10 Types of Meat Available at Subway You Might Want to Consider

Subway needs no introduction. It is the first name that comes to people’s minds whenever they want to try delicious subs, salads, and beverages. What makes this restaurant chain better than the rest is the diversity of meat they have on their menu.

The thing is- People are familiar with only a few but have no idea whether to go for the other meat types or not. But from now on, you won’t have to wonder as I am describing the ten best types of meat available at Subway, which you should try at least once.

The chicken breast is perhaps the most famous meat at Subway. It is delicious but you must also try roasted beef, beef steak, Turkey chest and thighs, Tuna, Ham, Meatballs, Sweet Onion Teriyaki Chicken, Bacon, and Genoa Salami. Wondering what makes these Subway meats the best? Then keep on reading!

10 Types of Meat Available at Subway: A Treat For Meat Lovers

Those who love meat and can’t think about spending their life without it know the importance of finding delish meat and where they can get it. Luckily, Subway is one of them.

The meat you get at the subway is cooked to perfection with the best possible cooking methods. Thus, it is a no-brainer that their subs are the best.

The top 10 types of meat you can get at the subway are: 

Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is perhaps the most famous part of the chicken right now. It is indeed the most used part in the recipes and is simple. The chicken breast’s tenderness and juiciness make it a priority for millions of chefs.

Subway chefs make finger-licking chicken breast pieces. They can cook it however you want, and the end result will be super delicious chicken. That is why most people who love chicken only order chicken sub.

Chicken breast is also preferred because it is boneless. People don’t like to have bone pieces in their mouths. Imagine eating a pizza or sandwich, and the bones keep sticking in the teeth. It will certainly be frustrating and might damage the gum.

Black Forest Ham

Ham is one of my favorite choices when I go to the subway. The world does not give enough credit to this delish and tender meat.

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Subway offers Black Forest Ham that is just too good for the taste buds. You can just go to the counter, choose it, and have the employee make you a Black Forest Ham sandwich. Ham between the loaves of bread is surely one of the tasty meals you can eat on any day.

But that’s not it.

Black Forest Ham sandwich is one of the delicious and healthiest choices when you go to the Subway.


It is because the topping of this sandwich has a lot of veggies. In addition, you can request the staff to add chipotle sauce and Sriracha to take the taste to the next level.

Roasted Beef

Including roasted beef in the Subway is a great delight for all Beef lovers. Beef at the subway is juicy and delicate, making it a “must try”!

The best you can get there is the roasted one.

Believe me when I say this- when you order a roasted beef sandwich at the subway, it will make your visit memorable (kind of like what you tell your friends). The crisp bread covering the tender beef makes a perfect combo. You should also choose vegetables and sauce toppings to enhance the taste further.


Attention, fish lovers! If you were hoping that the subway includes fish, I have great news. Tuna meat is available at every subway to satisfy your taste buds.

Tuna sandwiches at the subway remain in high demand throughout the year. Its aroma and flavor are hearty and a little salty. Plus, it goes well with mayo, lettuce, cheese, and sweet onion sauce.

When you grab a Tuna sandwich in your hands and take the first bite, you can feel a lot of diverse flavors on your tongue. All of this is because of the Tuna meat.

So, if you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you make a plan right now and go to the Subway to try your first ever “Subway Tuna sandwich.”

Beef Steak

Beef steak is another cooked meat type you can get from Subway. Wondering how it is different from roasted beef? Well, steak is thin slices of meat while roasted beef is large meat.

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Also, roasting is done in the oven while steaks are grilled. Subway staff does this grilling carefully without a drizzle of oil until the meat becomes soft and you can see all the juice.

In addition, when the beef steak is grilled, melted cheese is added on top of it. After that, this meat is used to make the delicious cheese and steak subway sandwich.

You can also request to add vegetables and some extra sauce on top of it to make it further heavenly.


You know the meat options are diverse when you see Meatballs on the menu. Not many fast food chains offer this meat, but you can get it at Subway. Although many don’t prefer it as they are not very healthy, they are tasty.

Subway makes meatballs with ground beef, eggs, and a lot of spices. Also, you might feel some breadcrumbs in these meaty balls too. It is because Subway has started using them to hold the round shape of the meatballs. In addition, these crumbs have also given a hint of a new taste. So, try them whenever you can.

Subway offers the Meatball Marinara sandwich, perhaps the most popular meatball sandwich in the country. It is made with drizzles of parmesan cheese and a topping of irresistible marinara.

Also, don’t worry about the unhealthy part. You can make meatballs healthier by adding vegetables as a topping.

But if you want to taste a real meatball sub, go without veggies.


Subway also offers Turkey Breast and thighs, which also gives Thanksgiving vibes. The Turkey meat at Subway is a little salty, but it does not make them taste bad. The Turkey meat at Subway is one of the desired and high-demand meat.

People love to have a sandwich of Turkey meat. The reason is that it can go well with a large number of ingredients.

Generally, people love to have a Turkey sandwich with Jalapeno, mayo, lettuce, and chipotle west sauce.


Bacon is another meat type listed on the menu of Subway. It is the first choice of thousands of people, and it is completely understandable why. Bacon is light in texture and rich in taste. Some people can’t think about eating a sandwich or even a burger without a slice of perfectly cooked bacon.

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Subway understands this; that’s why the chain offers Bacon ranch sandwiches to satisfy all bacon lovers. In this, subway adds Hickory smoked bacon with cheddar cheese sprinkles and ranch sauce.

But there’s much more to it.

Subway also adds Rotisserie-Style chicken to the bacon sandwich. This further makes it flavorsome and mouth-watering.

Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki or grilled chicken strips is another meat Subway has on the menu. This chicken is different from any other because it is marinated with sweet onion sauce. This sauce is savory and also has hints of spiciness.

You must have heard about the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Subway Sandwich. It is made with this meat as the main ingredient. On top of Chicken teriyaki, you should go for spinach, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, and some more sauces.

Genoa Salami

Genoa salami is also available at Subway. It is one of the most delicious meat products out there because it is made from a mixture of both pork and beef. That is why you can taste both when you eat them. 

This salami alone is super delicious too. But if you want to make the experience memorable, then add a little pepperoni, cheese, spinach, and tomatoes. If you want to enrich the taste further, throw in the sauce.

The decision about the sauce is solely up to you. Some people prefer to enjoy Genoa Salami without sauces, while some think it goes best with chipotle southwest sauce.

Final Words

So, what 10 types of meat are available at Subway you should try ASAP?

There are black forest ham, roasted beef, Tuna, meatballs, beef steak, chicken breast, Turkey, bacon, sweet onion chicken Teriyaki, and Genoa Salami.

Each of these meats is unique in its own way. But one thing is common- They all are rich in taste and flavors. They feel buttery and tender from the very first bite to the last, and the toppings on top of them make the experience unforgettable.

So, try them whenever you get the chance. Who knows, maybe you find your perfect meat type in doing so!