Is Mexican Food Halal? All You Need To Know

Mexico being a cultural city is quite famous among tourists for its mouth-watery cuisines and taste. Many professional tourists visit Mexico City on a regular basis and are fond of the food there.

When the question arises, is Mexican food halal or not? As per the research, I reckon that you can find both halal and non-halal food, especially when corn tortilla is the staple food there.

Muslims visiting Mexico usually go through intense research for food because, as per the teachings of Islam, pork, i.e., red meat, is Haram.

Hence, it is good to be aware beforehand. I found out that there are many corny and non-pork options in food rendered a staple food.

Finding Halal-Mexican food

In Mexico, following a Muslim diet can be a problem there, particularly when you’re a native because most dishes contain pork in it either in the form of meat or pork fat-oil.

In Islam, pork is considered Haram (that means “unlawful” & “forbidden”) so there’s no chance to have a small bit of it in the food.

It is often observed that food vendors are less aware of the ingredients at times when asked about the presence of pork in it as they are just the sellers, and the hired cook at the back is not informed accordingly about the choices.

A documentary was recently circulated on a social media app, where it was found that when the Muslim girl went from vendor to vendor and asked before buying the food whether it is halal or not, so, 90% of times agreed that it is free from pork but at the end of the day were found with the presence of pork.

It displays that it’s a struggle to find Halal food in Mexico. It can be challenging to find non-halal meat. Also, one should be well-aware before buying anything from street vendors; instead, Muslim visitors or tourists can visit a halal food restaurant (like Pakistani or Indian) or prepare their food at the end of the day.

Mexican cuisine is one of the most complex cuisines in the world compared with the popularity of other cuisines like Chinese, Indian or French.

There are a particular number of spices and ingredients used as native ingredients in Mexico, like cocoa, squashes, corn, tomatoes, pepper, etc.

Nevertheless, there are a few restaurants that serve Middle-Eastern and South-Asian cuisines. Here we’ll look into a few of them.


If you want to enjoy a relaxed, romantic dinner near the ocean, no option could be better than Elefanta. The wooden deck with great ambiance and sunset view is all you want for a perfect evening.

Other than the scenic view, the attentive staff serves well-presented Indian cuisine. The yummy, not-so-spicy food containing daal and chicken reminds me of the delicious food of India back home. 


Bukhara is a must-visit for people who love to induce in Indian flavors and spices. They have a good variety of food on their menu and serve authentic Indian food with pleasant shades and a subtle flavor of spices.

The chefs bring special North Indian dishes to the table with radiating unique aroma and taste. Some value meals are also a part of the menu, representing decent prices and the heartfelt hospitality of the restaurant.


To satisfy your curry cravings, Dawat can be an unforgettable option. Exemplary service, delicious food, and friendly environment make it one of the top-notch restaurants in Mexico City which seems a must-visit for them.

Well-cooked chicken curry with starters like samosas and pakoras is everything a perfect menu showcases. In addition to the perfect aroma of Indian flavor, it also has a wide dinner buffet as well.


Great taste, radiant ambiance, and nice décor are the words that perfectly represent Tandoor. Here, I would like to highlight the serving waiters which are very accommodating and come up with the best suggestions for food.

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Nevertheless, there is a good variety of food on the menu, from non-veg to veg, everything is tasty with the subtle flavor of spices. A vast variety of drinks from traditional lassis to beer could be a place for every person in Mexico City whatever their background.

Shahi paneer and Biryani are the best options on the menu for reminiscing the flavor of India.

Patra Vali Indian Cuisine

Looking for an authentic Indian restaurant? I guess now you’re in the right spot. Yes, indeed, Patra Vali is the best option for all kinds of foods representing India, from non-veg to veg Here, you can find a vast variety of food that will serve the foodies the best.

Considering their top-notch service, it is known that your taste and preferences will be kept in focus while suggesting to you the best available options.

The classy ambiance makes it the best place for a person who is fond of aroma.

Indian Town

Being a tourist, it is difficult to find halal Mexican food in general and the question is always is Mexican food halal or not? Indian Town is Located in the middle of Mexico City which serves delicious vegetarians as per your regular Indian taste.

Even Muslims can have a good time here to satisfy their halal cravings. The “thali” thing is the most attractive feature of this restaurant along with slow Indian music and heartfelt ambiance. It’s a must-visit to get a feel of your country.

Taj Mahal

The feel of the Taj Mahal in Mexico City is warm and comfortable as if you have fine dining in the warmth of your home. The flavors of lassi (especially mango) and Gulab jamuns along with yummy food containing eggplant curry, chicken curry, shrimp curry, and biryani, is everything you desire. It is among the best Indian restaurants of Mexico City, which serves justice to its name and is great service and ambiance.

Tandor de Ali

A mother-son duo is running this authentic Indian restaurant with the perfect ambiance and aroma. It is a home-based restaurant in general that has bursting delicious flavors of India in their meal. The warmth of food can be felt in the environment too.

A small space with a good ambiance is everything that you want when abroad to get a feel of your country. From non-veg to veg, each meal is delicious with reasonable pricing and the wonderful ambiance of the place. It stands top amongst the best Indian restaurants of Mexico City and you won’t want to visit there.  

Table of India, Cancun

To have a break from the daily Mexican cuisine, you should definitely visit this lip-smacking Indian cuisine place and change the taste of your taste buds.

Taj Mahal is a restaurant with all the colors of Indian tradition and culture, a step into it feels like landing in India with all the vibe and warmth it offers.

The welcoming owner and staff are there to make you feel at home and offer dishes with all the love. The rich aroma and yummy licious food on the buffet win the hearts of the visitors. Freshly baked garlic naan is a pure delight with reasonable pricing.

It very much clears the mix of whether Mexican food is Halal or not.

Must Visiting Places in Mexico City

Mexico City is diverse in nature. You can get to experience different cuisines and places there, making your trip a worthy one and making you want to come back again and again. The vibrant energy in Mexico City is unmatched.

One thing which is best about Mexico City is the close proximity of places for tourists, it makes it bearable for the tourists to visit almost the whole City in a short span of time. It’s a culturally very amusing, avid, and robust place and is, largely, very much misunderstood for it’s not-so-good reputation.

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The stories of violence and threat have warded off many travelers, but it becomes his favorite place once a person visits. Like many big cities, chaos is sought if you acquire. Other than that, most tourist places are safe to travel to and stay.

Most big cities are filled with hustle and bustle; But Mexico City has a very different outlook which makes a traveler spellbound, roughly 40,000 to 50,000 tourists visit the City.

Along with its breath-taking architecture, state-of-the-art buildings, and rich history, the street food is everything your taste bud will ever want to experience. The flavors of food and aroma of those streets do not let you detach yourself easily from the City, once you leave.

Mexico City is built upon the site of Aztec city and near the lake-bed. The streets and buildings are crammed with the history and traditions of the Aztec civilization. To make your trip to Mexico worthwhile, here is the list of places you need to explore:

1.   Zocalo

Not only will Zocalo give you an insight into the City but also you will see the nearby enchantments and attractions to the square. The scenic view of sunset on Zocalo is a must to have a look at, and it’s purely brimming with all the joy of people around.

It is a place where street food and festivals are best enjoyed, and nights at the Zocalo are brimming with people coming for musical nights and concerts. Basically, it’s a hub for all the activities of city people and tourists.

2.   Museums All Over

Mexico City is brimming with almost 160 museums that enlighten the rich history, innovative ideas, and perhaps most of Mexico City itself. 3 of the most visited museums are listed for you:

●      Museo Soumya

It is famous for holding 60,000 paintings, ancient and modern art pieces. Here, you can find the private collection of these items, and it is a big thing to be present in Mexico City.

●      Museum of Memory and Tolerance

It is a memorial that highlights education and indifference in the world in the form of an education center. It exhibits the history and modern age genocides of the world, which have a lasting impact on the visitor.

●      National Museum of Anthropology

It’s a huge space with a massive two-floor building and would require a whole day for a complete visit. It is the country’s National Museum and is rich with almost 10,000 items, including textiles, weapons, ancient utensils, ornaments, etc.

3.   Palacio de Bellas Artes

If you desire to look at the most scenic thing in Mexico City, nothing could be better than Palacio de Bellas Artes, which looks spectacular in the golden hour.

It is best to be seen in Spring when the purple Jacarandas blossom and give an impression to cherish forever. It is a site to wander around for the couples who mingle here and bask in romance.

It is a great place for entertainment purposes as well because many activities are ongoing here like folk dance, art exhibitions, and other events.

4.   Sunday Lagunilla Flea Market

Usually, Lagunilla market is a typical market that is active throughout the week, but the main flea market is only functional on Sundays between 9-12 and comprises one lot.

It is one of my favorite shopping hubs where you can find all the art-related things from the Hispanic era. You for sure need to visit and book the ticket for this market beforehand. It is filled with Mexican art and craft and is the most important trading hub for the Americans.

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5.   Ruins of Tempol Mayor

Just behind Zocalo, you can find Templo Mayor which carries the remains of the primeval Aztec City, Tenochtitlan.  Unique statues maintain some of their vivacious colors.

The contiguous museum documents the history with a range of cultural information and art crafts. Remnants, such as a skull rack, have only been mined in recent years and new discoveries are enduring to be poised each year.

6.   Roma Norte-Condesa

It is a place which can make me paragraphs on it but for now, let me highlight a brief part of it only. It is a place to cherish the amusing cafes, yummy street food which might make you think that Mexican food is halal or not? Also, a diverse variety of street restaurants, night parks, beautiful boutiques, walking lanes, and whatnot.

Like many of Mexico City’s places that carry out events and festivals on a daily basis, it is also one of those where you can see the diverse communities coming together to enjoy the shows and festivals. I would suggest you take a day or two to spend here and roam around the place on horseback inhaling the beauty around.

Food in Mexico City

Mexico City is definitely famous for the cuisines which are offered on-street and off-street. Wherever you find people sitting and enjoying food, just jump into the bandwagon and take your share from those lush, yummy food along the way. Some of the best food options are listed below:

1.   Street Food

Those tables under the small tents are unignorable, when found near the vendors. Street food is the most famous way of enduring food in Mexico City which comprises Tortillas, corn-based food, shawarma-pork, etc.

Nearly every block contains these street food vendors which let the tourists enjoy food to another extent. Tuesday Condesa Tianguis is the best spot where you can try many diverse dishes if you saunter through the local food market. Also, other permanent markets, like Mercado Jamaica offer some daily amazing options of street food.

Tip: If Muslim, it is better to ask if the Mexican food is halal. Also, it is good to tell the amount of food you need then pay later when done with the food.

2.   Celebratory favorites

Pozol: An absolutely delicious meal called Pozol, which is considered the flap of celebrations, is the most favorite of the people there, a must-try. It is a tomato-based soup, including meat (mostly pork), garnishes, hominy, etc.

If pork is forbidden for you and the question arises in your mind that if the Mexican food is halal or not then reconsider this that it is not always halal, in fact, it is mostly filled with pork meat and if not then contains pork fat-oil.

Chile en Nogada: Reach Mexico City anytime between August and October and you’ll get to see advertisements of these roasted peppers all around the City.

Conventionally stuffed with pork and fruit, then topped with pomegranate seed and creamy walnut sauce. This special signifies the Mexican flag in celebration of Independence Day i.e., on September 15th.

3.   World of Cuisines

Undoubtedly, Mexican food is everything a perfect cuisine represents; But a taste of worldwide cuisines cannot be missed in the City. Whether it’s Asian, Japanese, Chinese or American, no food is less than the other in taste.

It has numerous, impressive Asian eateries along with a revitalizing Chinatown experience that is something you will not want to miss at all. Indeed, Mexico City is a place that no tourist will ever want to miss!