Costco Mary’s Organic Crackers Review: Price, Nutrition, Ingredients, and More

I am original, herbs, black pepper, and jalapeno. I am hefty in flavor! Haven’t you tried me yet? Forget the ritzy buttery costly crackers! There is an old cracker with ancient ingredients that you can find in your nearest stores. Is it too soon to say this organic cracker is the healthiest cracker imaginable? Come along and read it for yourself!

Go hit your stores and grab a box of Mary’s Organic Crackers because these are gluten-free, the whole plant-based, and vegans approved! Below is Costco Mary’s Organic Crackers Review, which will compel you to spend a few bucks for all the right reasons on these healthy snacks.

Behold! This review may influence you to replace your rich buttery crackers with these vegan, nutty crackers with favorite dips. Don’t miss this!

The Old Times Classic: The Original Flavour



  • Its serving size is 13 crackers (30g) per box, while 1 box is 6.5 oz.
  • You can purchase 1 box for $4.59, which is quite economical.
  • 6-pack box for $25.54, and you can get the 12-pack box for $49.08.


These crackers are packed with nutritional profiles- 3g of fiber and 3g of protein per serving. They also contain 5g of healthy fats and are full of heart-healthy seeds. Indeed, these crackers are popular among all age groups.

You will be immediately attracted to these crackling crunchy crackers because of the high content of flax seeds and sesame seeds. Just in case you want to eliminate gluten, then Mary’s organic crackers are your perfect choice for substitution.

All of Mary’s Organic four flavors are free from dairy and eggs, so you don’t need to worry about any lactose intolerance issues. The nutty texture is due to the copious amounts of flaxseeds and sesame seeds; there are no hidden nuts. You are safe. These crackers totally meet the criteria of vegan foods full of energy-boosting vitamins and rich in dietary fiber!


Ancient grains are the core ingredients in these crackers. The four whole key ingredients are- quinoa, brown rice, flax, and sesame seeds. Other ingredients include sea salt, filtered water, organic wheat-free tamari, and soy.

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The infusion of all these startling ingredients results in the perfect crispy, crunchy texture and rich flavor. At first, these crackers taste a bit rice-like; however, after a mouthful, you love the nutty and distinct flavor. It tastes even better when paired with guacamole and hummus.

Go get creative with your toppings!

Hefty and hold up to dipping, with its satisfying crunch.

Second Flavor: Herb


Next is Mary’s Organic cracker review is the herb cracker!

The traditional cracker is infused with herbs and a culinary twist of special herbs and spices.

The price of this flavor is the same as the original

  • 1 box for $4.59,
  • 6-pack box for $25.54, and
  • 12-pack box for $49.08.


Like the original flavor, these crackers are full of nutrition: 3g of fiber and 4g of protein per serving. They also contain 4.5gs of healthy fats, and the serving size is 12 crackers (30g). Herb crackers are free from eggs, dairy and gluten and are packed with garlic that has medicinal traits. 


The herb cracker roots in organic whole grains, brown rice, quinoa, flax and sesame seeds, organic wheat-free tamari, filtered water, sea salt, herbs and soy. The organic culinary herbs of rosemary, shreds of garlic, and drops of lemon play havoc on your buds, and the seeds literally bulge out of the cracker. What an enthralling view!

The Pepper Flavour

This one is for all the pepper lovers! With a fresh blast of organic pepper to the traditional recipe, you can enjoy the hefty, nutty flavor and a tinge of smokey heat to the organic cracker.


  • In terms of price, it is the same as the original and herb flavor.
  • 1 box for $4.59,
  • 6-pack box for $25.54, and
  • 12-pack box for $49.08.

Now let’s check the Nutritional value of Mary’s Organic black pepper cracker!


These crackers are packed with nutritional profiles- 3g of fiber and 3g of protein per serving. They also contain 5g of healthy fats and are full of heart-healthy flax and sesame seeds.

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The ingredients are similar to the other two flavors, with an addition of organic black pepper to produce some heat and spice for the people of this distinct flavor. The rest of the ingredients are the four key components, brown rice, quinoa, flax seeds, and sesame seeds, all organic in nature. Filtered water, organic wheat-free tamari, sea salt, and soy when infused result in this crunchy, crispy, nutty, and smokey cracker.

Jalapeno! Is It Hot Enough for You?


If you prefer that your food strikes back on your taste buds, these crackers are baked for you. The most exhilarating jalapeno flavor is added to the original recipe for a refreshing heat. You can pair this with something creamy, rich, and mild. What a mouthwatering crunchy snack!


The price of Mary’s Organic Jalapeno Cracker is the same as the rest of the lot!

1 box for $4.59,

6-pack box for $25.54, and

12-pack box for $49.08.


These crackers are 140 calories with a serving size of 13 crackers (30g). Not only are they full of nutrition-3g of fiber and 3g of protein, but they also contain 5g of healthy fats and vitamin A, calcium, and iron. 


The typical ingredients include brown rice, quinoa, flax seeds, sesame seeds, sea salt, filtered water, and soy. The addition of mouth-watering flavors of organic jalapeno powder, organic seaweed, and dehydrated onion produces crispy, fresh crackers.

If you are looking for intake in high fiber foods, then this is your cracker. Fiber also helps lower your cholesterol level, so this nutty cracker will not give you a high fiber intake but will keep the cholesterol numbers down too!

These are the four flavors of Costco Mary’s Organic Crackers with their price, nutrition, and ingredients.

Now let’s come to some mind-boggling reasons Mary’s Organic crackers are the best in town!

Their Mission

These crackers aim to nourish the whole person in body and mind, to make the world a better place by spreading the love of food through organic whole foods.

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The words “organic” and “whole” play a dominant role in their mission plan, which promotes the connection between people as a whole to the root-organic.

The packaging is climate pledge friendly.

These Crackers are Apostle for Change

Just in case the copious amount of seeds was not enough to make these crackers stand out, Mary’s Organic Crackers are advocates of a movement called “Conscious Eating”. The movement supports different organizations that assure food and water safety, federal laws for nutritious school lunches, organic farming techniques, and much more. Who knew!

These crackers are produced from consciously and sustainably sourced products and ingredients. As you make healthy choices for yourself, those choices should also be healthy and beneficial for the planet.

The old-fashioned ingredients are the key

Quinoa-inspired recipes are the new trend to follow as it is loaded with incredible nutritional value: iron, calcium, vitamin E, and vitamin B5 are the vitamins and minerals found in these grains.

These Crackers Will Boost Your Energy

These crackers cannot be categorized as empty snacks. Mary’s Organic crackers are filled with healthy fats from a variety of seeds enclosed in an ancient grain bed, which nurtures the body with the healthy carbohydrates it requires for daily activities.

Final Thoughts

When you hear the word ‘cracker’, the things that come to your mind are crunchy, crispy, buttery, ritzy, tasty, light in weight, and a snack with fewer calories!

However, Mary’s Organic Crackers do fall in some of these categories, but these have surprisingly distinct traits of their own. These are crispy, crunchy, mouthwatering, light in weight, and have fewer calories.

These crackers are a healthy snack, not just a snack; these are full of whole organic seeds with a nutty texture; you can literally see the seeds bulging out of the cracker, which is astonishing! And you can enjoy four different flavors. You don’t have to worry about eggs, milk, butter, or nuts; these crackers are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and nuts-free, and are vegan approved.

These crackers care more about the environment than you do! All the more reasons why you should purchase these crackers.