Is Elevacity’s Happy Coffee FDA Approved?

 In today’s era, coffee has been considered the solution to every problem. Whether you’re stressed, happy, anxious, exhausted, or just woke up, you’ll need a coffee in your hands. However, the people on a diet prefer Elevacity’s happy coffee instead of espresso or other coffee brands. Elevacity’s happy coffee has been introduced as a dietary supplement.

Elevacity’s happy coffee is known to be an instant coffee that people can use for burning their body fat. The question that may pop up in your mind is, “Is Elevacity’s happy coffee FDA approved?”. So here’s a big NO. Elevacity’s happy coffee is not FDA approved as it is considered a dietary supplement that can be hazardous to human health.

There’s still much more about Elevacity’s happy coffee, so dive in and explore more in this write-up.

What is Elevacity’s Happy Coffee?

Elevacity’s happy coffee, also known as a smart coffee or elevate coffee, is an instant or micro-ground coffee based on nootropics. Nootropics are declared to deal with energy-boosting, enhancing memory, etc. Caffeine is the best example to understand what is nootropics.

The Elevate coffee is composed mainly of a blend of amino acids with other components like fat burners etc. Most people take the daily D.O.S.E. to lose weight as the Elevate Coffee and dietary supplements (Xanthomax) combo.

The manufacturers of happy coffee claim that the intake of Elevacity’s happy coffee will burn your body fat, give you energy, and refresh your whole mood. Elevacity’s smart coffee claims that instant coffee, like elevate coffee, can help you lose weight and makes you happy.

Caffeine is a mood booster that you intake in several items like coffee, soda, drinks, etc. Hence, an elevated coffee may also work to better your mind and mood. Elevate coffee has described a lot of advantages to its customers for consuming it. A few of these declarations are.

  • Act as a body fat burner
  • Improve your moods
  • Strengthen your remembrance
  • Clarify your mind
  • Provide you considerably more stamina 
  • May deal with the unnecessary cravings

These declarations might be just like a myth. Let’s move forward and scrutinize more about an Elevate Happy Coffee. 

What Makes Elevate Happy Coffee?

Mainly, an elevated coffee is made of a blend of amino acids, dietary factors, and many antioxidants. But there are other ingredients that contribute to the manufacturing of an Elevate or Happy coffee.

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The components include caffeine, Dark Roast Columbian Coffee, PEA, L-Theanine, Premium Coffee Blend, Chromium Polynicotinate, Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract, Kucha Tea Leaf Extract, Green Tea Extract, Sunflower Lecithin, A-GPC, etc.

Caffeine is a crucial factor in weight loss. Food Science and Biotechnology declare that caffeine deals with your nervous system for the breakdown of fat cells. Caffeine is also known as a metabolic booster.

A dark roast Colombian coffee deals with the glutathione concentrations, restoring red blood cells, and particularly weight loss. According to various researches, people have figured out that dark roast coffee consists of multiple antioxidants, so it is more effective than light roast coffee.

If we talk about green tea, you’ll know that green tea is a popular ingredient that plays a significant role in weight loss. In contrast, L-Theanine takes part in reducing stress and relaxing your mind.

All the components that make a smart coffee act as antioxidants or anti-stress pills. There’s a drawback that your body may adapt to the function and get used to it. So, it may not work on that level.

The following table will immediately visualize the ingredients and their functions in Elevacity’s happy coffee.

CaffeineBoost Metabolism
Sunflower LecithinGreat Emulsifier
Green Tea ExtractWeight Loss
L-TheanineEnhances Mood
Dark Roast CoffeeAntioxidant
Griffonia SimplicifoliaWeight loss & Anti-depression
Organic CocoaAnti-depressant
Chromium PolynicotinateImprove blood sugar level
PEACombat Depression
A-GPCImprove Memory
Kucha Tea LeafMetabolism Booster
Cocoa Bean ExtractEnhances the Focus
Bacopa Monnieri ExtractMemory- Enhancer

What Does Smart Coffee Taste Like?

The happy coffee is manufactured by a blend of amino acids and dark roasted Colombian coffee, including numerous dietary and antidepressant supplements. So, A happy coffee gives you a bitter taste.

You may not like the aroma and taste of Elevate coffee because it possesses a too strong and bitter taste. People take elevated coffee as a dietary supplement, so they don’t care about the taste.

Nevertheless, apart from weight loss, if you want to take a cup of an Elevacity’s happy coffee, you can add sugar to improve its taste.  

Is Elevacity’s Smart Coffee Helpful In Weight Loss?

Elevacity’s smart coffee is significantly designed for weight loss and reducing stress. The coffee manufacturers claim that the consumers will undergo the weight loss journey with Elevate coffee in a meager time.

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But that’s not true. After adding the happy coffee to the diet, customers declare no visible results as claimed by the company. A few people may find a happy coffee compelling, but it doesn’t work for an obese person.

Due to the use of caffeine in elevated coffee, your body will become used to it, and the metabolism will remain in the same flow. That is the reason you may not experience visible results of smart coffee. 

Which Hormones Are Affected By Smart Coffee?

The daily D.O.S.E of an elevated coffee directly works on the hormones to keep them working more appropriately. So, without further ado, let’s get into it and find out the hormones and the effect of elevating coffee on them.

●      Oxytocin

Oxytocin is a hormone or a chemical that deals with the feelings of love and lovey emotions. A happy coffee will directly act upon Oxytocin to boost its function and lead the devotion sentiments in people

●      Dopamine

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter hormone that takes part in the significance of sleep, memory, behavioral changes, etc. The intake of D.O.S.E will stimulate the hormone and enhance your remembrance, as claimed by the company.

●      Endorphins

Endorphins are also known as natural opioids. These hormones bring the feeling of leisure and joy to the human body. When you consume an elevated coffee, it will ensure the relaxation of your mind and work as an antidepressant.

●      Serotonin

Serotonin is an amino acid that deals with the signals being sent by nerve cells. The amino acids used in coffee are associated with serotonin to boost functions. The serotonin can act as a fat burner stimulator or an anti-stress motive because it leads to the fast communication in the nerve cells to accelerate the process.

What Are The Benefits Of Smart Coffee?

Smart coffee appears to have many benefits for the human body. According to the smart coffee manufacturers, coffee gives you the following advantages.

●      Antioxidant consequence

Elevacity’s happy coffee is composed of plenty of antioxidants. Antioxidants are beneficial for your health. So, a happy coffee illustrating the antioxidant effects will saturate your body by removing all the oxidants that can be harmful to your health.

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●      Anti- Depressant

The components of happy coffee directly affect your body’s hormones to suppress your depression. If you’re facing an anxious phase of your life, a happy coffee can make you comfortable by decreasing stress and relaxing your mind

●      Fat Burner

The happy coffee is also declared a fat burner. Elevate coffee contains a considerable amount of green tea that helps your body burn the extra fat that troubles you. Being a fat burner plays a significant role in your weight loss quest.

●      Metabolism Booster

A happy coffee is called a metabolism booster because it directly affects hormones and stimulates them. When the components of coffee speed up the process, your body will digest the food earlier, and no excessive fats will be added to your body.

●      Strengthen Memory

A vital role that an elevated coffee plays is in memory strengthening. A happy coffee claims to clear your mind and make it more focused. An active mind leads to a prosperous body. When your mind is relaxed, your body will work appropriately.

What Are The Adverse Effects Of Elevacity’s Happy Coffee?

Initially, happy coffee was the best dietary supplement. With time, people have come forward with its adverse effects and complaints. According to consumers’ complaints, a few side effects of Elevacity’s happy coffee are given below.

  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Gas
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Digestion problems

What Are The Warnings Given By Smart Coffee Manufacturers?

Due to the addition of hazardous components, FDA issued a warning letter to Elevacity’s happy coffee manufacturers. Hence, Elevate has given a list of warnings or instructions to their consumers about consuming happy coffee. These warnings include.

  1. Don’t consume happy coffee during pregnancy.
  2. The recommended dosage shouldn’t be increased.
  3. Avoid using the happy coffee with other caffeinated beverages.
  4. It is not endorsed under 18.
  5. If you face any medical issues, consult your physician before adding happy coffee to your sustenance.
  6. Stock the product in a cold and dry spot.

Bottom Line

Elevacity’s happy coffee is a dietary supplement that can be hazardous for your health. Therefore, the FDA opposes the usage of this product.

A happy coffee is composed of an amino acid blend and various antioxidants. Hopefully, this write-up will clear all your suspicions about elevating coffee. So, now it’s up to you whether you want to add these excuses to your routine or not.