Is Silicon Nerd Reliable or a Scam Site?

If you’re a gamer who likes to play, then you obviously invest a significant amount of money in gaming gadgets. If yes, you might have undoubtedly come across Silicon Nerd’s website. This platform allows you to buy all the latest and your favorite gaming gadgets, PlayStation, XBOX, and all kinds of accessories at the most reasonable prices

While the Silicon Nerd website lets you buy all kinds of branded gaming gadgets and accessories, one of the most thought-provoking questions that come to mind is: “Is Silicon Nerd reliable or a scam site?” This article aims to examine the legitimacy of Silicon Nerd and determine if it is safe to buy your gaming gadgets from them or if it’s just another scam site.

What Does Silicon Nerd Offer?

There are many instances when we wish to shop from the comfort and convenience of our homes rather than heading out to the store. One of the things people love to shop online is the latest gaming gadgets or electronics, such as laptops and desktop computers.

For instance, Silicon Nerd claims to be an excellent eCommerce website based in the United States of America. It offers a vast range of gaming consoles, devices, laptops, and PCs and claims that users across the world can buy their favorite gaming products from home.

Now, even though countless online websites might be claiming to offer genuine products and services, it can be challenging to determine a site’s legitimacy and differentiate an authentic site from a scam one. In the next section, let’s get straight to the point to see if this Silicon Nerd is a legit and reliable site or a scam.

Is Silicon Nerd Reliable or a Scam Site?

Silicon Nerd appears no less than a scam website and is a risky place to shop from. Silicon Nerd’s website has been operating in the eCommerce business market for almost three years now. At first glance, it might appear like an entirely legitimate source for purchasing high-end and costly gaming products, consoles, and gadgets.

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While Silicon Nerd claims to offer users a vast assortment of options, it doesn’t appear to be the case. Upon visiting any section of Silicon Nerd, you will see that there are hardly any products on the website, which can be utterly disappointing for users.

Despite the website stating that it plans to expand its product range, there’s no surety if it will actually offer what it claims. The “About Us” section of any online page instantly gives us some sense of credibility that this business can be trusted.

However, Silicone Nerd does not even have an “About Us” section on its website, nor does it include any personal information. This is a huge red flag and one of the most significant factors that make users skeptical about purchasing anything from such online sites.

Even the address listed on their site is fake. Moreover, you will hardly come across any satisfied customer reviews regarding Silicon Nerd online.

Silicon Nerd Red Flags

Several other red flags have also been highlighted regarding this website, which we will observe in this section.

Domain Age & Expiration

As previously mentioned, the domain of this website is three years old. Silicon Nerd was officially registered on 28-09-2017, and its expiration date was 28-09-2021. Technically, it goes to say that the website is no longer functional and is already expired by now, which is quite a negative sign.

Trust Score

On average, Silicone Nerd has a somewhat mediocre trust score of 58.8 out of 100, close to 60%. Even though this is not exactly a bad sign, there’s no guarantee regarding the website.

Missing “About U” Page

We have previously mentioned that Silicon Nerd does not have an “About Us” section or page on its website, which is bound to make buyers skeptical before purchasing.

Contact Details

There is contact information listed on the website. However, that is also considered to be nothing but a fake one. It also includes an email id, which too is not legitimate. If you message on this email address, you will see it never replies to customer escalations.

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Hence, Silicon Nerd is not transparent enough to reveal its basic contact information. It is certainly not a site you should trust when it comes to money.

Customer Reviews

When you shop for things on an online platform, the first thing you must validate is the customer reviews. Indeed, all legitimate online stores will have a separate customer review section for each product.

Unfortunately, you won’t see any customer reviews on Silicon Nerd’s website, despite being in the online business market for almost 3 years. These customer reviews don’t just serve as proof that the store delivers what it promises to deliver.

Instead, it also acts as a guide for potential customers on how and which products to choose. Lack of customer reviews and critics, let alone proof of satisfied customers, results in a negative impact and raises doubts about the site’s credibility and legitimacy.

Promotional Ads

Another huge red flag is that Silicon nerd doesn’t promote its products on any social media channel or other platforms. This is a primary reason why there is hardly any consumer traffic on the website. 

Return Policy

Silicon Nerd doesn’t specify the duration of their warranty period on their website, so customers have no way of knowing how long their warranty period will last.

However, dissatisfied customers can contact the support email with their proof of purchase, order number, and other relevant details. The return must also be made in its original packaging.

But then again, the website provides no address for the return, and you will never get a response from the email address provided.

Is It Okay to Purchase a Microsoft Xbox Series X or PS5 from Silicon Nerd?

The fact that the website has very few visitors despite being present for the past 3 years makes it quite suspicious. Hence, it only goes to say Silicon website is a dubious website, and it is up to you to make a decision regarding whether you want to shop from here or not.

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Based on our analysis, Silicon Nerd appears no less than a scam website. Several game/console eCommerce stores are instantly set up from former websites on new domains in an attempt to defraud people.

If an online website lacks authentic customer reviews and a good reputation, then it is best to stay away from it, which is exactly the case with Silicon Nerd.

While you might be tempted by the affordable prices of the latest gaming consoles and gadgets, you are absolutely clueless about what is actually happening behind the website.

It is worth considering why the website sells these gadgets at a lower price when all the other third-party sellers sell identical gadgets at double or triple the rate.

Moreover, the scam adviser analyzes every website based on 40 factors, including who owns the site and whether the contact information is concealed. Based on these factors, the Silicon website seems like a scam website, so you must be highly cautious before considering buying anything from there.

Wrapping Up

While Silicon Nerd may appear like a legitimate website at first glance. However, after an in-depth analysis, it is safe to say that it is one of the riskier choices for online shopping.

Silicon Nerd boasts some of the latest products that are difficult to come by in your hometown, which may eventually tempt many people to buy those products. Still, ensuring the legitimacy and quality of the product and the seller is crucial before investing your hard-earned money.

While the average trust ranking might give a bit of satisfaction, you must consider the absence of critics and customer reviews and minimum traffic rate because these factors are alarming.