Why is Mcdonald’s Coffee So Hot 2022? – 3 Major Reasons

Mcdonald is a very famous food brand and all over the world love I products however its coffee is too hot, and it has burnt many people. McDonald’s gives different reasons to justify the high temperature of their coffee.

Let us move ahead to discuss its major reason and famous lawsuit faced by McDonald’s and much more.

Is Mcdonald’s Coffee Hot?

Yes, the temperature of Mcdonald’s coffee is very high. The recommended temperature for serving the tea is 80-90 degrees. However, the coffee served by McDonald’s is 130-140 degrees.

Reason for Coffee being so Hot

Following are the few excuses given by McDonald’s to justify the high temperature of their coffee. Let us discuss them one by one

1. For Freshness

According to a team of McDonald’s, hotness is directly proportional to the hotness, and if coffee is really hot, it means that it is fresh. Thus one reason for serving the coffee so hot is to keep it fresh for a long time—the hot boiling water to brew the coffee, which keeps it fresh.

2. Long-Distance

The second major reason for keeping the coffee so hot is that it can remain hot and fresh until reaching the customer. Long-distance is the major reason for serving such hot tea. As most people drink coffee to keep the sleep away, it is necessary to serve them with hot coffee as it keeps the sleep away and keeps them fresh for a long time.

3. To keep Coffee Safe

Thirdly, to keep the coffee safe, it is necessary to provide it with high temperatures. According to the team of McDonald’s, they heat coffee at the temperature of 180-190 degrees Fahrenheit to keep it safe.

McDonald’s Face Lawsuits in the Past

The temperature of the coffee is so hot that it can cause burns easily, and in the past, many people have filed a lawsuit against them due to burns. However, McDonald’s justify by saying coffee has to cover long distances.

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However, they have changed their cup as now it is thick, thus preventing your hands from burning; however, they have not changed the temperature of their coffee even after many lawsuits.

Famous Lawsuit Faced b McDonald’s

Here are the lawsuit details charged on the McDonald’s by an old lady

The Plaintiff was a Granddaughter

This lawsuit was charged by 79 ears old lady named Stella Liebeck, who was sitting in the car’s passenger seat in his grandson’s car at the time of the incident.

Spilling Coffee can Happen to anyone

Liebeck ordered the coffee from the meadowlands and received the coffee. While his grandson was pulling forward out of the driver–lane, she was trying to open the lid to add sugar and cream to the coffee.

While doing so, coffee spilled out of the cup on his lap even the car was stopped, which hurt her badly.

Her Burn was Severe

The coffee was really hot because the lad had to go through many discomforts. The doctor hospitalized her for 8 days and treated him with painful procedures like a skin graft. As it was a third-degree burn, she suffered very, and there was permanent scarring.

McDonald’s Refused to Settle

The lady offered him $200,000 to pay her hospital due to not being under medicare. However, mandates denied paying her this money, which is how other problems arose.

Hundreds of People have been Burnt

It was found that Liebeck is the only person who has suffered burns. Before 1992 more than 2700 people have charged lawsuits against McDonald’s. As their coffee is so hot and it causes serious burns in the body

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McDonald’s Coffee is too hot on Purpose

When investigations were made, it was revealed that the temperature of their coffee is 120-140 degrees which is too hot. To justify such high temperature firstly of all the said that this hotness serves customers with coffee having the best taste.

The jury Gave her Millions

The jury gives him $20,000 in compensatory damage and$27 a million in punitive damage. However r she was not asking for this amount.

Her Reputation Suffered

Many people made fun of this case; however, Liebeck said, ‘I want you to cover what Medicare doesn’t cover, and I want you to get a better lid on that coffee because I don’t want this to happen to another person.’ That was what she was asking for.”

It was not a Frivolous Case

McDonald’s did not listen to her so Liebeck charged a case against them that she later won. Thus now McDonald’s serves coffee 10 degrees less hot than it was used to be.

What are the Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Hot Coffee?

Following are the side effects of alcohol consumption

1. Upset Stomach

It is known that coffee has a very laxative effect on the body. That’s many people drink coffee early in the morning as it speeds up the activity in the colon. However, when people consume too much coffee, it upsets their stomachs.

2. Insomnia

People drink coffee to remove the lethargy and make their bodies active. Workers who have to work at night drink coffee to remain awake. Coffee helps them stay awake; however, it has many disadvantages in the long run.

The body’s sleep cycle disturbs you very much, and you develop insomnia. Due to insomnia, many other health issues start arising in your body. Never consume too much coffee.

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3. Anxious Episodes

People consume caffeine to relax their bodies, and it soothes the boy and makes you feel relaxed. If you have anxiety, you should drink coffee. However, when the consumption of coffee is more than average, its effect is reversed.

You start feeling anxious, and if it is not controlled, it leads to depression, so be mindful of how much coffee you are consuming.

It is recommended that you not use more than 600 grams as it can trigger anxiety.

4. Blood Pressure Fluctuation

Caffeine affects blood pressure very much, and many fluctuations are observed. Due to fluctuating blood pressure, arteries start damaging. The hardening f arteries hinders the blood flow to the heart, and there is a higher chance f heart stroke.

So please be careful about caffeine consumption, and if you are already a heart patient, consult with your doctor before drinking coffee daily.

5. Heartbeat Palpitations

Coffee contains caffeine having a stimulatory effect on the body. Thus it alters the heartbeat, and it starts beating fast. If there is an overconsumption of the coffee, the heartbeat can fluctuate, leading to serious conditions.

6. Fatigue

When you are tired and drink coffee, your body starts feeling relaxed; however, when caffeine leaves your body, it makes you feel more tired than you were before.

Final Words

In a nutshell, taste long-distance is a few reasons why mandolins serve with such hot coffee; however, this temperature is high, and many people have burnt.

For improving grip on the cup, they have improved the quality of the cup as many people charge lawsuits against them.

If you are confused, you can ask in the comment section below. Thank you for your visit!