Can You Order McDonald’s Online?

McDonald’s is a global fast-food chain serving 68 million people every day on average. Irit’s greater than the population of Great Britain. Before a decade and a half, the only way to get food from your favorite food chains and the restaurant was to dine in or pick up. However, the trend has changed over time, and currently, any restaurant not offering online ordering is considered outdated. However, still, many of them are there.

If we talk about McDonald’s, they have also launched several ordering ways for customers who love to eat at McDonald’s every now and then. Whether a family is together for a weekend treat or you’re craving a happy meal at McDonald’s, the physical visit might not be your piece of cake.

What is the solution, then?

You will think can you order McDonald’s online. We have answered all queries related to ordering food from McDonald’s. And to help you find the answer to this question, this article is everything you need. So let’s get into it and find answers to the questions.

What Can You Order From McDonald’s?

You can order from McDonald’s at breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. The common menu items of McDonald’s include:

  • Burgers
  • Sandwiches
  • Wraps
  • Salads
  • Soft Drinks
  • Coffee
  • Combo Meals
  • Desserts
  • Shakes
  • Snacks and SIDES
  • Bakery Items

And a lot of other options you might check out. We will also help out in how to choose the best eating options from McDonald’s.

Find The Best Eating Options

Whether ordering online, at the drive-thru, or when dining in, what to eat is the most critical question. It’s hard to decide what do you want from an unending list of options. Therefore, we have created this small guide on how to decide what you will eat when ordering from McDonald’s.

1. Check out the Combo Meals and Compare Prices

When looking at the menu, you should first check out the combo meals listed on the menu. Most common combo meals have sandwiches, fries, McNuggets, crispy chicken, etc. If you find a combo meal that contains all items you’re craving, your search ends here.

You should go for your favorite combo meal or value meal to help you save some money. Besides, you can save some calories that you would be consuming when ordering individual items. 

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2. Don’t forget to check the 1$, 2$, and 3$ menu

Couldn’t find what you were looking for in the combo meals?

Your next stop should be value menus under 1$, 2$, and 3$. The most common items under these menus are fries, sandwiches, burgers, drinks, treats, and side menus. It’s the best choice to choose these menus when you’re ordering for two or more people. Why? Because you can get the value meals at a lower price than the regular menu price. You can save a lot of money when ordering food for a group of people or more than two people.

3. Choose The Best Possible Healthy Options

It sounds odd when you hear someone ordering healthy food from McDonald’s. But you can still make some effort to find healthy options from the menu. You can choose from salads, yogurt, etc., to make some healthy combos.

The good thing is that McDonald’s gives the calorie count of each item listed on the menu. You can check the calories and make your meal combo accordingly. A little tip from our side is to ditch the dressings in salads to make them a healthier option.

4. Order Happy Meal For One-Person

If you’re the only person going to eat the food or looking for a meal for one person, happy meals are best. Why? One benefit is that you will consume lower calories. Besides, there will be less food wastage, and you will get a better price.

Can You Order McDonald’s Online?

Many of you might think that McDonald’s has their own delivery system, and you can directly order food from McDonald’s. Well, the answer to this question is a little bit technical. When you place an online order at McDonald’s, it’s not the food company that will be delivering food at your doorstep.

So who delivers food to you when you order online?

The McDelivery system of McDonald’s will deliver you the food. Now, what is it?

McDelivery that you might think is McDonald’s own delivery system isn’t their own system. Instead, McDonald’s has partnered with Uber Eats and DoorDash to deliver food to their customers. When you place an order with McDonald’s, it’s prepared by McDonald’s, and last-mile delivery is managed by McDonald’s partners.

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Different Ways To Order McDonald’s

Now you know that you can order McDonald’s online. But it’s important to keep in mind that McDonald’s will not be delivering food directly.

Let’s find out different ways to order McDonald’s online or physically.  


McDelivery, as mentioned earlier, is a partnership of McDonald’s with Uber Eats and DoorDash to deliver fresh food to their customers. It can be done by downloading Uber Eats app on your phone. To check if you can get your food delivered with McDelivery, you must check the participating locations in your area. Add your address, and check if any nearby McDonald’s delivers at your address.

McDonald’s App

Another way to order McDonald’s online is using McDonald’s app. McDonald’s app empowers the customers to order food online, at pickup, drive-thru, or at-table. Download the application from the play store, sign up for McDonald’s, add your address, and start scrolling the menu to find your McDonald’s love.

Here is how ordering from McDonald’s app work:

  1. Download the app, and sign up
  2. Add your address and details
  3. Find the items you want to order.
  4. Pay for the order using your credit or debit card. You won’t be charged by the company until you haven’t received your order.
  5. Choose the time you want your order to be ready.
  6. Choose how you want your order to be delivered(drive-thru, curbside, at-table, online, pickup, etc.)

The benefits of ordering online from McDonald’s app include:

  • Automatic points that can be redeemed in the future to earn discounts.
  • Different offers and discounts exclusively for mobile app users.
  • You can make contactless payments and have more convenience with the best food.


It’s a walk-in method of ordering food from McDonald’s. You will have to visit the restaurant; you can order from the touchscreen. These touchscreens look like flat-screen TVs mounted vertically. You can scroll through the menu, add your favorite items to the cart, and wait for your food.

Kiosk ordering gives you the option of dine-in and take-out. Besides, you can also choose how you want to pay: cash or credit card. If you are using a credit/debit card or gift card, you can swipe it right when ordering your food.

Follow the steps below to order food using a Kiosk:

  1. Walk into McDonald’s outlet and look for a kiosk.
  2. Touch the screen and start scrolling through the menu. Add your favorite items to the cart.
  3. Add variations and preferences to your order. It can be skipping dressing, sauce, lettuce, adding extra cheese, etc.
  4. Confirm the menu, and complete the order by proceeding with payment.
  5. Get your pickup number and wait for your order.
  6. Enjoy the hot meal!
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The pickup option of McDonald’s lets you order at your terms. You can choose which time you want to get your order ready. Plan ahead, arrive on time, get your order, and enjoy it.


Dine-in or At-table service can also be used to get your favorite items from McDonald’s menu.


How much does it cost to get McDonald’s delivered?

When you’re ordering your favorite meals from McDonald’s, Uber Eats or DoorDash will be delivering your order. The food delivery price will be charged according to the general structure of these food delivery systems. It generally includes delivery charges, service fees, order fees, or an optional tip.

What is the minimum order requirement to order via McDelivery?

Well, there is no minimum order requirement when ordering McDonald’s food using McDelivery. However, you might need to order a specific amount to qualify yourself to get a discount. For instance, in the case of 1$ value menus, you must order two or more servings of the same menu to qualify for a promotional discount.

Does McDelivery include the full McDonald’s menu?

McDelivery features everything from the McDonald’s menu except for the soft-serve cones. So you can order everything except the soft-serve cones.

How to cancel my online order with McDonald’s?

Log on to your Uber Eats or DoorDash app and proceed to cancel the order. Besides, for more clear instructions on how to cancel an order, you can check the FAQs in your food ordering app.

Final Words

We have shared everything you need to know about ordering online food from McDonald’s McDelivery system. Besides, we also shared other ways to order food from McDonald’s. You have also gone through the guide of getting the best value and meal when ordering from McDonald’s. We hope it will help you have a great time eating your favorite brand.