Blaux Portable AC Review: Does It Worth Your Money?

Summer brings scorching winds, heatwaves, and sunshine that drains the human body, ultimately disturbing office productivity and reducing the interest in home chores.

When the summer passes through the hottest phase, living without an air conditioner becomes impossible because it is an effective way to keep your home cool.

A simple fan only circulates the air but has no connection to lowering the temperature level. An air conditioner actively lowers the temperature by expelling the heat out.

Nowadays, portable AC are in trend as they are self-contained and ideally fit for one room; many models have wheels that help them move around and make an excellent alternative to a window unit. When someone thinks about portable ACs, Blaux automatically comes to mind. The well-designed portable AC units of Blaux make an individual’s life more comfortable as they rapidly cool and humidify the room/office. Still, many users claim that the Blaux portable unit is a scam and a waste of money as its performance falls within a few days – its light blink, and it sputters to a halt.

Are you also confused about whether you should invest your hard-earned money on Blaux portable Ac or not?

Calm down! Explore our Blaux portable AC review and make your decision curve simple.

Should You Invest In A Blaux Portable Air Conditioner?

Blaux ACs are cordless, compact, lightweight, and quiet; their three fan speeds feature an adjustable louver that ensures direct airflow.

Similarly, its built-in illumination works as a great nightlight.

The company affirms that its portable AC is outstanding in quality, efficient in performance, and terrific in specifications that make them stand out from other units on the market.

Let’s look at some of the features of Blaxu portable AC!

Cost-Effective Air Conditioner

In summer, instead of doing work in an office or at home, using heat-generated appliances like Desktop computers or laptops makes you uncomfortable. Using your central AC all day makes so much waste. So, Blaux Portable AC is strategically set up to lower the cost of your central air conditioner.

Operating Blaux Portable AC all day in your room will save you money five times your monthly electricity bill. Keep yourself cool all day with this excellent air conditioner.

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Cordless, Mobile, And Lightweight

As the name suggests, it is portable, mobile, and light in weight. One of the best features of Blaux Portable AC is that it is cordless; no need to worry about setting it near any power outlet and keeping your child away from it.

Since it is mobile, moving it around is not a big deal – you can take it from one place to another, in your office, park, or anywhere by tossing it in a bag.

Lastly, you can keep any part of your room or even house, whether the room has stairs or put it where the window AC units could not work.

Multifunctional Fan and Light illuminator

Blaux Portable AC’s exclusive and different design and feature enables it to perform a variety of functions. One of them is a moveable and adjustable fan; you can move its three fans where you are sitting or move them around if you need to cool the whole room.

Moreover, its light illuminator makes it different from others; its fresh green light makes you feel relaxed at night.

No Need For Installation

Window AC units need a specific space to get installed, and in many buildings, they are prohibited. Thanks to Blaux portable ACs have made this situation comfortable as they don’t need any specific space to place – just put it in a window, on the desk, side table, or anywhere close to you.

Since it doesn’t need any installation, your money gets saved; the user can easily carry it around in the room and enjoy it while reading, eating, or doing personal stuff.

Easy To Operate

The Blaux Portable AC comes with a wide variety of functions, and operating all its features is pretty straightforward.

Users can switch the positions of Blaux Portable AC from an air conditioner to a fan or a humidifier with a few simple buttons on the top.

These air conditioners are also very easy to set up and do not require expert supervision.

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There are some directions for use: add water, pour it from the top of the unit, insert the replaceable water curtains, turn it on and refresh yourself.

Long-Lasting Battery-Powered

The Blaux Portable AC is well known for its powerful battery function; it has a working capacity of hours per recharge.

Once it is fully charged, it can serve you for five hours constantly. It means users can enjoy its cool breeze for a long time without worrying about the high electricity bill.

Humidifier And Air Purifier At Same Time

Blaux Portable AC is a two-in-ones that cools and humidifies the air. It sends the moisture into the surroundings preventing your sensitive body part (nasal passages, eyes, skin) from dryness.

Thus, Blaux Portable AC is perfect for dry indoor spaces, especially during the fall and winter seasons, that dramatically moisture the environment and improves dry, itchy, and scaly skin conditions.

Moreover, it features extra curtains that purify the dusty air, and eventually, you live in a relaxed and healthy environment.

What Perks Blaux Portable AC Offer To Users?

After exploring all the features in detail, it’s time to move on to the set of benefits that will go with this cooling machine for its users:

  • You can easily buy its replaceable water curtains from anywhere.
  • These are durable and high in quality with a low budget.
  • The coverage area of this mini AC is 40 squares/ft
  • With the 2.4lbs, it is easy to carry everywhere you want.
  • The Portable Blaux AC allows you to optimize your temperature indoors for enhanced leisure, relaxation, and work.
  • These ACs come at less expensive rates.
  • These Portable AC are cost-cutting and highly energy savers.

Frequently Ask Questions

This section covers the answers to the queries that potential customers frequently ask.

Where Can I Buy A Blaux Portable Ac?

Blaux portable AC is readily available online; you can buy it from the Blaux website. You can also buy it from many other selling websites.

You can buy the Blaux portable AC you want at a lower price and with free shipping.

How Can I Start My Blaux Portable AC?

It is effortless to operate a Blaux Portable AC. Firstly, pour water from the unit’s upper side, then switch on the power button, and it will start working and give you fresh air within 30 seconds.

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How Long Does A Blaux Portable AC Last?

Once you recharge your Blaux Portable AC, it will run for 5 hours easily, which is a perfect running time and helpful in energy saving.

What Is Gifted With Blaux Portable AC?

When you buy Blaux Portable AC, you will get a USB cable with a powerful and reliable battery.

Is Blaux Portable AC A Scam?

Some views are not good, but advantages and disadvantages come side by side. Sometimes there might be manufacturing faults which lead to unsatisfactory customers.

So this machine is more advantageous; taking a little risk may make your life easy.

Blaux Portable AC Review – Pros And Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Quiet and comfortable
  • No installation is required
  • Incredible in construction
  • Compact, sleek, and smart
  • Great for a personal room
  • Adds moisture to the air 
  • Light mode illuminates the room
  • The water curtain makes the air cool and healthy


  • Terrible delivery services
  • The company often refuses to reimburse
  • Creates water leaking issues
  • Imperfect work on a humid day or in humid countries

Our Summary

Living in the blanket of dry mountains or the scorching summer is challenging; meanwhile, installing a heavy window AC is expensive, mainly when lying alone in a one-room apartment. So it’s a portable AC that can hold your back here.

The market is overwhelmed with AC companies, but all are not reliable; however, Blaux is a comparatively reliable one as it produces well-designed, innovative, and reliable AC.

Though some shortcomings in their services annoy the buyer, such as their customer service and late deliveries, still, they are the easiest and fastest way to deal with dry summer and excess heat.

It delivers clean, cool air when you are reading, playing, working, or relaxing. You can thoroughly read the article and weigh down the pros and cons and figure out whether it fulfills your needs or not. Overall, for us, it pays off its price!