What Comes in a Taco Bell “Party Pack”?

If you are a fast-food lover, you must be looking for a taco bell party pack. In this guide, you will know what comes in a taco bell party pack. Here we will discuss different types of Taco Bell packs and what they contain.

You will also know how you can order and quickly get your food.

Let’s Start!

What is Taco Bell?

Taco Bell is a chain of fast-food restaurants in America. It originated in Irvine, California, in 1962. Glen Bell founded this Taco bell fast food restaurant chain.

The restaurants of Taco Bell serve Mexican-inspired foods, including tacos, quesadillas, burritos, novelty, and nachos. In 2018, Taco bell served over 2 billion customers each year at 7072 restaurants.

More than 93% of these restaurants are owned and operated by independent licensees and franchisees.

What Comes in a Taco Bell Party Pack?

Now we will discuss the party pack of Taco Bell in detail.

Taco Bell launched Party Pack nationwide starting on Oct.18. there are mainly three types of party packs depending on the occasion, whether it is game night, movie night, mood, or forcing your friends to tell ghost stories.

They include Taco Party Pack, Taco Variety Pack, and Grande meals. Our primary concern is the Taco Bell party pack.

You can choose from a variety of 12-pack party packs. They include the original Taco Bell Party Pack, including crunchy or soft tacos.

The second is a variety Taco party pack that contains regular tacos and nacho cheese, Doritos tacos, and the Taco and Burrito party pack. You can also make your order by customizing it.

These packs are available online. You can order these party packs via the Taco Bell app or the Taco Bell website. You can also get these packs from stores on October 18.

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The prices of all these packs vary depending on the location, but from the launch of these packs through the end of October, all the Taco Bell Party Packs are available at a 15% discount, which seems attractive and outstanding.

How Much do These Party Packs Cost?

Prices are different for different Taco Bell party packs.

  • Supreme Taco Party pack costs $15.99
  • A supreme variety pack containing 12 pieces costs $17.99
  • A Grande meal containing a combination of any 10 crunchy or soft tacos and bean burritos costs $11.99
  • Variety Taco 12 pack costs $13.99

What is Nacho Party Pack?

Taco Bell is launching its nacho party pack on Thursday, December 26th. This nacho party pack costs $9.99. Now we will see what is actually in the nacho party pack.

This contains the brand signature chips loaded with low-fat sour cream, Pico de Gallo, refried beans, seasoned beef, guacamole, and jalapenos and then doused in a nacho cheese sauce served in a box.

How Can You Get the Nacho Party Pack?

You can get it from any Taco Bell restaurant if you want to buy it. You can also place the order via the Grubhub app if you wish to have this nacho party pack delivered.

If you order this Nacho Party Pack between 26 December and January 1st, you don’t have to pay the delivery fee. However, you need to place an order minimum of $12.

The sad news is that Nacho Party Pack will not be available forever, and also Taco Bell has not announced the end date of the Nacho Party Pack availability.

What is Taco Bell Current $5 Box?

This $5 box contains a value combo that includes a Chalupa Supreme, a Beefy burrito with 5 layers, a medium fountain drink, cinnamon twists, and a crunchy taco.

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If you purchased all these items separately, this would cost $9.

Which Specialities Taco Bell has?

  • Triplelupa costs $3.49 and 610 Cal. Add To Order Customize.
  • Chalupa Supreme costs $2.99 and 350 Cal.
  • Mexican Pizza costs $3.89 and 530 Cal.
  • Power Menu Bowl costs $5.49 and 480 Cal.
  • Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme costs $3.69 and 510 Cal.
  • Crunchwrap Supreme costs $3.69 and 530 Cal.
  • Cheesy Gordita Crunch costs $3.59 and 500 Cal.
  • Power Menu Bowl – Veggie costs $5.49 and 430 Cal.

Who are the Competitors of Taco Bell?

Following are the top 8 competitors of Taco Bell:

  • Subway
  • McDonald’s
  • Domino’s
  • KFC
  • Pizza Hutt
  • Papa Johns Pizza
  • Burger King
  • Smokin Joes Pizza

Which Opportunities are Available for Taco Bell?

As we all know, Taco Bell is a well establishes food brand and due to its success in its goals following opportunities are available for it:

  • The business can be grown further to get more profit by introducing home delivery in a big way. Because this will attract those people that prefer home delivery.
  • Expedition into newer markets will make it more popular.
  • Introducing new flavors and recipes with healthy ingredients will make it the most liked food brand.
  • More advertisements will help in more Taco Bell brand awareness among people.

How to Save Money at Taco Bell?

You can smartly save money by using Taco bell coupons. You can use one of the available coupons from the Slickdeals to save money. Unfortunately, Taco Bell coupon codes don’t work when their expiration date arrives.

How to use Coupons Codes?

To use the coupons code, follow the steps listed below:

  • First, copy the promo code on your clipboard.
  • And paste it while checking out.
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Some coupon codes are applicable for particular items, so make sure all the items qualify for this coupon code before placing your order. You can also use printable coupons code at Taco Bell stores.


  • Taco Bell is a famous brand name known for its best services and it is one of the trustworthy brands.
  • This is more concerned with hygiene.
  • Taco Bell sells healthy fast food.
  • Taco Bell has adopted a trans-fat-free formula that is tough competition for its competitors. By adopting this formula, Taco Bell has switched to a healthier recipe.
  • Good advertising and marketing skills.
  • Taco Bell has established more than 7000+ stores, and it serves a billion customers every year. This makes it a global food brand.


  • High fat and high-calorie content in food are not suitable for health-conscious people.
  • Limited market share growth for Taci Bell due to high competition.
  • More advertisements lead to the harmful impact of fast food consumption.

Final Verdict

In short, Taco Bell is a well-known fast-food brand. The food deals and Taco Bell party packs are excellent. In this guide, you will know the complete information regarding what comes in a Taco Bell Party Pack.

We will also mention the prices of each Taco Bell party pack and the option to buy the party pack.

In this guide, we also discussed the different types of Taco Bell party packs, and we also mentioned the names of items present in these boxes with calories.

You will know the name of competitors of Taco Bell and the opportunities that can help to compete with them. At last, you will get a chance to know the pros and cons of Taco Bell.