Is the KFC in the US Halal or Haram? – The Ultimate Guide

Muslims are very concerned about whether the meat is halal or haram because they cannot eat haram meat. Is the KFC in the US halal or haram?

What is the difference between haram and halal meat?

Let us discuss each bit of it

Is KFC Halal or Haram?

KFC has banned its franchise from commercializing whether they sell haram or halal meat as they do not want to use it as a marketing advantage.

However, many restaurants in America sell haram KFC, but some are halal. So before eating, do your research.

What are the Differences Between Halal and Haram Meat?

Islam sets certain conditions and rules that must be fulfilled to classify meat as halal. All these rules and regulations are discussed in the Quran.

Muslims are supposed to say a prayer before cutting the animal; similarly, the meat of a dead animal and pork is haram. If the following criteria are not fulfilled, meat is classified as haram, and Muslims are not allowed to eat it.

Let us discuss the difference between halal and haram meat in detail

Halal Meat

Meat that fulfills these conditions is halal

  1. Any Muslim who is in adolescence can slaughter
  2. The head of the animal should be turned towards Makkah.
  3. Before or while cutting the animal, it is crucial to say the name of Allah.
  4. The animal should be healthy
  5. Make sure that the animal was grown up with all essentials of life, for example, water, food, space, and air
  6. The knife should be sharp like a razor
  7. Never sharpen the razor in front of other animals or the animal being slaughtered.

Haram Meat

If the above conditions are not met, meat is haram. However, different methods are used for killing animals.

  1. Animals in massive numbers are transported to the slaughterhouses and placed in cramped pens.
  2. Different methods are used for different animals; however, they commonly use electric guns to stun CO2 and metal bolts in the brain.
  3. When all blood has drained, animals are cleaned.
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What is the Difference between the Taste of Halal and Haram food?

Most people cannot differentiate between the taste of halal and haram meat. However, it is considered that halal meat is more healthy than haram eat.

As cleanliness is not the priority while practicing haram meat cutting; however, when the meal is cut in a halal way, all the blood is drained; thus, it is safe to eat.

Similarly, some people say that haram meat tastes better than haram meat. Moreover, haram meat is obtained from animals not provided with natural conditions, and they are given antibodies and different hormones to speed up their growth.

Animals taste better when grown by given natural conditions, and they are allowed to grow at their normal rate.

How to Identify Halal Foods?

Follow these tips to ensure that the food you are eating is halal

  1. On all halal foods, there is a halal-certified logo. That is given by your country’s Muslim council or Halal supervisory board.
  2. However, some of the foods have the word halal printed on them, so be cautious if it is not a trustworthy seller
  3. If you cannot find a halal sign, look for a vegetarian sign that looks like a green square and has a dot in it. Moreover, check all the ingredients.
  4. Following are the few haram E-codes; see if they are present on the packaging.
  5. E120 Cochineal: red coloring has been taken from female insects.
  6. E441 Gelatine: obtained from the bones/hides of cattle/sheep.
  7. E542 Edible Bone Phosphate: It is extracted from animal bones.
  8. E904 Shellac: a resin obtained from the lac insect.
  9. If a restaurant claims to be halal, ask them for the certification before eating anything.
  10. Many restaurants sell alcohol, but you do not drink it. It is OK but if there is a better option go for it.
  11. Similarly, local butchers shops are the best for you for buying halal meat, and you can buy meat from them without any issue.
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Why is Halal Meat Better than Haram Meat?

Following are the reasons you should prefer halal meat to haram meat

1. An Animal Produces Fewer Fear Toxins

Halal way of cutting meat drains all blood from the meat. Thus, it is safe to eat as it is free of all bacteria and viruses. Moreover, meat is not stressed as it is free from toxins. Thus the meat is softer, and it is free of all radicals.

2. Improves Metabolism and Overall Health

As a Muslim, we are responsible for taking care of our bodies. Thus, we should eat healthy food. That’s why halal food is preferred as it leaves a very good effect on health and increases the speed of body metabolism.

3. Halal Meat Tastes Better

People claim that halal meat tastes much better than haram meat and sits fresh for a longer time as all the blood has been drained from it; thus, there is no growth of bacteria.

4. It is Ethical

You get a good feeling after eating halal food as these animals are grown naturally without using any hormones. Moreover, they are not sick or dead.

However, haram meat contains the flesh of dead and ill animals, and it is ethically wrong to slaughter a sick animal.


Following are the queries that are in the mind of most people

Is McDonald’s Haram the USA?

Yes, McDonald’s is haram in the USA as they have stopped selling halal meat; however, in Muslim majority countries, it’s still selling halal meat.

Is Burger King Halal in the USA?

Burger King USA does not have a full halal menu; however, they serve halal foods in Middle-Eastern, European, and other Asian countries.

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Is Taco Bell Halal in the USA?

The meat they use is maybe halal-certified; however, the procedure of making the recipe is not halal. So it would help if you preferred their vegetarian dishes as they are halal and safe for Muslims.

Is all McDonald’s Halal?

Not all McDonald’s restaurants are not halal. For example, in the UK, a few franchises use haram meat, but it is halal in Muslim countries, for example, Pakistan.

Similarly, it is halal in South Africa.

Is Checkers Fast-Food Halal?

Yes, their pizza is 100% halal. Moreover, they sell very delicious food items and are loved by the people very much.

Final Words

In short, it is not clear whether KFC is haram or halal; however, they follow high standards of cleanliness. Moreover, some of its franchises sell halal food.

However, halal meat is obtained by following a different slaughtering process. Halal meat tastes much better than haram meat as all blood has been drained from the halal meat.

Moreover, you get many health benefits from eating halal meat. Here I have discussed other restaurants, but if you want to know more about this restaurant, feel free to ask in the below comment section.

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