Do McDonald’s Have Wifi? How Good Is It?

There are different public networks, and most of them are free. Similarly, McDonald’s has introduced its free wifi, and it is available in all McDonald’s restaurants; however, it has certain restrictions.

Move ahead to know to discuss everything in detail

When was McDonald’s Wifi Introduced?

In 2009, McDonald’s announced that it would provide free customers to its users. Initially, it was introduced in the 11,000 restaurants of the US. However, with time, the service also moved to other countries.

Unlike other food rivals, McDonald’s always tries its best to provide its customers with extraordinary services, so they do not prefer any other food brand.

Different wifi companies signed contracts with McDonald’s to provide free wifi to McDonald’s. For example, in Canada, bell wifi services provide wifi to the McDonald’s restaurant.

Furthermore, McDonald’s restaurant AT&T is responsible for wifi in the US. And O2 wifi services are working in UK restaurants.

Which Websites Can You Access With McDonald’s Wifi?

McDonald’s is a family restaurant, and children love to visit it. So McDonald’s is conscious of its reputation; thus, they have restricted some sites on the free wifi. So children do not see anything vulgar or open websites that are dangerous for them.

You cannot get access to the following sites through the wifi service of McDonald’s

  1. Pornography websites
  2. Dangerous or virus-affected websites
  3. Media Piracy websites
  4. Large downloading websites

Besides these websites, you can access every website and use it quickly without connection problems as their net is fast.

How to Connect To McDonald’s Wifi?

There is a different procedure for connecting it with android, iOS, and Mac devices. let us discuss all of them one by one

How to connect McDonald’s wifi to the iOS?

Follow these steps

  1. Open the iPhone and click on the option of setting
  2. Now touch on the possibility of Wifi.
  3. Here you will see McDonald’s free wifi or Wayport access option from the list of available networks.
  4. If there will be a connection between your device and wifi, then wifi status changes to an unsecured network.
  5. Now open a new page, and you will be directed to McDonald’s terms and condition page. Then click on the get connected option.
  6. Now both devices will connect within an instant.
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How to connect wifi with android?

Here is the guideline to connect wifi with android devices

  1. Open your devices and click on the option of setting
  2. Now open wifi, and it will start looking for all nearby wifi signals
  3. Select McDonald’s’ wifi and wait for a few seconds until both devices connect.
  4. When the connection is developed, open a web page, and a page of terms and conditions will open.
  5. Now click on the get connected, and both devices will connect.

How to Connect to McDonald’s WiFi with a Mac or any other Laptop?

Follow these steps

  1. At the right bottom of the task, there will be an option of wi-fi.
  2. Now click on the free Mcdonald’s wifi, then click on the connect button.
  3. When connection development occurs, you are directed to a new window, and there will be a page for terms and conditions.
  4. Click on the get connected.
  5. When you agree to terms and conditions, you get a message of ‘you are connected to the wifi. Thus both devices are now connected.

Do Users Need A McDonalds Login To Connect To the Free Wifi?

No, there is a need for separate login for connecting McDonald’s wifi. However, there are a few conditions that you must fulfill

  1. You must be in the vicinity of the wifi network.
  2. You have to agree to the terms and conditions.
  3. The wifi should be turned on so your mobile can find an available wifi network.

Terms and conditions are its online security protocol, and you cannot connect your devices with McDonald’s without agreeing on the terms and conditions.

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Does Every McDonald Restaurant Provide Free Wi-fi?

You can say almost all MacDonald’s provide free wifi connection to their customers; however, it is a franchised-based business, and some companies have set some prerequisites for providing wifi.

What Is The Speed of McDonald’s Wifi?

When it comes to the public network, people have some complaints. However, the wifi services provided by McDonald’s are very good. Although many people have connected their devices with it, it works fast.

You can download each thing within a few seconds. However, there are a few areas where internet services are not good instead of contracting with the biggest telecommunication companies.

For example, at some locations, the speed of the internet is 2.4GHz however, at some places, it works at the speed of 5GHz.

Can You Get Wifi In McDonald’s Parking Lot?

People think that you can use its wifi only when you are inside the building. However, the case is different. If your device was previously connected to the McDonald’s wifi, your mobile would connect to the wifi whenever you are in the range of its signals.

However, when you are in the parking, which is usually away from the building, the internet speed is very slow, and it disconnects repeatedly.

Can’t Connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi? Here’s the Detailed Fix!

When you cannot connect your device with McDonald’s wifi, follow these troubleshooting steps

  1. First of all, make sure you agree with their terms and conditions.
  2. Similarly, always press the option of yes when they ask you to authorize the connection.
  3. If you still have any issues, try to use third-party software.
  4. If none of the above is working for you, restart your devices and repeat the whole procedure of connecting both devices.
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Is McDonald’s Wifi Secure?

McDonald’s is a public network, and it is easy to access its data; thus, your privacy is at risk. However, you can minimize the security issues by following these tips

Install Anti-virus

Must install an anti-virus program in your devices as it prevents all types of malware from attacking your devices. Never use simple data; instead, always set complex passwords to protect your data.


Use a high-quality VPN for using your device with public networks. It converts data that is transferred to or towards your device. Most VPNs are free; however, you can buy some high-quality paid VPNs.

Avoid Shopping

Whenever you are using a public network, you never do online shopping, as you have to provide your account detail and other personal details that can be hacked.

Final Words

Free wifi is available in almost all branches of McDonald’s of all countries; however, it works fast in some countries but has very low speed in a few locations. Please make sure you are in the range of its signals, and when you move away from the McDoland’S building, signals become, and connection becomes weak.

You cannot use its wifi without agreeing on terms and conditions. All queries are covered in this article, but if there is still any confusion, please get in touch with us in the comment section below. Thank you for your visit!