Can McDonald’s Food Cause Cancer: How Safe Its Food And Packaging Is?

McDonald’s keeps customers’ health at the top priority. They constantly and meticulously monitor the findings of health authorities and scientists to make sure the food they serve to customers is of high quality and safety. All their food items comply with the GCC rules of the region’s local authorities.

But there is a rumor that McDonald’s food causes cancer. Is it really true? Can McDonald’s Food Cause Cancer? If yes, then how? Actually, McDonald’s food does not cause cancer, but red meat in McDonald’s food can cause it if customers eat the food frequently.

Here is something important to mention: food is not the only thing to worry about at popular fast-food restaurants. According to the story of Business Insider, even the packaging matters more. Fast food restaurants, such as McDonald’s packaging include potentially toxic “forever” chemicals (PFAS) that can cause liver damage, cancer, and other problems. These forever chemicals can linger in air and water for thousands of years and be literally harmful.

Let’s scroll down and explore whether McDonald’s food is entirely safe and what damages its packaging can bring.

Can McDonald’s Food Cause Cancer?

No, eating McDonald’s food does not cause cancer but the type of food served at McDonald’s.

The International Agency (IARC) has classified red meat as a Group 2A carcinogen. It shows that red meat probably causes cancer.

If you eat a lot of red meat, it doesn’t matter where you eat, (Don’t eat from untrustworthy places) including McDonald’s, you probably increase your cancer risks.

The food offered at McDonald’s is also calorific—includes a lot of fat and sugar. Consuming more McDonald’s food can put on weight. Becoming obese can increase the risk of various cancers (and other nasties).

If you eat McDonald’s as a part of a balanced diet and exercise, you will not increase your cancer risk, particularly when you avoid McDonald’s food items containing red and processed meats.

In a nutshell, you cannot get cancer from eating at McDonald’s.

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Can McDonald’s Food Packaging Cause Cancer?

An independent lab for the two organizations conducted research and found that about half of the food packaging contains poly-fluoroalkyl substances or PFAS, hazardous to health. Burger King’s “Whopper” and McDonald’s “Big Mac” container wrappers that had contamination.

Thirty-eight food packaging samples of six different chains were tested. According to an Insider report, “nearly half” were tested positive for fluorine levels that reveal the presence of the chemical.

And here is sobering news that different researchers are exposed to PFAS through beverages or contaminated food, and these chemicals can be found in 99% of Americans’ bloodstreams.

Is It True That McDonald’s Poster Warns People That Its Food Holds Chemicals That Can Cause Cancer/Congenital Disabilities?

Actually, the poster was placed in front of all establishments that serve foods or snacks in California, including McDonald’s. The poster was a demand from the local municipality to notify local citizens about certain chemicals in the food to become conscious before frequent eating of unhealthy or fast food. The poster referred to the presence of ‘acrylamide.’

Do McDonald’s Food Include Acrylamide?

Acrylamide is not added to food, but it is produced naturally as the cooking process in many carbohydrate-rich foods. For instance, acrylamide naturally occurs in fried and baked snack foods, coffee, cereals, bread, biscuits, potatoes – menu found in every restaurant and home.

Can McDonald’s Food Cause Cancer – FAQs

It is being said that packaging from Cava, Burger King, Freshii, Sweetgreen, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s include potentially toxic “forever” chemicals that can develop cancer and other severe problems.

This section includes answers to some top questions regarding Can McDonald’s Food Cause Cancer.

Can McDonald’s Fries Cause Cancer?

Yes, regularly eating browned, fried, or burnt foods—such as toast or French fries —can increase the cancer risk.

Do McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Cause Cancer?

Ultra-processed chicken nuggets are linked to cancer. A 10 percent increase of the ultra-processed foods in an individual’s diet is connected to a 12 percent increase in different kinds of cancers.

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Do Fast Food Restaurants Cause Cancer?

Dining out fast food can cause more cancer risks than home cooking because phthalates (cancer-causing chemicals) are 35 percent higher in people who regularly visit cafeterias, restaurants, and fast food places.

What Are Cancer Causing Foods?

  • Processed meat
  • Red meat
  • Alcohol
  • Salted fish (Chinese style)
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Tomatoes
  • Sugary drinks or non-diet soda
  • Fast food or processed foods

Does Arby’s Cause Cancer?

Processed meat products on Arby’s sandwiches are highly linked with colorectal cancer, which is not safe to consume.

Should Junk Food Come With A Warning Label?

A big yes! A warning can be pretty helpful for the consumers; many people suggest that junk food packaging should also have a warning label, just like a warning on cigarette packaging.

Are Chicken Nuggets Bad For You?

Typically, nuggets contain high amounts of sugar, preservatives, and fats, making nuggets unhealthy choices, particularly when you attempt to eat them frequently.

Are Chips Cancerous?

French fries, crackers, potato chips, and other high-acrylamide food items are low in nutrition value and high in calories. Increased consumption of these foods has been linked to raising654 cancer risk.

Is Air Fryer Cancerous?

Yes, air frying runs the risk of creating acrylamides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and heterocyclic amines. Eventually, these substances result in high-heat cooking with meat that can cause cancer.

Do Fries Give You Cancer?

French fries and potato chips can cause genome mutations; unfortunately, they lead to cancer.

How Much Is Travis Scott Getting From McDonald’s?

Scott boosted the sales for McDonald’s and made $20 million. The Travis Scott meal at McDonald’s was a medium Sprite, fries with barbecue sauce, and a quarter pounder with bacon.

Do McDonald’s Burgers Go Bad?

Like other foods, McDonald’s french fries, hamburgers, and chicken rot if kept under unsuitable conditions. However, the hamburger dries out rather than rot due to the unavailability of moisture or humidity.

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How Many Chemicals Does A McDonald’s Burger include?

A cheeseburger includes 17 separate additives, Big Mac contains 18 separate additives, while a chocolate milkshake contains eight different chemicals.

Additives are included in almost everything, even salads, and grilled chicken.

Where Is Acrylamide Found?

Acrylamide is mainly found in foods made up of plants, such as grain products, potato products, coffee, etc. Acrylamide does not form at lower levels in meat, dairy, and fish products. Typically, it is accumulated when you cook food at a higher temperature for a more extended period.

What Are Carcinogens?

A carcinogen can cause cancer – it is a product you use, a substance in the air, or a chemical in drinks and foods. But it does not mean that you will get cancer just by contact with a carcinogen.

Name Some Foods That Can Lower The Risk Of Cancer?

  • Green Tea
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Leafy Greens
  • Blueberries and Goji Berries

How Can I Strengthen My Immune System To Fight Cancer?

Below are five tips that can make you strong and lower the cancer risk.

  • Sleep Well
  • Get Moving
  • Eat Smart
  • Manage Stress
  • Stay Away From Illness

Our Summary

Everyone craves fast food as they really taste amazing, mainly if you are eating from a popular and reliable restaurant such as McDonald’s. However, many say that McDonald’s fast and packing can cause cancer and other fatal diseases.

Well, it does not depend upon the McDonald’s food, but the deal you eat at McDonald’s, how much you eat, and how many times you eat McDonald’s matter. Meanwhile, many frequently eat McDonald’s but do not exercise, which is very harmful to their health and boosts the cancer risk. Therefore, associating it with McDonald’s is not correct!

Well, this article includes a detailed discussion on Can McDonald’s Food Cause Cancer and also has answered some frequently asked questions; read the article to reveal some facts.