What Happens If Mormon Drinks Alcohol?

Did you know that the Mormons, or followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, abstain from alcohol? Are you also confused that even though Mormons are Christians, they don’t drink alcohol?

The question is perplexing, as even Jesus Christ drank wine. So, here is everything that will give you a clear understanding of the beliefs of Mormons.

Mormons believe that keeping their bodies free of addictions and dangerous substances is critical. Mormons are instructed to abstain from a variety of things, including alcohol. If they drink they won’t be eligible for baptism. Just as God commanded the people in Biblical times to follow a certain restricted diet, they believe that the Lord has revealed His will to our prophet in this regard.

Mette Ivie Harrison wrote online,

“We Mormons frequently have to explain to people why we cannot drink alcohol, coffee, or tea and why we do not smoke.” it’s part of a revelation known as “The Word of Wisdom” by the prophet Joseph Smith, and it’s included in Mormon scripture.”

Why Can’t Mormons Consume Alcohol?

Mormons can’t drink alcoholic beverages because it is forbidden in the Word of Wisdom.

Mormons believe they have been instructed not to consume alcohol, such as booze and wine. Prophet of the Church Joseph Smith received a wellness message from God in 1833. The Word of Wisdom explains which beverages and foods strengthen the body and those that should be avoided.

Latter-day Saints are free to drink alcohol or not. However, to be eligible for baptism and temple worship, they must abstain from alcohol and continue living all other aspects of the Word of Wisdom. Obeying this revelation, Latter-day Saints believe, will result in good wishes of increased spiritual and physical well-being.

In the Mormon faith, the Word of Wisdom can be seen as guidance to living the healthiest life. In this revelation, the Lord commands them which foods to eat and which substances to avoid. Anything injurious people intentionally put into their bodies is contrary to the Word of Wisdom.

What Are Mormons Restricted From Consuming?

The Lord instructs them in the Word of Wisdom not to consume the following substances:

1.    Alcoholic Brews

Some Mormons avoid putting alcohol in foods where it will be roasted out. Alternatively, they use flavorings such as rum in drinks such as homemade eggnog. It’s a bit of an undecidable area whether or not alcohol in foods like chocolate counts as permissible.

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2.    Tobacco

They do not use tobacco. The dangers of these routines have been known for at least a half-century, but Mormons have prevented them for much longer. As a result, Mormons can have a self-congratulatory mindset toward the Word of Wisdom.

3.    Coffee

Most Mormons eschew not only coffee but also coffee-flavored foods and beverages such as ice cream and sports ointments. There is still a debate on whether or not decaffeinated coffee counts as coffee. They have a variety of coffee replacements in their house, from “Postum drinks” to “Pero drinks.”

4.    Tea

Some Mormons take precautions to avoid getting tea in a different form, which could be more complicated than you may think. Green tea is now a “health food,” and it is sometimes found in other health products (including cold cereal).

5.    Harmful And Addictive Drugs

Mormons should avoid harmful and addictive drugs, although these are not specified and do not include prescription medications of any kind, as long as they are used under the supervision and approval of a doctor.

What Is The Punishment For Mormons Who Occasionally Drink Alcohol?

There wouldn’t be any repercussions other than the disqualification as the Church recommends. After all, they are members of The Church of Jesus Christ’s Latter-day Saints, and moral agency is central to our beliefs. They obey God’s commandments not because they fear what the Church will do to them but because they love the Savior and want to please him.

The Health Advantages of Not Drinking Alcohol

Mormons abstain from alcohol, and statistics show that their health code is beneficial. A large amount of evidence shows that avoiding alcohol, coffee, tea, and tobacco has incredible health benefits for Mormons.

The average lifespan of Mormon men is 9.8 years longer than that of other men in the US. Compared to the national average, Mormons had half as many type 1 diabetes, blood cancer, sarcoma, kidney, stomach, and bladder cancer, and 80% fewer cases of lung cancer.

They also put a lot of effort into keeping their bodies well-maintained by fasting for 24 hours once a month. According to statistics gathered by UCLA’s Public Health School during a 25-year survey of 10,000 Mormons, Mormon men outshone average men in the country by 9.8 years, and Mormon women survived 5.6 years longer than the country’s average for females.

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What Mormons Are Advised To Eat?

The Lord directs Mormons about what meal to eat and what they should not eat in the Word of Wisdom. Fruit and vegetables should be consumed with “prudence and gratitude, whereas meat is “ordained for man’s use. They are also instructed that exercising and getting sufficient sleep are good ways to take care of their bodies.

What Are The Rules For Mormons?

The Mormon belief, as with all Christian religions, has a set of rules to follow. God’s rules are guiding principles designed to bring happiness. All of God’s rules or laws, according to Latter-day Saints, fit into two important rules: love God and cherish your neighbor.

 Mormons believe that obeying God’s laws or guidelines illustrates their love for God and helps bring blessings, increased happiness, and the hope of salvation. Good wishes are the positive outcomes of obeying God’s law. These God-given blessings can be divine, temporal, or both.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Mormons.

Do Mormons follow their religious instructions strictly?

Mormons are one of America’s most socially and politically conservative religious groups. In 2016, 69% of Mormons identified with or leaned toward the Republicans.

About 2/3 of Mormons don’t support legalizing gay and lesbian marriage. Seven out of ten Mormons believe abortion should be prohibited in most cases.

What is the percentage of Mormons in the USA who don’t drink?

According to a survey, only 45% of American Mormons claimed to have abstained from everything expressly prohibited by the Word of Wisdom for the previous six months. This rises to 53% among those who attend church weekly and 61% among those who define themselves as “very active.”

Can Mormons use caffeine?

According to God’s guidance in the Word of Wisdom, Mormons are advised to avoid coffee and tea. The Church had already clarified coffees with different names in recent years, as the word coffee is not always included.

According to the update, “drinks with names like café or caffé, latte, mocha, espresso, or anything ending in -ccino is all coffee and are forbidden by the Word of Wisdom.”

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Are tattoos permissible for Mormons?

Church leaders advise Mormons not to tattoo their bodies. But if you are going to be a new member, don’t worry, as the Church believes God loves all His children, irrespective of their appearance. Already existing tattoos will not prevent a person from having to serve in the Church and receive God’s full blessings.

Do Latter-day Saints believe in resurrection?

Yes, Mormons believe in resurrection and exaltation. According to the Latter-day Saints, after the death of a person, each body will naturally and spiritually reunite and will no longer be subject to disease or death.

The Church also believes that humanity can be lifted to the top level of salvation after the resurrection.

Are Mormons Christian?

They do indeed categorically claim to be Christians. Based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, Christianity is a religion. Numerous Christian churches acknowledge Jesus of Nazareth as the Savior of The world, whose birth was foretold within the Old Testament.

The Latter-day Saints hold the view that Jesus Christ was conceived by the Virgin Mary in Bethlehem and performed His public ministry in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas up until His crucifixion and death.

Latter-day Saints hold that with the execution of Jesus Christ and His disciples, the Lord’s power and the Church were destroyed. In 1820, as a result of Joseph Smith’s quest for the truth, the Father God and Jesus Christ manifested to him.

Do Mormons believe in contemporary prophets?

Mormons believe in contemporary prophets and apostles. Like Christ’s Church in ancient times, it is led by prophets and apostles. Representatives believe that God communicates with His prophets to teach, inform, and motivate His children.


Many faiths have rigid health laws that appear absurd to outsiders but help the faithful feel more connected to God by preceding physical comfort. This is a way for Mormons to show their devotion.

If it provides a health benefit, that’s an extra benefit. Latter-day Saints have the same freedom to choose with all of God’s commandments. To be eligible for monastery worship or baptism, they must abstain from coffee and live all other elements of the Word of Wisdom.