Where To Buy McDonald’s Nuggets? (7 Different Options)

McDonald’s nuggets are super-tempting, and just looking at the tender, crispy nuggets is enough to make your mouth watered. Still, besides the restaurant itself, it is often asked where to buy McDonald’s nuggets?

You should know that:

McDonald’s doesn’t sell its uncooked chicken nuggets, which means you cannot buy them from anywhere but McDonald’s. A possible solution to get alternative options to McDonald’s is to get nuggets of various brands that look and taste just like McDonald’s. For instance, you can buy chicken nuggets similar to McDonald’s at Kroger, Meijer, Food Service Direct, Walmart, Publix, Costco, and Target.

Let’s dive into the following guide and explore more about various alternative options to McDonald’s nuggets and from where you can buy them!

Can You Actually Buy McDonald’s Nuggets At Stores?

McDonald’s chicken nuggets are popular throughout the globe, thanks to their tempting aroma and exquisite flavor. Food lovers often wonder if there is any other way to get McDonald’s nuggets, like buying from a store.

However, it often surprises many that the only place to get Mcdonald’s chicken nuggets is the restaurant itself. It is because McDonald’s doesn’t sell its nuggets (either cooked or frozen) in other stores or food places.

So, next time you get a chicken nugget craving, you can either go to the restaurant or have your chicken nuggets delivered to you at your doorstep.

Still, Is There Any Way to Buy McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets?

Because McDonald’s doesn’t sell its chicken nuggets outside its restaurants, finding frozen nuggets at other stores is almost impossible.

However, an easy go-to option to buy and store McDonald’s chicken nuggets could be to buy uncooked nuggets which taste just like McDonald’s.

You can find various options in your local grocery store that taste as good as McDonald’s. What else? you can store them as much as you want and prepare them anytime!

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Plus, it is always exciting to try new things; who knows, you enjoy new flavors, and they become your next favorite?

Where To Buy McDonald’s Nuggets? 7 Different Options

As stated earlier, if you are wondering where to buy McDonald’s nuggets, you can try the following options to get chicken nuggets similar to McDonald’s in taste and texture.

●    Kroger

Kroger is a name that needs no explanation, as you can find almost anything here. Try PERDUE Chicken Breast Nuggets (29 OZ.) – they have a similar shape to McDonald’s and taste well too! Also, no antibiotics, preservatives, fillers, hormones, or steroids are added to the product.

Another popular option on Kroger as an alternative to McDonald’s nuggets is KidFresh White Meat Chicken Nuggets.

Made with high-quality ingredients, these nuggets have no preservatives or antibiotics. Their primary ingredients are white meat chicken, pureed cauliflower, pureed onions, and whole grain – the combination tastes wholesome and is worth a try!

●    Meijer

Another popular grocery store in the US, Meijer, keeps Tyson All Natural Crispy Chicken Nuggets in stock, which you can air-fry, bake, or microwave at your convenience!

You can also find here Applegate Naturals Chicken Nuggets, which are casein and dairy-free. Plus, they are easy to store and prepare and contain the same exquisite flavor and juiciness as McDonald’s nuggets.

●    Food Service Direct

Food Service Direct is the home to restaurant supplies, snacks, dry foods, meats, refrigerated & frozen foods, and much more!

Here, you can get your hands on Tyson Tempura Chicken Breast Nuggets – an absolute alternative to McDonald’s chicken nuggets but with a unique shape and flavor.

They are battered chicken nuggets that you can deep fry until light and crispy. Their savory flavor and delicious crunches are enough to make them your next favorite chicken nuggets!.

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●    Walmart

You can always find something tasty in Walmart, like the famous Pilgrim’s Frozen Chicken Nuggets. They can be easily stored and prepared in no more than 10 to 20 minutes.

Moreover, the nuggets have no antibiotics, added hormones, steroids, or preservatives. You can prepare them in an air fryer, over, or in a microwave.

●    Publix

Heading over to a supermarket? Publix sells the best Bell & Evans Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets, which excel in flavor and crisp texture.

Similar to McDonald’s chicken nuggets, these are whole breast meat pieces you can fry or bake. You can also prepare them in a short time in an air fryer.

●    Costco

If you are looking forward to trying something new, get yourself a Yummy Dino Buddies Dinosaur Chicken Breast Nuggets at Costco.

These dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets are everyone’s all-time favorite. They are nutritious and tasty and come in fun shapes to play with.

●    Target

What better can be than Good & Gather Chicken Nuggets when McDonald’s nuggets are not in reach? Find these super-tasty, crispy nuggets at Target; they can be cooked in the oven or microwave and taste great as always!

Why McDonald’s Doesn’t Sell Its Chicken Nuggets At Stores?

If you go and ask McDonald’s staff about buying frozen chicken nuggets, their answer would be a straight no. Though at times, it may depend on the store manager whether or not to sell to customers, they are trained to say no.

There are various reasons why McDonald’s doesn’t sell its famous chicken nuggets at other stores, despite how profitable it can be.

First, there is a liability concern as the chicken nuggets at McDonald’s have a unique taste acquired by keeping in check with various factors.

Temperature, especially, has a significant role in bringing the crisp, aroma, and taste to the nuggets, and only skilled cooks can handle that. McDonald’s has its own way of keeping the nuggets fresh, golden, and moist – also known as their secret engineered oil formula.

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Timings and the oil quality are other variables affecting the taste of nuggets since you have to cook the nuggets at a specific temperature for a set time. Otherwise, the nuggets won’t be as crispy and tasty as found at McDonald’s.

Furthermore, food items at McDonald’s are for restaurant use only. It is illegal to sell McDonald’s frozen chicken nuggets to customers in various states.

Also, these chicken nuggets are pretty popular, and McDonald’s has to meet the regular demands of customers for Happy Meals and other items. There can only be a limited amount of chicken nuggets prepared at a time, so selling uncooked nuggets would affect that.

Furthermore, if consumers cannot get the desired aroma and taste after frying the frozen nuggets, the company’s reputation is likely to be at stake.

It is due to these reasons that McDonald’s doesn’t sell its chicken nuggets at stores. That being said, you can only buy them at the restaurant or place an order to buy online.

Bottom Line

A few reasons why McDonald’s doesn’t sell its nuggets are liability concerns, increased consumer demands, and limited fresh stock. Though it can be profitable to sell frozen nuggets, not everyone has the skill to cook them to get their ideal color, crispiness, and flavor.

Still, you can find tasty chicken nuggets similar to McDonald’s at various supermarkets and retail grocery stores, such as Kroger, Meijer, Food Service Direct, Walmart, Publix, Costco, and Target.

These grocery stores stock and sell chicken nuggets from several popular brands, which can be prepared in a few minutes with the same crispy, tasty flavor as McDonald’s!