Why McDonald’s Take Away Cinnamon Melts? Is it Back Now?

Cinnamon melts were a big thing in Mcdonald’s, and apparently, they discontinued them despite their raging sales and despite the fact that they were so finger-licking delicious. People on the internet were not really happy about it, which is pretty apparent by the tweets.

Mcdonald’s stopped making cinnamon melts as it was becoming harder for the fast-food chain to keep up with its lengthy production, but they are not back either. However, the cinnamon melts are replaced with something even better. Want to find out why McDonald’s takes away Cinnamon melts? Is it back now? Keep reading.

Why Did McDonald’s Discontinue Cinnamon Melt in the First Place?

Cinnamon melts were a pretty big deal for McDonald’s, especially in their breakfast menu because people loved the hit of all the sugars in their breakfast. Cinnamon melts were also pretty famous in McDonald’s because they were not offered by other leading fast-food chains.

People used to love the texture of gooey cinnamon rolls, but that was the very reason why they had to discontinue it. In making these cinnamon rolls, they had to make a lot of contact with the batter, topping, and icing, and making one such desert with minimum human contact amid a pandemic was almost impossible.

Also, McDonald’s was looking to shorten its breakfast menu as not many people were eating out at the time of a global pandemic, which was affecting their business. So, they cut the cinnamon melts off.

Even though they were not completely on board with cutting their most famous breakfast item, they still went on and discontinued cinnamon melts mainly because of the pandemic and because of how hard it was to make them in the first place.

Also, the product had lots of calories, but if you intentionally have cinnamon melts in breakfast, you would not care about calories. And cinnamon melts were not served all day either, so it was not that difficult for Mcdonald’s to just omit it from their menu.

What were the Problems with Cinnamon Melts?

There certainly were a lot of problems with cinnamon melts during their time, but people still used to love them, but these problems certainly resulted in their discontinuation. So, let’s find out what exactly was wrong with cinnamon melts and why McDonald’s take away cinnamon melts? Is it back now?

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1. Oily

If you are not a big fan of cinnamon melts, the first thing that will come to your mind while eating them would certainly be how “oily” they are. The cinnamon melts sucked up quite a lot of oil and was not good for people who wanted to cut a few calories off.

Now that everyone is moving towards more of a healthy lifestyle, not many people like to have this many calories in only one portion of their breakfast. Also, it was becoming harder for them to keep up with all the costs during the pandemic.

2. Cost

As stated earlier, the cost of making and logistics of cinnamon melt was quite a lot, and as the pandemic hit, things got pretty difficult to keep up, and they were just not able to keep up with the costs anymore, so they had to discontinue the absolute favorite cinnamon melts.

3. Extra Gooey

It is something that most people actually love about cinnamon melts, but they are very gooey, which makes eating them quite a hassle. Despite the fact that they are made this way, many people don’t really like to eat something of this texture.

Also, during the strict Sops, it was harder to make such textured cinnamon melts, and it was costing Mcdonald’s even more, which is why they finally decided to stop the production of their absolute hits.

Are Cinnamon Melts Back Now?

Lockdown is lifted in most areas, and life is going pretty smoothly yet again. People are eating out, and the fast-food business is pretty much back on track. So, does this mean our all-time favorite cinnamon melts are back too?

Well, not necessarily, and you would be shocked to know that Mcdonald’s decided to keep their cinnamon melts off of their menu permanently. Also, according to the Mcdonald’s officials, they are not going to add the tasty treat back to their menu anytime soon.

Considering the popularity of this item, it might have been harder for Mcdonald’s to make this decision because there was a point where cinnamon melts from McDonald’s were literally part of every holiday.

So, sadly, cinnamon melts are not back, and they might never be back on the breakfast menu because of all the problems that come with them and also because they cost a lot higher.

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The price at which people used to buy cinnamon melts was too low, and the preparation cost was a lot more than that, so Mcdonald’s obviously did not want to cover the gap from its own pocket, so it was better to just discontinue the product itself.

If they went for increasing the price, it would have affected the consumers and those who bought cinnamon melts on a daily basis. So, the sales of these treats would have decreased too, which the fast-food chain would never want.

So, the only option left was to remove this item from the menu altogether, and they did it. However, people were constantly requesting them to bring back the cinnamon melts because breakfast really was not fun without them.

Has McDonald’s Introduced a Replacement to Cinnamon Melts?

Those who were used to eating the cinnamon melts regularly were not happy with McDonald’s’ decision to get it off the menu, and they started tweeting too. So, Mcdonald’s understood the demand of consumers and brought a replacement of cinnamon melts in the market.

McDonald’s has launched cinnamon rolls as a replacement for its famous cinnamon melts, and people seem to be loving this new addition to their menu a lot. The good thing about cinnamon rolls is that they are not as heavy as cinnamon melts, and you can have them on the go without worrying about the mess.

Cinnamon rolls are served very warmly, and they are layered with pure cinnamon spice to give you that strong kick of flavors. Butter is also used in the making of these rolls, which makes them very soft and delicious.

The best thing about the rolls is its soft but flaky dough that drizzles with yummy icing of cream cheese in the end. You have to try these rolls if you haven’t yet because everything is added in a perfect balance that gives you the most delicious flavor at the end.

McDonald’s has been selling the cinnamon rolls for quite a while now, and the response they have gotten is pretty positive, so it seems like the rolls are going to permanently take the place of cinnamon melts.

We cannot say much about whether the rolls were better than melts or not because it all comes down to personal preference, but if you are looking for convenience, cinnamon rolls take the lead. However, if you are all about intense flavor, cinnamon melts were the best thing you would eat for your breakfast.

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Are Cinnamon Rolls Available All Day at McDonald’s?

 It is quite unusual for such intricate items to be available the whole day at Mcdonald’s, but you will be shocked to know that Mcdonald’s recently announced that Cinnamon rolls would now be available the whole day.

In all the Mc Café bakeries, you would be able to purchase cinnamon rolls throughout the day now, which is pretty exciting for people who have sweet cravings in the middle of the day. A lot of people were also very happy about this announcement and said that Mcdonald’s did the right thing.

There were a few more bakery items like blueberry muffins that were also added to the permanent menu of Mc Café, and rightly so, as they are one of the best-selling items on the bakery and they have all the right to extend its selling duration.

Not everyone likes to eat something as heavy as a cinnamon roll for breakfast, and a lot of people also want to buy such treats in bulk for holidays or as gifts which are not possible if the item is only available in the morning.

So, by putting it on their Mc Café menu for the whole day, McDonald’s basically increased their market of people who would buy cinnamon rolls.


So, do we miss cinnamon melts? Yes, we do. But are we happy with cinnamon rolls? Yes, we actually are. It is not about comparison, but now cinnamon rolls have pretty much taken the place of cinnamon melts, and those who were missing the long-lost desert have found solace in cinnamon melts.

Do we hope you found the answer to why McDonald’s takes away cinnamon melts? Is it back now? There were a lot of reasons why McDonald’s discontinued this fan-favorite dessert but, after understanding its popularity, they had to bring a newer and slightly better version of cinnamon melts in the market that did not cost them as much.

So, it was enough of the reminiscence of our good old cinnamon melts, and let’s go for a walk and get some cinnamon rolls for ourselves.