oceania, Inland Waters, Southwest Pacific Ocean
  • Norway Skjerstadfjord, Nordland Farmed
  • Wild Caught From Alaska, Bristol Bay, etc.

You can also get Salmon from any indoor recirculating tank farm.

2- Adequate Location For Atlantic Salmon

The regions just called to be average can provide you with Atlantic Salmon.

  • Norway Northeast Atlantic Ocean, Farmed
  • ScotlandOrkney Islands, Northeast Atlantic Ocean, Farmed
  • Canada British Columbia, Northeast Pacific Ocean, Farmed
  • The U.S. Maine, Northwest Atlantic Ocean, Farmed
  • The Faroe Islands Northeast Atlantic Ocean, Farmed

Indoor recirculating tank farms also give you Atlantic Salmon.

3- Bad Location For Atlantic Salmon

Few places sell low-quality Frozen Salmons that contain a lot of antibiotics. These antibiotics may prove to be disastrous for your fitness. The awful places from where you can buy the Kirkland Signature Atlantic Salmon are

  • Chile Southeast Pacific Ocean
  • Scotland Northeast Atlantic Ocean, Western Isles, Mainland,
  • Canada Northwest Atlantic Ocean
  • Scotland Northeast Atlantic Ocean, Shetland Island

Here, the southeast pacific ocean farms use a large number of antibiotics.


Can Kirkland Signature Atlantic Salmon be stored?

The Kirkland Signature Atlantic Salmon is specifically discovered for persons who can’t do fishing daily. Not everyone lives in an ocean region, so they need to store fish. Kirkland inaugurated the Frozen Atlantic Salmon for their shoppers. The natural process makes the Kirkland Salmon which removes its bones and skin. No antibiotics are used in the manufacturing of Salmon.

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Therefore, it can be stored in refrigerators. It is also said that you can hold Kirkland Atlantic Salmon for up to 7 to 8 months. You don’t need to fetch the fish daily from the ocean or farms; you have to buy Kirkland Salmon’s 3 lb pack and store it in your freezer.

Do you need to thaw frozen Salmon before cooking?

The Kirkland Atlantic Salmon needs to be defrosted before cooking. If you’re baking or cooking the Salmon in the microwave, you probably cook the frozen Salmon. But if you’re grilling the Salmon fish, the Salmon should be then before roasting. It is better to unfreeze the Atlantic Salmon before heating it; it will help the seasonings mix with the fish and give you a juicy and spicy taste.

How long can Salmon be frozen?

An Atlantic Salmon can be frozen for approximately 9 to 12 months. You can store the Kirkland Signature Atlantic Salmon for even more than a year in the freezer.

But it would be best if you kept checking the Salmon’s wrapper to avoid the usage of nasty portions. The freezer’s temperature should be at 0°F to maintain the quality of the Salmon. You can store the Atlantic Salmon in your freezer after purchasing from the store because the Salmon is packed in a vacuum wrapper to prevent it from humidity.

What are the cons of Atlantic Salmon?

In addition to pros, there are also some cons of the Atlantic Salmon. You may have heard that “Excess of everything is wrong.” It is said that the excessive intake of Atlantic Salmon may lead to infections. It is due to the lofty revelation of dioxin and dioxin-like blends that are risky for your health.

Therefore, if you’re addicted to seafood, it may be fatal for your health. The limited use of Kirkland Signature Atlantic Salmon is good for your health and provides a considerable amount of energy to your body.


We hope we’ve cleared all your doubts about the Kirkland Frozen Salmon. You have a complete guide on Kirkland Signature Atlantic Salmon, 3 lbs review. Now, you and your family can relish the taste of delicious Salmon without bothering about the pros and cons of Kirkland Salmon.