Is Nettec Boost (WiFi Booster) a Scam or legit? What’s Your Review?

Hundreds of WiFi boosters are flooding the market, making claims based on misleading information. Do you wish to invest in a product that will boost Internet speed in your home or office? And you’ve seen the Nettec Boost, a new WiFi booster, but aren’t sure if it’ll be helpful?

The question that concerns you is “Is Nettec Boost Scam or Legit?” The answer to this can be difficult because there aren’t any reviews available to verify the product’s working.

However, it could be a scam because it does not boost your Internet speed but instead simply stretches the signals to the dead zone areas of your home, which contradicts the information on their website.

The following information is to help you decide your review about “Is Nettec Boost (WiFi Booster) a scam or legit?”

More About Nettec Boost?

Nettec boost is a WiFi extender that works as a link between a WiFi network and an out-of-range device. Its purpose is to expand service by making them capable of transferring data at 300 MB/s.

This router is compatible with all iOS, Android, and Windows devices. And makes use of unique wavelength technology, which allows the router to use superior singles to enhance WiFi speed.

What are the specifications of Nettec Boost?

The following are the Nettec Boost’s specifications, as listed on the product’s official website:

  • Wavelength has a 2.4GHz bandwidth and a top speed of 300 MB/s.
  • IOs and android phones, also Windows and PC operating systems are all supported.
  • The setup is simple.
  • Design that is both compact and modern
  • Nettec Boost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on this product.
  • Customers can pay for this WiFi speed booster with the card payments, as well as PayPal, Visa, and other payment methods.

How Does Nettec Boost work?

Nettec Boost is a WiFi booster, which means it takes your router’s WiFi signal and extends it. It’s similar to having a second router connected to the same WiFi network.

If your router stands on the first floor and your room is on the third floor, you’re probably only getting 10 percent of your maximum speed.

After you plug it into an outlet, it will start working in only a few seconds. The device spreads your existing wireless network throughout your home without increasing speeds. Nettec Boost has four lights on the front that indicate whether it is working:

  1. Extender
  2. WiFi
  3. LAN
  4. Power
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All 4 lights must be on or blinking if the instrument is working correctly. That signifies Nettec Boost was installed correctly and is already relaying internet across your home.

What are the two ways of using Nettec boost?

Start with setting up a Nettec booster in your home but you should have a strong internet connection. The Nettec Booster WiFi can be installed and used in two ways:

  1. With the help of WPS
  2. Using a Mobile Phone

Who needs the Nettec boost?

Several people would profit significantly from its installation.

  • People that have a lot of dead zones.
  • People who pay attention to specific regions are slower than others.
  • Professional gamers, moviegoers, and anyone who works on the internet.
  • Someone who needs internet access while outside.

Benefits of Nettec Boost

The benefits of Nettec Boost are as follows,

  • This WiFi Speed Booster product is supplied at a 50% discount after a customer check.
  • The Nettec Boost series covers the full house or business fee where this mini device is desired.
  • Nettec Boost is a simple product to set up, and clients will have no difficulty utilizing it.
  • The device takes as input WiFi signal, doubles its range at the higher frequency, and spreads the quicker, stronger signal throughout the house.
  • You will no longer have to move your routers or other items around the house if you utilize WiFi Nettec Boost. There are no internet cables required. The device increases your wireless signal.
  • It has a high level of compatibility. As a result, you can connect many devices.
  • There will be no further subscription fees.

What distinguishes Nettec from other devices?

Nettec Boost saves the trouble of setting up the device, which is especially useful for individuals who require a reliable internet connection. It has technologically enhanced internal antennae that enable more WiFi range, even in larger households.

Watching, browsing, and downloading are all possible thanks to the 300 MB/s speed. It also penetrates several walls and ceilings, so using the computer or smartphone next to it alone to browse the web or anything else that needs internet connectivity isn’t necessary. It is presently available at a fantastic, discounted price that sets it apart from the competition.

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Nettec Boost Customer Complaints

When the WIFI booster arrived, those who had ordered it were dissatisfied. They were given a WIFI extender rather than a WIFI booster. The truth is that Nettec Boost is marketed as an ISP speed unblocker rather than a range extender.

“I just purchased this Booster -I installed one in each room and it did REDUCE my speed by 1/2 – I called the company and they said it would not increase the speed, just extend the signal. That is NOT what is on their website or what they advertise.” Said a customer Barbara.

The Nettec Boost Refund Policy

If you are dissatisfied with the speed, coverage, or quality of the internet service, Nettec boost offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

You have around 90 days from purchase to request a complete refund. However, your refund will be lessened according to the cost of the original shipment.


Is it easy to set up Nettec Boost?

Nettec Boost can be up and operating in less than 3 minutes. Connect to your wall, look for the ‘WiFi Booster’ signals, then click ‘Connect’ to connect to the internet at high speed. Also, because it’s small and portable, you can get super-fast internet from anywhere and at any time.

What is a WiFi Booster, and how does it work?

A WiFi booster is a wireless internet range extender that may be placed almost anywhere to improve signal coverage. Even if your phone does not really work in your home, you can use this Booster to acquire a solid internet connection by plugging it in and connecting it to your WiFi.

Why are people talking about Nettec boost all over the internet?

One of the reasons for the internet’s craze for this device is that it claims to maximize data transfer up to 300Mbps. In addition, the device is available at a 50% discount. When you buy more, you also receive a better deal.

Is Nettec Boost compatible with the phone’s hotspot?

Yes, Nettec Boost could be used to enhance the range of your smartphone’s WiFi hotspot. You can use your hotspot frequently, and this is a great benefit. Use the Nettec Boost to boost your internet throughout the house by replacing the router with just a 2.4G SIM card.

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Is Nettec Boost WiFi capable of being used outside?

Yes, Nettec boost will boost your internet connection to encompass all of the dead spots wherever you have a wall connection and WiFi. The yard, balcony, basement, and even the garage are examples.

Is there a limit on devices a Nettec Boost WiFi can connect to?

No, Anyone can link as many devices as you like, and you’ll all benefit from speedier downloads and streaming, thanks to the better WiFi signal. The more Nettec Boosters you get, the better your coverage will be.

Does Nettec boost increase the speed of the internet?

The Nettec booster does not raise your Internet speed; instead, it simply extends the signal to your home’s dead zone. If you have a 6mbps internet connection, this Booster will not raise your internet speed to 10mbps.

Why do they usually advise purchasing three or more?

Having numerous WiFi Boosters around your house extends the range. They suggest getting at least 3-4 WiFi Boosters placed around the far corners of your home to achieve the best distance anywhere within your home.

Is it possible to connect numerous Nettec Boost WiFi Boosters for a more significant signal?

Yes! You can extend the wireless internet signal even farther with extra Nettec Boost WiFi Boosters, creating more robust connectivity for all your devices and covering more dead zones with a stable connection.

You’ll receive better coverage and a reduced price per unit if you buy extra Nettec Boost. The most popular kit contains three Nettec Boost WiFi Boosters.


You no longer have to be worried about “Is Nettec Boost Scam or Legit?” any longer. This Booster can be a scam because some things listed on the website are not authentic, as seen by the evaluations cited earlier from many Nettec Boost consumers.

However, this doesn’t mean it is a fake website or Booster. It is a wireless internet repeater that works in the same manner as other wireless extenders. The device extends your internet range, but it does not improve your internet speeds or provide “quality” internet via your ISP.