Why Does Drinking Sprite/7-Up Reduce Nausea?

The medical value of cold drinks to ease up the stomach or to reduce nausea is common. A quick and easier remedy to reduce nauseous feeling is the intake of cold drinks such as sprite. The answer to the question of why drinking sprite /7-up reduces nausea? with facts here.

Drinking sprite to ease an upset stomach or indigestion can be helpful most of the time. If it does not make you feel better, you must visit your doctor’s office. Many parents find this quick remedy helpful for their children to reduce nausea.

Does Drinking Sprite/7-Up Reduce Nausea? How Does it happen?

On a general note, carbonated drinks are not used for medical purposes, but the use of lemon-lime soda is common. If it is so, the question arises Why does drinking Sprite/7 up reduce nausea? Well, a brief answer to this question is provided here.

Most of the time, the discomfort in your stomach or indigestion makes you nauseous. The gas ultimately makes you nauseous. Well, you can ease this little discomfort through the intake of lemon soda or sprite. The acid in these cool drinks helps to reduce queasy feelings and ultimately reduce nausea.

Eating a huge meal or having acidity issues can cause nausea after or during meals. You can take a few sips of 7 -up along with your meal and it will work to reduce the discomfort in your stomach. It will help in the alleviation of queasiness that comes from massive eating.

If there are symptoms of indigestion you can drink lemon sprite as its carbonation helps to ease it. When you burp, it is a sign that your digestion is on the route. Sprite or other drinks that contain carbonated water make you burp and enhance the digestive system’s working, ultimately it leads to reducing the nauseous feeling that you were having.

The better way to reduce nausea without getting side effects from cold drinks is the appropriate amount of intake. Do not drink an excessive amount of cold drinks.

They‘ll be dangerous for your health instead of providing relief from discomfort.

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  • Do not become habitual of drinking sprite or any cold drink along with each meal. It can be harmful. Go for a walk after the meal for a few minutes. It will be helpful for better digestion and reduce nausea.
  • When you drink Sprite or 7 -up to reduce nausea, take small gulps and drink it slowly. Do not drink the entire bottle in one sitting. Contents with high sugar can make the situation worse for your stomach.
  • Choose clear soda or lemon sprite when you drink it to ease up nausea. If you are feeling excessive dehydration you have to choose the alternative that has a huge amount of electrolytes.
  • Nausea and stomach discomfort are not fun in any case. You have to take it seriously before you have to face a worse situation. If you do not feel better through intake of sprite or 7 up, contact your doctor.
  • If nausea is adding up some discomfort and abdominal pain, do not handle it by yourself. Contact your doctor and follow all of his tips to cope with it. Your little mistake or carelessness can make it worse for you.

Sometimes, these can also help to lessen the lighter abdominal or stomach aches. Wait for some time after having a drink of sprite. It does not get better or becomes severe by the time, call your doctor.

What Are The Primary Contents Of Sprite/7-Up That Reduce nausea?

Cold drinks like sprite are part of our happy meals and food. Nobody likes to eat his favorite pizza without a cold drink along with it. Well, people are paying attention to the health benefits of lemon sodas and fizzy cold drinks.

Sprite or 7-up has quite huge popularity and is a favorite among kids and adults too. You can get better digestion and if you feel nauseous the contents of a sprite can work to reduce it. The primary ingredients that are helpful to reduce nausea are:

  • Carbonated Water.
  • High fructose corn syrup.
  • Citric acid.
  • Calories
  • Zero total fat
  • Sodium
  • Sugar
  • Carbohydrates

Most of the ingredients are the same in Sprite and 7 -up. While the difference in taste is because of natural flavors added to both.

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Why Should You Not Drink an Excessive Amount of Cold Drinks?

In every country, there is a huge amount of people that are habitual of consuming cold drinks. Apart from some health benefits and drinking sprite or 7-up to reduce nausea or discomfort, there are some drawbacks of cold drinks and carbonated beverages that are dangerous for a healthy lifestyle.

●      Diabetes

Most of the time, the excessive intake of cold drinks which contain high sugar contents leads to obesity, diabetes, and gain in weight. You may have to face serious dental issues due to the consistent use of soda with or without meals.

●      Dental Issues

In some cases, slight dental issues due to excessive intake of carbonated beverages may lead to tooth decay. It turns teeth yellow and can produce cavities. The acid and chemicals in these drinks erode the enamel and develop cavities.

●      Weight Gain

The high amount of sugar can be a major reason for weight gain. The calories in these drinks disturb your diet and ultimately increase obesity. Overweight and obesity are the major reasons for the development of osteoarthritis, heart diseases, and even type 2 diabetes.

You can alternate the fizzy drinks with low calories drinks that are not harmful. Squeeze fresh juice from fruits that are totally fresh. It will be helpful to build a healthy lifestyle and avoid stomach problems as well.

Does drinking Sprite /7-up also Reduce Stomach Discomfort?

The stomach discomfort due to dehydration can be a serious issue. Drinking plenty of fluids can make you hydrate well and it will give you comfort. In addition to this drinking clear liquids is the best solution in this regard. Cold drinks like sprite and 7 up are the better option as compared to cola.

Using sprite for this purpose is due to its caffeine-free, colorless, lemon and lime flavored contents. If you are diet conscious you can have the sugar-free version, Sprite zero.

Most of the stomach aches are easy to handle by yourself. Drink enough fluids and clear liquids and stay hydrated. You can drink fluids like Sprite or 7 up as they are caffeine-free. Light abdominal aches or little discomfort is not a serious issue.

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These occur due to inflammation in the lining of the stomach and intestine due to some virus most of the time. Generally, a little pain or discomfort in the stomach is not an emergency. While if they get severe and aches are persistent, immediately talk to your doctor.


How does drinking Sprite/7-up reduce nausea?

The sprite or 7-up contains carbonated water and citric acid. These work to reduce the queasy feeling and provide comfort to the stomach. Ultimately, your nacreous feeling reduces and you feel better. The slow digestion and discomfort of the stomach cause nausea.Cold drinks like sprite or 7up help to make both of these better.

How much Sprite /7-up is appropriate to reduce nausea?

Drink a regular glass of sprite for this purpose. The intake should be in small gulps for better digestion. You can drink another glass of sprite after one or two hours of the first if you do not feel better. Do not drink a huge amount, it can cause side effects rather than provide relief from discomfort.

What are the side effects of drinking Sprite/7-up?

An inappropriate amount of cold drinks can be hazardous to health. It can cause obesity, weight gain, and even lead to type 2 diabetes. You should be very careful about your intake of cold drinks like sprite or 7 up. The huge intake of cold drinks with higher sugar contents is also dangerous for your dental health.

Final Verdict

The details in this article are enough to answer Why does drinking Sprite or 7up reduce nausea. Quick remedies are quite helpful most of the time. You can get relief from nauseous and queasy feelings through small gulps of these caffeine-free carbonated drinks.

Excess to anything is bad, and the hazards of inappropriate intake of cold drinks are dangerous. Being a responsible person, you should take care of yourself and your family in this regard.