What is the Difference Between Domino’s Pan Pizza and Hand-Tossed?

Domino’s is famous worldwide for its pizzas, and it has a huge variety of pizzas. What is the difference between dominos’s pan and hand-tossed pizza?

Although the basic ingredients and making process are the same, minor differences give different textures to the dough and differentiate them from each other.

Let us discuss both pizzas in detail

What is Domino’s Hand-Tossed Pizza?

It is the best pizza for people who love to eat traditional pizza. The dough is prepared by hand and caught in the air.

According to the cook, it is said that the more air is trapped inside the dough, the more fluffy the pizza becomes moreover it has a very nice texture as its curst is crispy from the outside and very soft from the inside.

Moreover, delicious ingredients are used for making it, and the dough is of very high quality as it is stretched by hand.

Furthermore, the crust of the hand-tossed pizza is very thick and tastes sweeter than the thin crust. However, differences may not be very clear, but some people can sense them.

What is Domino’s Pan Pizza?

Domino’s has various pizzas, and different toppings are used. However, pan pizza is different from all as it has the thickest crust and can hold the topping easily.

However, the crust is thick but made so that it becomes soft from the inside, and it is crispy like bread from the corners. Topping stays inside the dough as it is large; moreover, many airy edges hold the topping.

Furthermore, this whole procedure makes the pizza sturdy and does not fall when lifted.

It is made by following a different procedure as many ingredients are used in it, and some of them are watery. Thus, to increase the hold and strength of dough, we use different processes.

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The main difference between pan and hand-tossed pizza lies in their thickness. However, there are many minor differences as well.

The Dough

The main thing that differentiates pan pizza from hand-tossed pizza is the dough. There are a few differences between their making; however, there are a few variations.

The dough of both pizzas is made with olive oil, yeast, water, and salt. Although they have the same ingredients, the finished products are different from each other.

The hand-tossed pizza dough is very thin and soft, and when we lift it does not bend. Thus overall, it has a very smooth texture.

Moreover, there is more air trapping in the hand-tossed pizza, which rises more. Pain pizza dough is soft, but it does not shape. It changes and becomes hard in the pan in which it is cooked and holds its shape.

How Are They Shaped?

The bakers toss the dough in the air and spread it thick and soft. When it is broken into small pieces and tossed in the air, there is air trapping at the edges of the pieces.

That’s why hand-tossed pizza dough is more circular than other hand-made pizzas. However, pan pizza dough is baked in a circular pan, and it attains the shape of the pot.

However initial step of making pan pizza dough is the same we have to roll down the dough in the shape of a ball, and then it is spread in a round pan.

The Crust

The second difference lies in the crust of both pizzas. The crust of the hand-tossed pizza is thinner and crispy. Moreover, we do not need to add additional oil to it as it is cooked directly, so we do not need to add oil to protect it from sticking.

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The crust of pan pizza is thicker and fluffier; moreover, it is oily for protecting it from burning and attaching to the pan.

The Toppings

We almost use the same ingredients for topping both pizzas, and the topping is spread equally. However, cheese is present in a large amount of pan pizza. That’s why it looks buttery and blends well with the crust to prevent dryness.

The topping on the hand-tossed pizza is less than pan pizza, and less cheese and sauces are used in it, so it is comparatively dry, but it does not mean it is not delicious. It tastes the best!

Texture and Taste

The texture of pan pizza is very soft and fluffy; moreover, it is very buttery; thus, there is a very good blend of butter and crust that is dark brown.

Thus overall, this pizza complements very well and tastes very delicious. However, the crust of the hand-tossed pizza is very thin and crispy, and a small amount of butter is also present.

It is the best option for people who do not want to eat more and prefer dry crust over oil-flooded crust. Moreover, it is crispy so you will enjoy eating it very much.

The Temperature of Cooking

The cooking temperature of both pizzas is also very different from each other. We cook hand-tossed pizza at 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is ready in almost 5 minutes.

However, pan pizza is made at a very high temperature, rising to 600-700 degrees Fahrenheit. A large amount of topping is spread on it, and its crust is thick. That’s why this pizza requires more time for cooking.


The following are the most commonly asked question. Please go through them to remove all confusion.

Which One is Healthier Between Hand-Tossed and Pan Pizza?

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The crust of the hand-tossed pizza is thin and crispy. Thus, less toping is present. Moreover, it contains less oil, so it is best for people who do not have a very active lifestyle.

However, if you have a very active lifestyle, pan pizza is also good for you as much meat is present in its topping.

Which Are The Common Forms Of Hand-Tossed And Pan Pizzas?

There are two forms of hand-tossed pizza: thin crust and wood-fired. The hot blazing temperature is given by using wood-burning heat for cooking both pizzas.

There are many options in the pan pizza, including Detroit-style pizza, Chicago deep-dish pizza, and East Coast Sicilian pizza. There are different topping options in it: cheese, meat, sauce, and veggie.

What is Domino’s New Hand-Tossed?

It varies slightly from the classic hand-tossed dough as its dough is thoroughly kneaded until it is completely soft, and then it is stretched by hand carefully and broken down into pieces which are then tossed in the air.

Which Dominos Crust is Best?

Following are the best crust of dominos

  1. Cheese burst: yummy cheese is filled inside it
  2. Classic hand-tossed: it is the traditional crust, crispy from the outside and soft from inside
  3. Wheat thin crust: it is the healthy and lightweight crust of dominos.

Final Words

In short, there are many differences between hand-tossed and pan-pizza. However, the main difference lies in the crust and the making of the dough. If you love pizzas with heavy toppings, prefer pan pizza.

But if you do not like oil, then go for hand-tossed pizza. Moreover, pan pizza has thick dough, so it takes more time to cook and requires a very high temperature.

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