15 Longest Fruit You Should Know

Our planet Earth is drenched with unique creations. Whether we talk about inventions or discoveries, tremendous things always come forward. Regarding fruits, horticulturists have been working day and night to produce beautiful fruits and vegetables.

Do you know this world is full of giant juicy fruits? Don’t worry. In this write-up, you’ll see the most significant fruits known on Earth. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and explore the 15 longest fruits you should know.       

1. Jackfruit

When it comes to the most extended fruit in the world, jackfruit is always top of the list. Most of you might hear about it instead of discerning it. Jackfruit is a unique species of fruit.

The jackfruit doesn’t seem like the everyday fruits you eat. With the uniqueness of jackfruit, you’ll also encounter a musky smell. Jackfruit is a giant fruit filled with protein, Vitamin B, and potassium.

The nutritional facts of jackfruit illustrate that adding it to your daily meal can benefit your health. Like the fruit, the jackfruit tree is also the largest in the world. 

2. Iyokan Orange

Oranges are the worldwide favorite fruits of the nation. You must have seen numerous oranges, but have you ever seen the Iyokan Oranges? Iyokan Oranges are declared as the enormous citrus fruits among all orange lineages.

Iyokan Oranges were found in Japan’s gardens. If you see a dark orange fruit filled with the storm of juiciness, it’s undoubtedly an Iyokan Oranges. It is said that Iyokan oranges are easy to peel off.

Iyokan oranges are genuinely the perfect combo of sweet and citrus flavors. So, if you’re craving something tangy but delightful too, you should go for an Iyokan Orange.      

3. Mammoth Israeli Strawberry

Strawberries are known as tiny reddish fruits replenished with juice. Nevertheless, you’ll be amazed to know that a strawberry species is included in the most significant fruits of the world.

The Mammoth Israeli Strawberry is the longest on the whole planet. Initially, the Mammoth Israeli Strawberry was uncovered in the town of Netanya. The Mammoth Israeli Strawberry is a bunch of heavy sweetness and pulpiness in the book of Guinness.

You’re certainly craving to have this giant strawberry in your refrigerator.      

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4. Watermelon

Watermelon is the most extended fruit, even in its natural stance. You already know that watermelon is the biggest and the heaviest fruit.

Watermelon is the loyal and delicious partner of summers. However, here the fun fact is watermelon broke its record.

You must be astonished to realize that watermelon is the one that made the first world record in the fruit sector. The world’s most enormous watermelon was excavated in the USA by a citizen named Chris Kent.

At first, people were stunned to see such a big and heavy watermelon. The giant watermelon must be sweet and ample of sap.    

5. Giant Lemon

Regular lemon comes in minimal size. Still, with the time and efforts of farmers, a giant lemon was discovered in 2003. There’s a common saying that if life gives you a lemon, make lemonade.

Imagine if you have a giant lemon, you can make many lemonades to beat the heat and the gossip. The big lemon was succulent and even—more citrus than the normal one.

The best thing about this giant lemon is that it was grown in a typical garden rather than using toxic chemicals to make it more prominent. 

6. Pomegranate

Undoubtedly, pomegranates grow tremendously and come in various colors and sizes. But have you ever seen a giant pomegranate of 5lbs?

Recently, an enormous pomegranate of 2.5 kg was announced by Zhang Yuanpeng. People were surprised that this massive pomegranate encompassed millions of tiny granules crammed with sweet sap.

Pomegranate is a tasty yet healthy fruit. Yet, while purchasing any giant pomegranate, you should be aware that the fruit might include preservatives or toxic chemicals that can be fatal for you. 

7. Banana

Bananas play a crucial role in maintaining your health. You must have seen that the people who want to gain weight or some muscle strength are asked to add more bananas to their diet.

Bananas took almost 30 years to become the most extended fruit in the world. You might have bought a bunch of bananas containing 20 or 30 bananas only in it.

However, the giant bunch of bananas incorporates 473 distinctive bananas in it. It is a fact that bananas grow faster in desert areas. Therefore, people work hard in the desert of Spain to uncover this banana bunch to make a world record.

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8. Oroblanco Grapefruit

Grapefruits are usually known as enormous citrus fruits. But when we talk about Oroblanco Grapefruit, it is known as the king of grapefruit.

The best thing about Oroblanco Grapefruit is that it doesn’t contain any seeds. Oroblanco grapefruit comes in a yellowish green color with tangy flavors.

You should know that the acidity of Oroblanco grapefruit is the treatment for many fatal diseases. The Oroblanco grapefruit is famous for its various beneficial characteristics. 

9. Apple

You might have heard for a hundred times that an apple keeps the doctor away. This quote illustrates that Apple has tremendous results on your body. But do you think if you find a giant apple somewhere to keep every disease away?

Folks have discovered the big apple that weighs approx 1.8 kg. This Apple was recorded as the most prominent apple in the whole world. If you like apple juice, it would be your best match.

You’ll be able to make 20+ glasses of juice with just a single giant apple.

10. Pompia

Pompia is a unique fruit that might not be familiar to you. It is said that when it comes to citrus fruits, pompia is one of the most enormous citrus fruits in the world. It’s a fact that pompia is a rare fruit, and you can’t find it on any second mart.

Pompia has no fixed size and shape. There’s also a saying that pompia is a tangy cross of oranges and citron. To endeavor pompia, you should survey for a yellowish tangy fruit. Pompia also has beneficial effects on human health.  

11. Grapes

Every fruit has its advantages for the human body. You must be wondering why grapes are included in this list. Let us make it understandable for you. You’ve seen a bunch of grapes containing only a half-pound.

Have you ever wanted grapes of the bunch that will stay longer? Bingo! Here’s some excellent news for you.

An enormous clump of grapes containing 10 kg in Spain has made a world record by adding it to the massive fruits worldwide. With such a vast assortment, you can create 30+ glasses of juice.  

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12. Avocado

Avocado is recognized as every second person’s beloved fruit. When you buy an avocado, you’ll see that only a little fruit can be extracted from the avocado to eat. Do you like avocados? If yes, here’s the most exciting announcement for you.

So, a 2.5 kg avocado was unearthed by a Pokini Family. The Pokini family has grown into the giant avocado on their lawn. The 2.5 kg avocado won the world record because no one has ever seen such a vast and juicy avocado in their lives.

13. Pomelo

If you like citrus fruits, you must know that Pomelo is the most extended citrus fruit in the world. It is also said that the pomelo is the forebear of grapefruits.

Pomelo comes in various ranges of green and yellow colors. It would be best to realize that you can also utilize pomelo in salads. 

14. Mango

Here’s everyone’s favorite fruit, the mango.

A 3.4 kg mango has been circulated, giving rise to the world record for the largest fruit. You can relish the mango by various means.

Mango is used to make jams, delights, ice cream, shakes, and many other things according to your choice.  

15. Etrog

Etrog and lemon are two different yet similar species. The etrog is also added to the enormous fruits because no one has seen such a vast citrus fruit that seems like a lemon.

There are a lot of people who are plummeting for the Etrog jam. Etrog comes with acidic nature and bitter taste. So, you have to use a minimal amount of error to make anything citrus.

Therefore, it’s up to you whether you want to sprinkle the strong on a salad or make drinks from its citrus juices.

Longest Fruits — Size Chart

Here’s a quick insight into the weight & size of a few most enormous fruits globally.

FruitWeight / Size
Jackfruit94 lbs
Iyokan Orange25 inch
Mammoth Israeli Strawberry289 g
Watermelon350 lbs
Giant Lemon11 lbs
Pomegranate5 lbs
Banana287 lbs
Oroblanco Grapefruit7 lbs
Apple4 lbs
Pompia6 inches
Grapes22 lbs
Avocado5 lbs
Pomelo2-4 lbs
Mango7 lbs
Etrog6 inches

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you’ve comprehended all the categories of fruits. Presently, you have a complete guide regarding the world’s longest fruits. Whenever you need to identify any enormous fruit, you have to skim the writing, and you’ll get your answer in no time.