What Is a Good Substitute for Distilled Water: Four Best Options?

Water plays a significant role in our body and helps regulate body temperature, transportation of nutrients, digestion, flushing waste from the body, and whatnot.

But every kind of water is not of good quality and drinkable, but thanks to distilled water, that is clean and healthy for you and your family.

Distilled water is pure water with simple hydrogen and oxygen and 99.9 % of other minerals. Water has been boiled into vapor and condensed back into liquid in a separate container.

But what to do when distilled water storage is finished from your home, or it is not available in the market where you shop the water?

So what to do? Various suitable substitutes for Distilled water deliver you the same taste, fragrance, and quality as distilled water. Here we have enlisted some suitable substitutes for distilled water that you can try.

4 Good Substitution For Distillation Water

1.     Mineral Water

Mineral water is the best alternative for distillation water. Mineral water is the natural source of pure water containing many minerals like sulfur and salt.

However, it needs to go through a process. Most people prefer mineral water because it is pure and lacks chemicals in disinfection treatment.

Moreover, mineral water is better than purified and distilled water because it has minerals with some flavor; these flavor-enriched minerals make it tasty and impressive.

In mineral water, we find a variety of minerals and substances which are essential for our body.

However, we can purify it artificially by adding salt and carbon dioxide to distilled water; artificial and natural mineral water varies considerably. So you must be careful in purchasing mineral water.

Benefits Of Mineral Water

Mineral water carries many minerals essential for our health, so it has many benefits we will discuss here.

●      Leads to Healthy Bones

Mineral water is a good option if you cannot take enough milk or other nutrients. Mineral water contains a good amount of calcium which is very good for our bones. Calcium also keeps nails and teeth strong.

●      Regulates Blood Pressure

Mineral water is also helpful in regulating blood pressure. Potassium and magnesium are two minerals that help control blood pressure.

●       Act As Fat Metabolizer

The minerals in this water are beneficial for fat regulation in the body; they act as fat metabolizers. The fat reduction makes us more active and healthier.

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●      Lessen Body Acidity

Mineral Water helps decrease body acidity with catalysts found in mineral water leading to the production of digestive enzymes in the pancreas, which help reduce constipation and bloating issues.

2.    Spring Water

 Spring is a natural discharge point of water at the ground surface or directly into the stream, lake, or sea. It comes through a natural filtration process.

Spring water goes through a little distillation process compared to other purified water to keep the minerals that naturally grow.

Spring water contains more minerals and some chemicals and microbes because the filtration process does not remove the impurities.

Spring is mineral-rich water as it contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and some iron and zinc.

Benefits Of Spring Water

Some benefits of spring water to know why you should use it.

●      Reduce Cardiac Disease

Spring water contains a high amount of minerals; according to the World Health Organization, spring water helps in the prevalence of heart disease.

Spring water, including potassium and magnesium, helps regulate blood pressure and protects against heart problems.

●      To Avoid Complications Of Hypertension

In the spring distillation process, some manufacturers offer spring water with low sodium or sodium-free water, which helps sensitive people avoid hypertension complications and keeps them calm and relaxed.

●      Rich In Essential Minerals

Spring water is enriched with essential minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. All these minerals are essential for our body and health.

Advanced farming and industrialization minimize the chances of natural minerals in our food and vegetables, so drinking the spring water for natural minerals is good.

●      Naturally Alkaline Water

Drinking water alkalinity and acidity are significant as they can affect our health. We can check the alkalinity of water by PH level.

PH level is the number that counts how much something is alkaline or acidic on a scale of 0 to 14. Normal drinking water includes a neutral PH of 7, while the alkaline water’s PH will be more than seven, and if the PH is less than 7, it will be acidic.

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Spring water is alkaline; thus, it helps maintain the body’s PH balance after various body processes.

3.  Deionized Water

Many confuse Deionized water with distilled water because both are slightly different.

Deionized water is a form of clear and pure water.

The ions, atoms, and molecules are removed through the ion exchange in the distillation process. Deionized water is also demineralized as it removes all the salts, minerals, and other impurities.

The PH of deionized water is neutral, but with the interaction of carbon dioxide in the air, it can be a bit acidic with the 5.5 PH.

Benefits Of Deionized Water

●      Used In Laboratories As A Reagent

Deionized water works as the best laboratory reagent; it helps eliminate tap water’s impurities. It also helps in the chemical reaction in the laboratory.

Moreover, It can reduce the chemical reaction between the dissolved solids because there is no ion and impurities in deionized water.

●      Used For Fire Extinguisher

Deionized water is the best fire extinguisher. Its low electrical conductivity is a good quality for putting out the fire.

●      Use It In Your Aquarium

Use the deionized water in your aquarium; it will keep the environment clean and healthy for fish and make them live longer. PH level of water must not be more than eight because it could harm sea life.

4.  Purified Water

Purified water is mechanically and chemically filtered to remove impurities from simple tap water to make it drinkable.

There are different ways of filtration to remove bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants, e.g., reverse osmosis, micro filtering, and carbon filtering.

Benefits Of Purified Water

●      Good For Joints And Muscles Health

As we know, the human body contains 75 % water, so to work joints and muscles, it is important to drink purified water. An adequate amount of water makes you healthier and reduces the chance of muscle cramps and injury.

●      Best For Scalp And Hair Growth

Drinking water should be your top priority to keep your skin young and glowing. Hydrate skin looks glowing, clear, and anti-aging.

Which Substitution Is Best For Distilled Water?

You have read the details of all four substitutions of distilled water; among all the best substitutions is mineral water as it is the most transparent and pure water and readily available for drinking with good taste.

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Looking over the benefits, it is more beneficial for our health and daily routine. Mineral water will prevent your body from dehydration and other medical issues as it contains natural minerals and no toxic chemicals.

Frequently Ask Questions

Why Do We Need A Substitution For Distilled Water?

  • There are many reasons why people choose a substitution for distilled water:
  • Due to its metallic taste, people reduce their consumption of drinking water.
  • It decreases the metabolic function of the body.
  • Some people find it more expensive.

What Occurs If You Take A Lot Of Distilled Water?

Drinking distilled water can cause dehydration and other health issues because it lacks the minerals and nutrients necessary for our body.

Is Rain Water Distilled?

Rainwater is naturally available distilled water, but it becomes impure when it comes down through the atmosphere.

Since impurities mix in the rainwater, it becomes unclear. These impurities can be natural or artificial chemicals hazardous to human health.

Is Distilled Water Expensive?

It can be expensive if you buy it from the shop; it is also challenging to obtain from the market. You can make water distilled at home with an easy and cheaper method.

Our Summary

Distilled water is pure water, but the distillation process also removes the essential nutrients and minerals from water, dehydrating our bodies. The need for substitution depends upon the purpose of use.

For drinking, we require just clear, germs-free, and non-toxic water, and for drinking, we can also use filtered, mineral, and purified water. For other uses like car batteries and laboratories, we can use distilled and deionized water; for mixing baby formula milk, we should use boiled and cooled water.

Be conscious regarding the PH level of the water; use the most neutral water as it is good for our health.

So after going through the article, we can say that all toxic-free water can be used, but it depends upon the nature of use.