Can You Use PayPal At Macdonald’s 5 Alternative To PayPal You Can Use At Macdonald’s

Macdonald’s now allows its customers to pay for their meals using smartphones. It has been adapted to new technology where a customer can use online modes to pay for their order, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Macdonald’s App, or credit/debit cards.

But the real question is, can a user get a meal using Paypal at Macdonald’s? Unfortunately, you cannot use PayPal directly as a method of payment. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot use PayPal at all. There are some other ways to pay at Macdonald’s, which we will share in this article with you.

Along with it, we’ll also find some authentic PayPal alternatives at Macdonald’s

So without any further delay, let’s get straight into it.

Why Macdonald’s Do Not Accept PayPal?

PayPal is a worldwide source of online money transfers, but unfortunately, Macdonald’s is among those forums where PayPal is still not accepted directly. So if you’re planning to visit, it is better to arrange some alternative ways. However, it is expected to be done soon.

What are those alternatives? Read them out further.

5 Alternative To PayPal At Macdonald’s

So what if PayPal is not able to be accepted directly? Could you take a look at it? You can still enjoy your meal by paying via the 5 following alternatives.

  1. Mastercard
  2. Discover
  3. American Express
  4. Visa
  5. American Express Gift Cards

● Mastercard

Here we have the first alternative to pay at Macdonald’s―Mastercard. Mastercard is an American processing network that facilitates both consumers and businesses. It works with 150+ companies and 200+ countries, making it a viable alternative to PayPal.

Many people are unaware of the fact that Mastercard plays a significant role in payment networks across the globe. So it’s an appropriate Paypal alternative at Macdonald’s. Swipe it and get your meal!

● Discover

The second alternative on our list is Discover. Discover is another US credit card brand that allows users to pay for purchases, bills, traveling, and app store purchases. With that being said, Macdonald’s also accepts Discover against PayPal, which is another good news for you!

Do you know what the best thing is? Discover is used 99% of places worldwide, and if you come across the remaining 1%, you can let the customer service know. In other words, your favorite Macdonald’s will definitely accept this mode of payment against PayPal.

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● American Express

At number 3, we have American Express on our list as one of the best alternatives to PayPal at Mcdonald’s. Along with having alternative benefits, American Express is an elite luxury card brand. You probably would have American Express in your wallet for sure, so you can use it to order your meal.

American Express is unique since it is a high-end credit card company recognized for its elite benefits and stringent acceptance criteria. American Express is also one of the four major payment networks and one of the country’s leading credit card issuers by purchase volume.

So don’t just rely on PayPal; there are far better options than that.

● Visa

Visa can also be a good fit for using PayPal at Mcdonald’s. Visa debit/credit cards are widely used across the globe for their instant access. If your PayPal has been rejected by Mcdonald’s, you can present your Visa debit or credit card.

It also gives you additional benefits as Visa credit cards offer convenience and security to cardholders. They may be used at retailers and automated teller machines (ATMs) worldwide. On the face of a Visa card, the account number and cardholder’s name are embossed or printed. On the back of the card is a specific three-digit validation code.

● American Express Gift Cards

There isn’t anything different about American Express gift cards. American Express provides gift cards to its users, which you can use to pay at Mcdonald’s. Here is the 5th and the last PayPal alternative at Mcdonald’s.

When it’s time to pay for your purchases at the register, use your gift card in the same manner you would use a conventional credit card. Swipe your gift card like a credit or debit card at the cashier. To begin using your card, you do not need to activate it! Swipe the card through the card reader as usual.

Indirect Ways to Use PayPal at Mcdonald’s

Indeed, PayPal cannot be used directly at Mcdonald’s as some fast-food restaurants do not support it. However, there are some other indirect but authentic ways to pay for your meal using PayPal. Take a look at it. If you don’t have access to any of the 5 alternatives as mentioned above, you can adopt the following methods.

  • Mcdonald’s App
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • PayPal Prepaid Cards
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● Mcdonald’s App

Mcdonald’s has taken the initiative and developed an application to order your meal using a smartphone. Now you can pay for your order using Mcdonald’s official app. You can order your food before leaving home and pick from the branch.

While picking the meal, you can pay via Mcdonald’s app using your e-wallet. The E-wallet can be charged through various modes like debit/credit card or PayPal.

● Google Pay

Here is another indirect way to use PayPal. As said above, PayPal can only be used indirectly, so you first have to create an e-wallet on Google pay using PayPal. With an e-wallet, you’ll be able to do electronic transactions by funding through Paypal.

Once it’s been linked, all you have to do now is walk into a McDonald’s or use their app and choose Google Pay as your form of payment to finish the transaction.

● Samsung Pay

It’s a Samsung phone app that comes pre-installed on Android. You may pay for transactions with a tap of your phone instead of using cash or a credit card. Simply add credit cards to the app, swipe to find the card you wish to use, and your purchase will be made with that card.

Samsung is another alternative that works on the same principle as Google pay. You also have to create an e-wallet using your credit-debit card and link your PayPal account.

● PayPal Prepaid Cards

PayPal prepaid cards are another viable indirect way to use PayPal at Mcdonald’s. These are just another form of other credit and debit cards. Additionally, PayPal debit and credit cards function similarly to typical bank debit and credit cards.

Furthermore, PayPal Prepaid needs a money transfer from your PayPal account to the connected Mastercard, so you can’t buy anything immediately using your PayPal account.

Which Fast Food Restaurants Accept PayPal?

In case you’re wondering where you can use your PayPal account directly? There is a complete list of fast food restaurant chains active in the US. Want to take a look? Read further

  • Jimmy John’s
  • KFC
  • Little Caesars
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Subway
  • Applebee’s
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Burger King
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Dunkin’
  • Firehouse Subs
  • Hardee’s
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Can You Use PayPal At Drive-Thru?

You might be thinking of using PayPal at Mcdonald’s drive-thru, but unfortunately, it won’t work there either. A customer cannot use PayPal as a direct payment method no matter in-store or drive-thru at Mcdonald’s.

Can You Use PayPal QR Code At Mcdonald’s drive-thru?

A lot of people have been wondering whether the PayPal QR code can be used at Mcdonald’s or not? Unfortunately, unfortunately, some fast-food chains, including Mcdonald’s, do not accept PayPal as the direct payment source.

Furthermore, the PayPal QR code cannot be used on the McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay app, online, or at the drive-thru. So you have to look for other options.

How To Use Apple Pay At Mcdonald’s?

Apple Pay is the best PayPal alternative at Mcdonald’s for IOS users. Follow the given steps to pay for your meal.

  1. You must have a valid debit or credit card linked to your Apple Wallet and an active Apple Pay account.
  2. Launch the Apple Pay app while standing at the counter.
  3. Hold your phone a few inches away from the credit card payment machine when the cashier is ready.
  4. You should see a successful purchase on Apple Pay, and your meal should arrive shortly.

Wrap Up

Here we conclude our discussion regarding PayPal and Mcdonald’s. PayPal is a really user-friendly means of purchasing products online, so it’s a little sad that you can’t use it to pay for your McDonald’s meal directly.

The McDonald’s app that does not currently support PayPal is particularly frustrating. Many people remain unaware of the reality and face inconvenience upon paying.

However, even though McDonald’s does not accept PayPal, you can use PayPal if you’ve linked your account to your Google Pay digital wallet.

However, McDonald’s accepts a variety of different forms of payment in-store, through the drive-thru, and via the mobile app. For those wondering whether Mcdonald’s takes Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency for payment―well, not at the moment, but it might be possible in the future.

Till then, adopt our given steps and enjoy your happy meal!