The Top 10 Countries Have The Best Durian In The World (2022 Updated)

Durian is, without a doubt, one of the most famous fruits, especially in Southeast Asia. This tropical fruit is unlike any other fruit because of its big size, prickly skin covering its sweet flesh, and unique odor.

Its popularity has been on the rise in the west, despite having a peculiar odor that Westerners sometimes relate to cheese. However, the taste is top-notch and feels super delicious on the tongue.

But the taste of Durian varies a little depending on the country of the plant. Climate, growing practices, and most importantly, the strains of Durian grown in different countries decide how a Durian will taste. So, which top 10 countries have the best Durian in the World?

Let’s find out.

Top 10 Countries That Have The Best Durian In The World

Although Durian is native to Malaysia and Thailand, it is now widely grown in many Asian countries. Most of these export this tropical to western countries. That is why in a superstore, you see a tag on the Durian about which country it was grown.

However, only a few countries grow these top-quality fruits. To know what they are, we have made a list of the top 10 countries that have the best Durian in the World, which you should try once in your life.


Thailand is the World’s largest producer and exporter of Durian, believe it or not! It produces six times more Durian than anyplace else on the planet and has over 230 types of fruit, ranging from the inexpensive Kan Yao to the common Monthong and Chanee.

So, if you get the opportunity to visit Thailand, you should sample the Thai Durian, as this stunning island offers one of the best durians in the World.

But from which part of the country?

Yaowarat Road, commonly known as Bangkok’s Chinatown, is a foodie’s dream, lined with innumerable durian booths and carts offering the fruit fresh and in its shell at low costs.

In addition, “I’m durian” is a business in Nonthaburi Province, close northwest of Bangkok, that serves only one thing: durian! Its proprietor is a durian enthusiast, having sampled over 100 different varieties of fruit.

The store has a good selection of the most common durian kinds as well as a few uncommon ones.

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Wondering which is the World’s second-largest producer of Durian? It’s Malaysia, with

many varieties adored by the public.

The country has 134 approved fruit varieties as of this writing, but the Musang King, D24, and Red Prawn are the most common in the market.

Moreover, Fook Gor Durian Farm is the result of a collaboration between agriculture experts that specialize in developing Malaysia’s durian types.

With over 30 years of expertise, they are eager to form collaborations with companies and individuals who share their passion for Durian.


Cambodia’s Kampot province is noted for its durian fields, and the native fruits are considered to be among the best in the World. It’s no surprise that the city of Kampot has a durian statue as the people of Kampot love durian.

Durian season in Cambodia lasts from mid-May to mid-July, so don’t miss out on this amazing tropical fruit.

Some people adore Durian, while others find it gross and repulsive. The fruit’s well-known peculiar odor is the fundamental reason for such diametrically opposed viewpoints.


Another country producing delicious Durians is the Philippines.

The “Durian Capital of the Philippines” is Davao City in Mindanao. The fruit is such a huge thing in the Davao region, helping the local economy with exports and tourists, that they even have an annual celebration in its honor!

This farm, approximately an hour outside of Davao City, welcomes durian fans of all ages to tour the facility and sample some of the province’s best-tasting durian species.

Because the number of people per day is limited to provide a good experience, make a reservation at least three days in advance of your visit, so they have enough time to make the required arrangements for you.

They currently offer two tours: a day tour with lunch and a day tour with snacks.

Any Davao resident would tell you that Lola Abon’s is the best spot to acquire durian-derived sweets. This popular candy factory has been delighting people with its delectable durian delicacies such as Pastillas and Yema since the 1950s.


Singapore’s fascination with Durian has now reached new heights. They consume the most fruit per capita and import over 22,000 tonnes of Durian from Malaysia each year. I don’t enjoy arithmetic, but one thing is certain: that’s a lot of money Singapore earns!

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For over 50 years, durian stalls in Singapore have been serving durian-addicted locals and visitors. It is most known for selling the Mao Shan Wang durian, which is one of the most costly durian kinds available. Arrive early to secure a good seat because the area fills up rapidly.

Durian sweets are the specialty of this recently launched eatery. Try their Durian Mousse Cake, which is a delectable vanilla sponge coated in fresh durian and palm sugar syrup, or their Ice Cream Puff, which is infused with Mao Shan Wan tastes.


Indonesia is a durian paradise that the World sometimes neglects. While it may not be as well-known as the other countries on our list, the durian varieties available there are delicious.

In Indonesia, Tangkahan is well renowned for its elephant-interaction activities, but durian enthusiasts consider it to be the country’s durian heaven. Visit the region for fruit sampling, then participate in outdoor activities such as jungle hiking and river tubing to take in the breathtaking environment. If you see your store selling “Grown In Indonesia Durians,” then grab them quickly.


In Vietnam, Durian is known as Sau Rieng. It is primarily grown in the south of Vietnam, but there are few orchards in the highlands of Lam Dong province at heights of 600 to 1000 meters.

Dong Nai, Ben Tre, BariaVungtau, Tien Giang, Lam Dong, Vinh Long, Binh Duong, and Can Tho are the primary producing locations in Vietnam. Durian is available for purchase across Vietnam; however, it is only grown south of Hue. Surprisingly, the Mekong Delta’s humid flatlands are a major production area.

This region yields 92 percent of all Durian produced in Vietnam, according to the Southern Fruit Research Institute (SOFRI).


Brunei Durian is often overlooked, but it should not be. This little country is one of the delicious Durian-producing countries, featuring some of Borneo’s best Durio diversity.

Few people visit Brunei’s only city, Bandar Seri Begawan. During the durian season, you must visit the city, and you’ll see durians as you’ve never seen before. You won’t have to travel far because it’s such a small country.

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The Gerai Pengkalan Batu durian vendor is about a 22-minute drive from our downtown Bandar apartment suites. There, you will see some of the top-quality and amazing-looking Durians. So, do visit Brunei if you want to taste delish durians. 

Sri Lanka

The Portuguese introduced Durian to Sri Lanka four centuries ago and now, this tropical fruit may be found in practically every town in the country, especially on the southern coast. Most Sri Lankans also think Durian has a lovely sweet scent. Contrarily, some think it has a strong and unpleasant odor.

Sri Lankan Durian is actually quite custardy and delicious. Plus, not many smells come from this tropical fruit when grown in Sri Lanka.

In addition, Sri Lankan Durian is surprisingly easy to eat once you’ve sliced open the unappealing exterior and reached the fleshy part. Durian ice cream or a cold milkshake are both delicious and enjoyed by Sri Lankans.


Durian has become increasingly popular among Chinese consumers in recent years. Although this tropical fruit is not cultivated in China on a large scale, the area which grows produces one of the highest quality Durian. However, outsiders can hardly get to eat the Chan-grown Durian.

But since the popularity is more, the fruit grown is not enough. Thus, China has now had to turn to Thailand to import their Durians too. But the Durian Production is expected to boost in the upcoming years, and soon China will be exporting this tropical fruit instead of importing it.

Final Words

All-inclusive, Durian fruit is very popular these days, but many people don’t know where you can taste the best variety of it. I decided to make a list to find out which countries grow the top-notch Durians.

So, which top 10 countries have the best Durian in the World?

It’s Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Sri Lanka, and China.

I recommend you visit these places if you can afford them and taste the best fruit by yourself. If you can’t, look for such stores that sell Durians grown in these regions.