What is a McNasty At McDonald’s?

The days when people used to cook three times a day are long gone. Many fast food chains or restaurants have made people skip cooking their meals and order their favorite food online.

There are still some people that prefer home-cooked food over fast food meals, but the majority of people are obsessed with fast food.

While people are stuck with hectic work lives, these fast food chains have made it easier for them to fulfill their appetites without turning on the stove.

Recently, many fast food chains or burger joints have emerged in the market, giving a tough fight to the previous competitors.

However, one fast food chain that has lived up to its name for quite a few decades is McDonald’s.

While there are gazillions of fast food chains and restaurants, people still head to McDonald’s whenever they crave a patty burger, crispy nuggets, or hash browns.

McDonald’s extra large value meals have remained comfort food for people for many years. However, times have changed now. Special menus have taken the world by storm recently.

To stay one step ahead of the competition, fast food chains have no other option but to keep upgrading their menus now and then.

However, it is not easy as it seems. Therefore, restaurants often mix and match to make something they have the ingredients for. This concept has also captured the attention of McDonald’s fans, resulting in them creating a secret menu for their favorite fast-food chain – McDonald’s.

One of the customers’ created secret menu items that have become immensely popular is McNasty.

Currently, it is being highly debated on the Internet. While many people enjoy the McNasty, others have a few concerns. Do you want to know what McNasty is and what is all the hype around it? Keep reading!

What is McNasty?

You might have heard that there are usually two types of fast-food lovers –  those who enjoy classics and others who like to disrupt the natural order of things and create their versions.

Well, in the case of McNasty, the other group is responsible for its invention.

The McDonald’s McNasty is not technically up on its menu. Instead, it is a fan-named creation that has taken the Internet by storm for several reasons.

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When the trend of secret menus started, McDonald’s fans started creating versions of burgers like BigMac with fried chicken patty added on or stuffing french fries inside a spicy McCrispy burger.

One of the McDonald’s fans could not decide between McChicken and McDouble. Therefore, he ordered both to create a new burger for himself.

He just removed a few buns and stacked the burgers together, giving this unusual burger an unusual name – McNasty.

Like other McDonald’s fans, he also took a photo and shared it on his social media. Within a few days, the photo became trending on the Internet, and everyone started to give McNasty a try.

How to Order McNasty?

As mentioned above, McNasty is not available on McDonald’s menu to order. Whenever fans start to post pictures of their creations, McDonald’s, at some point, catches the wind.

To appreciate its fans’ efforts, McDonald’s often includes quite a few of its fans’ creations in its official menu hack list.

However, despite its huge popularity, McNasty has still not made its way to McDonald’s official menu hack list.

Therefore, you might not be able to order it directly from McDonald’s, but you can order the ingredients required to make McNasty – McChicken, and McDouble.

Later, you can remove some buns and stack the burgers together to enjoy your own McNasty.

It is such a straightforward process that you can easily do it from the comfort of your car or office chair. Make your own McNasty and have a blast!

How Many Calories Does a McNasty Have?

A McNasty is a DIY burger from the famous fast-food chain – McDonald’s. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the number of calories it might have.

Although you can add up the calories of two burgers – McChicken and McDouble used to make McNasty.

However, the calculated calorie count might not be accurate as while making McNasty, you must remove half of the bun from each burger.

Various reports on the Internet state that McNasty is quite a high-calorie burger with approximately 800 calories per burger. It can be true or be another speculation on the Internet.

McNasty cannot be a low-calorie burger, but no one can predict whether it has 800 calories or not.

Why Did McNasty Not Make it to the McDonald’s Official Menu Hack List?

McNasty has made quite a buzz on the Internet. While many people loved the idea, some people found McNasty quite unhealthy.

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The target audience was divided into two groups – one who wanted it to be added to McDonald’s official menu hack list, and the other group was against this idea completely.

Soon, a rumor emerged that McNasty has 800 calories, declaring it one of the unhealthiest burgers.

After this rumor, the hype around McNasty died on its own. Therefore, it could not make its way to McDonald’s official menu hack list.

Moreover, many other fan creations captured McDonald’s attention, and soon they became a part of its official menu hack list.

4 Popular Items on McDonald’s Secret Menu

Secret menus have become immensely popular recently. When people first heard about secret menus, they believed they could now order pink tea at Starbucks and Poor Man’s Big Mac at McDonald’s.

However, it is not true at all. Instead, you will have to follow quite a few ordering hacks to create unique meals for yourself.

The good thing about McDonald’s secret menu is that it has helped people avoid choosing between two meals. Let’s dive into a few most popular items from McDonald’s secret menu:

Icecream Sandwich

Let’s start exploring the secret menu with something sweet – An ice cream sandwich. It is definitely not an item available on their actual menu, but you can easily order the two items separately and assemble them later yourself.

Of all the secret menus, an ice cream sandwich is one of the simplest yet delicious fan creations.

However, you must know that it will not be the cleanest food option to eat. Therefore, you must keep a few tissues and napkins with you.

All you need to do is order 2 chocolate chip cookies and a Mcflurry of your choice. Later, assemble them together to enjoy a heavenly good ice cream sandwich.

Poor’s Man Big Mac

If you are a huge fan of McDonald’s, you might have heard about poor man’s Big Mac. It is a great secret menu item for people who want to enjoy a budget-friendly Big Mac.

However, you will have to visit the McDonald’s branch in person as Big Mac sauce is mostly unavailable for online orders.

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Not sure how to order poor man’s, Big Mac? Just visit the nearest McDonald’s branch and order a McDouble without ketchup. Also, ask them to add lettuce and Big Mac sauce.

Hash Brown McMuffin

Everyone loves McDonald’s hash browns. They are one of the best-selling breakfast items of McDonald’s.

The good part is that McDonald’s always ensures that the fans never find their hash browns disappointing. Therefore, they are always served fresh.

According to many McDonald’s fans, a McMuffin meal and hash brown is the perfect combination one can have for breakfast.

They taste so good together that fans often wonder why Hash Brown does not come inside the McMuffin.

Well, many fans did not wait for McDonald’s to execute this and took matters into their hands by inserting the hash brown into the center of McMuffin.

Adding hash brown into the center of McMuffin took it to some other level! It has become so popular that most people are now eating their McMuffin meals this way.

Are you still not sure how to do that? Just order a McMuffin meal. Insert the hash brown you got free with the meal into the center of McMuffin and enjoy! Simple yet so delicious!

Surf and Turf Burger

Another burger that gained immense popularity, like McNasty, is Surf and Turf burger. You may not find this on McDonald’s menu, but you can easily create it yourself. Just order a basic cheeseburger and filet-o-fish. With these two ingredients, you can make your Surf and Turf burger.

If you love the filet-o-fish that McDonald’s sells, you will love Surf and Turf Burger. Just remove the top bun filet-o-fish and place the cheeseburger on top of it. Your Surf and Turf Burger is ready! Enjoy.


If you are fond of McDonald’s burgers, you must try McNasty. The DIY burger you make after assembling McChicken and McDouble tastes divine. With every bite, you will be thankful to the fan that created it first. Many people might still believe that McNasty is available on McDonald’s menu.

However, it is not. Instead, it is a popular item from McDonald’s secret menu that people have to create themselves by just following a few steps.