How Do I Cook Costco King Crab Legs: Step-By-Step Guide

Costco king crab legs look magnificently beautiful and heavenly delicious, but many people seem confused about cooking King Crab legs, which is not even that difficult task. If you have an idea of the ingredients and recipe, you can easily Cook Costco King Crab Legs, probably in only 15 minutes.

Are you looking forward to How To Cook Costco King Crab Legs?

Worry not; this article has explained straightforward and detailed steps to cook Costco King Crab Legs; whether you are a beginner or pro chef, you can dig out our recipes to cook King Crab legs perfectly and successfully.

Helpful Methods To Cook Costco King Crab Legs With Absolute Perfection

Costco King Crab legs can double the fun of your every event and enough to impress the guests. Plus, you can use King Crab leftovers to make dozens of nutritious King crab dishes. In short, Costco Red King Crab legs are low carb, super-quality, keto-friendly, and reasonably priced.

King Crabs are available in three types: red, blue, and golden. Costco sells the red King Crabs type, which is more flavorsome than the other two varieties.

The taste of the crab legs depends upon the recipe you are following. There are several ways to cook King Crab legs—steaming, grilling, baking, boiling, etc. Each recipe is simple; often, you only need butter and hot sauce to get tasty King Crab legs ready.

It is sometimes all about heating crab legs for 5 to 10 minutes (carefully, it may not overcook) and enjoying a mouthwatering taste. Isn’t it easy?

Following are some instructions on how you can cook Costco King crab legs.

Note: Costco frozen crab legs are pre-cooked, so they need to be heated before you serve. The simplest way is to put them in a steamer or colander over rapidly boiling water and then eat. However, there are many other methods that you can try depending on your mood and choice.

Let’s walk through those methods!

Recipe 1: Steps To Steam Costco King Crab Legs

  • Wash the King Crab legs before steaming them; quickly run water over them. (It is an optional step as Costco King Crab legs packaging is done after washing and pre-cooking)
  • Use a steamer or big tray to steam the Costco King Crab legs but before that, break the legs into sections, preferably from each joint. If you don’t like cutting the crab legs, you can steam them whole in a tray.
  • Add two cups of water in a pot (pot should be one-third covered with water) and a tablespoon of salt. Put a steamer over the pot and cover it carefully.
  • Let the crab legs steam for 15-18 minutes or increase the time until thoroughly heated. If crab legs are already thawed, 4 to 6 minutes of steam is enough.
  • As you get the odor of cooked crab legs, take the steamer off, and put the legs in a serving tray.
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So just in a few minutes, you will have delicious steamed Costco King Crab Legs prepared. Try this quick recipe for your parties and get a bundle of joy and appreciation from your guests. Cheers!

Note: This recipe was for fully cooked King Crab legs.

Recipe 2: Method To Grill King Crab Legs

As the Costco crab legs come frozen and cooked, what you can do is heat up the legs on the grill and baste them with some butter. The steps are:

  • Twist the crab legs at the joint and break them into pieces. After breaking the legs into parts, use the scissors to quickly cut out the shell sections since you will be able to baste melted butter straightforwardly onto the meat. It will ease your grilling process and help the crab legs easily fit onto the grill.
  • Now take your grill and cook Costco King Crab legs on high; to enrich them with the taste, keep basting the King Crab legs with the melted butter a couple of times.
  • You can cook smaller and larger crab leg parts turn by turn for a different time. However, if you put smaller and larger pieces at once, take off the smaller pieces once you see they are steaming. Leave the big knuckles for some additional minutes, so they get the chance to steam all of the ways.
  • It will take almost ten minutes to grill King Crab legs.
  • Soon you will have the salty and exceptionally rich crab legs ready. Due to its richness in flavor, several crab lovers cannot eat it regularly, but it is a fantastic feast at an affordable price. You can also use lemon wedges to cut through the richness in flavor.
  • Serve the mouthwatering crab legs with garlic butter and lemon wedges.
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Recipe 3: Ways To Bake Costco King Crab Legs

  • If you like the flavor of herbs and lemon, baking King Crab legs are an excellent option for you. The first step is the same as steaming or grilling processes. Unwrap the King Crab legs from the packaging and cut them into pieces at the joints.
  • Wrap the King Crab legs in a large baking sheet and bake in an oven preheated to 375F.

If you want to get the utmost joy of your baked Costco King Crab Legs, eat them by dipping them into the garlic butter and Old Bay seasoning. Baked Costco King Crab Legs are moist with succulent flavor and tender meat; that is why every crab lover likes to eat them.

Did You Know? The shelf life of fresh King Crab is 5-7 days; however, adequately glazed frozen King Crab can last for a year.

Recipe 4: All About Boiling King Crab Legs

Often crab lovers prefer to boil crab legs instead of steaming or grilling. Boiling is really a quick and simple method to cook Costco King Crab legs.

  • Fill a large stockpot or saucepan with water and bring it to a boil.
  • Pour the seasoning, if you have, and one tablespoon of salt in boiling water.
  • Add the King Crab legs when you find water is boiling. Later reduce the high flame to medium.
  • Allow the crab legs to simmer properly for almost six minutes or until they heat up.
  • When crab legs are cooked, take them out of the water, rinse and dish them out to eat.

Recommendations: Boiling King Crab legs is not a good step because the legs’ meat is delicate, and boiling it straight in water can ruin its delicacy. You can melt frozen crab legs in the refrigerator or room temperature and serve with Clarified Butter or Hollandaise Sauce. You can also serve cold King Crab legs as crab salad.

Let’s head towards Costco King Crab Legs price; are they really keen priced?

How Much Do Costco King Crab Legs Cost?

Currently, you can buy King crab legs for about $27 per pound. If you purchase thawed 2-3 pound portions, you need to pay about $60 for one package.

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The price is reduced by about $25 per pound when you purchase the large frozen box of ten pounds, and it will cost you about $250. In other words, buying a 10 pound box from a Costco store costs less than buying one pound or 3 pounds.

These said prices are for large crab legs sized 6/9, the most common size at Costco stores. However, the legs numbering system depends on how many legs are required to fill a ten-pound box.

Different sizes of crab legs at different prices are available at the Costco store. The Costco King Crab legs are also available on 4/7, 9/12, and 16/20 size. Generally, the larger size is more expensive on a per pound basis.

At the weekend, you get more offers as a seafood stand to facilitate a more accessible King Crab selection. You can purchase the crab legs size you like the most. However, you get two options on weekdays: buy the 3-pound box or the 10-pound bag.

The available crabs are entirely pre-cooked, fresh, and frozen. If you buy frozen crab legs, you can thaw them in the kitchen to get them steamed. You can also steam or grill frozen legs (using the methods as mentioned earlier). If you have time to cook crab legs, you can put them in the refrigerator overnight and let them defrost. Keep the crab legs in the fridge by placing them in the tray since drops will not create a mess.

Our Summary

Costco King Crab legs do not look amazing only in regular meals; these crab legs are also fantastic choices for special occasions, holiday meals, brunch, get-togethers, or just feeling luxurious on yourself.

You can cook Costco King Crab legs in multiple ways, and fortunately, every method is quick and straightforward. This guide comprises the ultimate ways for cooking King Crab legs; if you feel any confusion or distraction while cooking, you can dive into the mentioned steps.

All-in-all, if you have ever missed King Crab legs by considering that they are tough to prepare, follow this guide to get them cooked. And you must think about them as part of your next occasion!